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  1. Is that what google said? or you have personal experience?
  2. Thailand is safe and a lot safer than a lot of countries out there but one has to have a brain and some common sense Sadly, many seem to either inhale stupid gas once airplane enters Thai airspace or just leave their brain at home.
  3. What you fail to understand is that it’s not only her medical bills now but her entire future . It’s not 60000 pounds but in the millions . of course they try to deny to avoid having to pay out . If you accept , they win. if you do not accept anc take further action , very likely you will win. And that’s not speaking from 50 years of whatever but having personal experience with a claim being denied initially
  4. Do not need lawyers to start with. Ombudsman is a good start, 100% free and in my case took less than 10 days for insurance company to change its position and pay out full amount of the medical. From memory close to 500 000 baht.
  5. I do not know if her family is aware or which company or is , but she or her family can file a complaint with the ombudsman against insurance company and may well win . They can also take insurance company to court.
  6. You should hope he gets life in jail for day light execution of an innocent man
  7. BestB

    whats happened

    What’s happened? It’s dead with no light in the end of the tunnel this month so far
  8. Just got back from a trip to Bangkok . On the way to Bkk empty roads, on the way back just as empty. Taxi driver also said usually in high season he makes 4-5 trips per day, this month he said he is lucky to get 1 per day
  9. Surprised big Joke or someone else big has not jumped in to make any kind of statements. at least Chinese are not the only ones being killed any longer. RIP young man.
  10. It’s funny, every time I visit temple dogs come running to greet me and for a belly rub , but that’s oropably because I always bring some food instead of a stick to hit them.
  11. Headlines as if Putin or Russia ever denied it
  12. That’s just silly , clearly they were making somtam