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  1. Thx for the replies guys. I have to admit the whole immigration system makes me paranoid as it changes so often without warning and can cost a fortune if u get it wrong. Thanks again
  2. Did the out ,/ in at Mai Sai today successfully on the O class multi entry. On the new entry stamp the immigration wrote "ed" . Does any one have any idea what this means? It's my second out/in in a row, I did it last time at the same point of entry, I'm now getting paranoid and wondering if it means "entry denied" if I try to do another out/in. So has anyone got an idea what it means?
  3. Can someone advise me if I can do out / in border crossings on a Non O visa every time I need to get a stamp. I did an out / in last time I had to do it, can I continue to do the same when it is due? or is there a limit to the amount of out / in's I can do?
  4. I have a question about this smartphone I recently purchased. I always like to save my phone contacts to my SIM card and then also display my SIM contacts only. Previous Android phones were pretty easy to set to this preference, but with this new one I cannot work out if it can be done. It seems that the only option is to save the contacts to my google account, and also view all contacts that are in my google account. I can't find options to save new contact numbers to the SIM card and keep these contacts separate. Any Android / phone boffins out there that could help me please?? Its doing my head in!
  5. Anyone seen a shop in Chiang Mai that can replace the strap on my Casio G-shock watch?
  6. wildpikey

    Large Picture Frame

    That's exactly what I need.. Cheers..
  7. wildpikey

    Large Picture Frame

    I am on the lookout for a very large picture frame for a map of the world. (Already have the map, just need a frame.) size is 138cm x 102cm. Preferably something lightweight. Can anyone give me any leads?? Alternatively maybe someone knows of a place that could make me a perspex cover with plywood backing.. That would do also. Regards.
  8. wildpikey

    Non O multiple border run.

    Thanks for the quick reply mate, Appreciated.
  9. I am presently on a Non 'O' class multiple entry. I have not needed to do a border run in a very long time as I have had to leave the country to work anyway before my 90 days are up. I am going to be here for more than 90 days this trip and I want to do a border run out/in at a land border crossing (Mai Sai.) I know these rules change here periodically, so can anyone confirm to me that I am able to do an out/in on my 'O' class Multiple?
  10. wildpikey

    Large Atlas poster

    Has anyone come across a poster size picture of the world? A realistic one that can be studied, similar to the picture attached. I have come across a few that are for decorative purposes but not found a normal one yet.
  11. wildpikey

    UK Pounds

    Depends who has just done a transaction. But the best places I have are, in order. 1. SK Money exchange near the Iron bridge. 2. Super rich, just up from Loi Kroh Soi 1 as already suggested. And the other place that has a vast turn over that I have noticed is the one between Starbucks and Boots at Thapae gate. SK seems to be the one that does the biggest transactions and u can reserve if they have it: SK Money: 053273208
  12. Anyone done this as an alternative to Mai Sai recently? Any advice? Also, I have not needed to do a border run in quite a while. I know the rules are always changing. Am I able to do a walk over and straight back on a multi entry O Class ?
  13. wildpikey

    Document Notarized / certified

    Thanks for the info, I was actually thinking about Assist Thai Visa as I did remember someone saying they had a law department, I will give them a call. Cheers..
  14. I need to get some photo ID certified for my UK bank account. Can anyone give me a surgestion where in Ching Mai would do this at a reasonable price that would also be accepted by my UK bank?? Regards.