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  1. Qatar Airways office

    I see that Qatar are now doing flights direct to Chiang Mai. Can anyone tell me if there is a Qatar Airways counter in Chiang Mai Airport? or in town anywhere now?
  2. I assume its Monday - Friday? I hear they close for lunch? anyone know what time they re-open after lunch?
  3. Anyone got any information on Visa available in Katmandu? I am possibly going to be going there for a holiday, would be awesome if I could pick up a Non O Multi there.. Also the requirements if anyone knows... (I am married to a Thai)
  4. Interested in going to Katmandu with the missis for a break. Im from UK, she is Thai. Anyone got any information on whats required in the way of Visa, and the easiest way to get them?
  5. Although, If you are going to bother going there at all and stand in the line and wait, for a little extra money I would definitely get the "multi" option... Anyone got any idea what the wait is there? Busy consulate??
  6. I understand that people fro the UK can now enter Vietnam by just turning up and getting a 2 week entry on arrival without the need to fill out any visa forms? I was wondering, can you travel there on a one way ticket? or does Vietnamese immigration ask to see onward travel?
  7. If you decide to go and get the Visa here, please post a trip report with the up to date info regarding documents needed etc. Much appreciated....
  8. So you need to show 800k in a bank for a certain period. A lot of people just keep a bank with 800k to show for Visa purposes only. But now this also now has to show activity, but small activity like adding 1000 baht is ok as this shows you are supporting yourself. What is this country about. It gets more bazaar by the day..
  9. Reply's here seem reasonable, (and what I have always thought.) But always good to get other opinions / experiences. The rules change so much, and some of the rules that the Thai's make up are ridiculous...
  10. HCMC is the same rules as Savannakhet? So HCMC is exactly the same as Savannakhet then? or the1000000+ posts that say Savannakhet is the only place are right?
  11. I am aware that if you are arriving in Thailand on a "visa exempt" you are required to show an onward travel plan. This was often checked by airlines to allow you to board before the flight to Thailand. (Not always.) A friend of mine recently checked in for an Emirates flight from Tunisia to BKK. It was a one way, and he would have been visa exempt. He had an onward ticket to Hong Kong as a final destination. (On a separate booking, but again with Emirates.) Emirates apparently refused the onward ticket, and told him that a ticket back to his home country was required. (UK) He apparently managed to board in the end after speaking to a manager and signing some sort of "waiver" form. Is this a new rule? if so seems a bit harsh, especially as he doesn't live in UK anyway... Can anyone shed some light on this?
  12. Hi, Apologies as I have asked about a few places for the same visa. Anyone have any info if we can apply for the Multiple entry Non 'O' based on being married to a Thai in Vientiane? If so what requirements. Also, is there any other resources that anyone knows about where consulates or embassies are listed as to what visa can be applied for with what requirements at each one?
  13. I used to be a fairly good traveler and enjoyed the challenge. But to be honest, I am over that now and just want it to be as easy as possible. I am considering going to Savannakhet in Laos to renew my Thai visa. I don't need information on the visa process etc. But would love to hear some travel info on someone who has done this trip recently... Nok air do a fly / drive from Bangkok to Mukdahan, I am not quite sure how this works, then I presume over the border in a bus? Any advise would be gratefully received....
  14. My wife has just joined Thai airways as a frequent flyer and has been informed that they no longer issue the cards. You just have to remember (write down) your number to show. Does anyone know? I frequently forget to include my number when I book, then try to remember by showing my card at the check in. This is going to cause me a problem now,especially if I fly with another Start Alliance airline and have to try to explain to out the miles onto my Thai account. May not seem a big thing, but it's big enough to piss me off this morning!