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  1. BestB

    Can Thailand lure the Chinese back?

    Just bring back 0 dollar tours if that fails make it give you 20 baht tour and roads can be grid locked once again with busses, 7-11 full and mama reporting high profits
  2. So if they do get dissolved, does that mean the only choices would be P Prayut and/or his shell parties ?
  3. This would surely restore tourist confidence seeing hundreds of police roaming the streets and assending on hotels Lets do Kaosan road take 2. First kill it and then start to spend millions and brainstorm on how to revive it
  4. But what are or would bf the benefits for tourists or expats? someone over staying their visa did not and does not affect either tourist or expat. someone “cheating” to stay in Thailand again does not affect tourist or expat . so what benefits ?
  5. Raiding small hotels and guesthouse, raiding condo’s , restaurants , bars and clubs that will restore tourist confidence
  6. Not only Thai . Just the other week I was knocked down /over by a car. Driver was a foreigner . I was just crawling out from under the car, my dog ( was with me) still under the car and the only thing he was worried about was his car, mind you it was an old shitbox
  7. Oh no, how will I survive now
  8. WHats a metaphor? Same as meta tag ?
  9. I have a team? What color is my team and what color is yours ?
  10. Right, sort of like all the non citizens casting their votes as if it matters
  11. Before you get all excited , OP clearly states matter will be sent to court . 5000 fine was by the transport department , there would be another 5000 from the courts/police . And no, in the west you do not go to jail for slapping someone , you would not even go to jail if you give someone a good beating . the only time you would go to jail in the west is if you caused serious injury
  12. Considering latest survey where something like 70% of members are not even in Thailand but tourists , hardly a genuine indication , but rather righteous wanna be’s hoping to one day to have a chance to live in Thailand
  13. What bevaviour? Getting drunk at his bachelor party? Ohhh the outrage
  14. Hardly strange, unless you consider yourself to be special
  15. They keep on repeating how bad foreigners taking Thai jobs. But has anyone of them got a business ? Thai do not want to work . i have been short staffed for 8 years. So are most businesses I know. Low end paying jobs not only almost impossible to get staff but they work just a few months and gone. I am certain many would prefer to hire Thai not to have language problems but there is simply no choice. see many Thai lining up for construction job? Or cleaners ?