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  1. BestB

    Im getting very bored

    Last time I tried cost me an arm and a leg in lady drinks and That’s for the ones who I did not like whats your experiences like?
  2. Have you made travel arrangements yet to make a move over?
  3. Considering that uni educated , mba holder working as loans officer at krungsi bank thinks yamaha and Honda are Thai brands, there is a long way to go to comprehend what science is
  4. I thought Iraqi , Saudi and Israeli were already allies, turns out you also want Afghan , which half way around the world on the other side
  5. BestB

    Im getting very bored

    Go to hugs or hug me a gogo in Soi post office. 3-4 totally naked girls will keep you occupied or annoy the crap out of you to buy them drinks. if that becomes boring they have a big tv, at least can enjoy watching tv on a big screen
  6. Not only Thailand , Malaysia , Penang can not see the sky
  7. So are you saying it’s all fakes ? Or stolen ? Or just trolling for the sake of it . here is a thought , if you have a problem with it, keep your thoughts to yourself and go buy wherever your heart takes you instead of trolling on OP’s post just for the sake of it
  8. I believe he is a front runner for new chief of police
  9. That’s not a hobby it’s a calling and by farang I assume you mean volunteer? Hopefully you know the difference
  10. Sissy , could not even eat 300 baht , though if it was in 20 baht notes, some drinks would be needed
  11. BestB

    PM Prayut vows to get rid of informal debts

    Those who buy latest pick ups borrow from banks , not the money lenders also known as loan sharks. They keep bringing up high interest rates, forgetting one major fact, which is these are unsecured loans . What’s the rate from the bank for credit card? 25%-28% or an unsecured loan with no proof of income ? Just about the same
  12. BestB

    PM Prayut vows to get rid of informal debts

    All he is doing is encouraging all who borrowed to dob in the lenders. all this will do is increase crime rate drastically , unless he thinks lenders will just walk away loosing money. Then in a month later same somchai will need to borrow money again and if unable would most likely steal or do something stupid . enforcing laws only works when people mentality has changed.
  13. No probs, all the best and smooth sailing
  14. After initial contract expired you are not required by any law to sign a new one, after expiry your contract automatically becomes month by month. Either party still has to give 30 days notice in case of termination or rent increase. what you should do ? Firstly look for a new condo as clearly here you will have problems , second contact Consumer protection board and file a complaint . To make sure they do not grow big brain, ask for tax receipts for every monthly payment you made, tax had to be paid by landlord which naturally was not.
  15. Hopefully they grow a brain and allow foreign land ownership but limit it to either brand new developments or certain price brackets