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  1. I was actually called right after posting that, and 9:55 I was out of there. Whatever, I still find it good that they manage the lines at the counter where you need to get the queue numbers. People tend to jump lines over there. Even when outside is fine and disciplined, once you get to that counter, it turns into a zoo.
  2. Sitting at CW right now. 8:53 I was called in, counter N2 (N1 was for all the visa extensions). Now it's 9:45 and I'm still waiting for document approval in the middle back of the N counters. Takes forever for them to check the 5 sheets of documents and put 8 stamps in my old and new passport. They pay attention to every little detail.
  3. This is exactly what I was worried about. The lady who told me she arrived around noon and they'd already finished 300+ numbers... can't really be trusted since I trusted her words once and got sent around in circles cause SHE said "mai mi panha", but the folks at CW said "mi panha". This lady likes to give fake assurances. I don't believe that CW can change that quickly from 90 numbers until noon to 300+ numbers until noon... riiiight.
  4. that sounds normal for re-entry. How about the N counter?
  5. My German (he was Italian, but born in Germany) boss often forgot to pay my salary until the 20th. When every 15th I had to pay for health insurance and if I don't have enough money in my account, I get fined. My boss usually paid us between the 9th and 12th of the month, but on the months that he forgot, guess who had to pay the fines from the health insurance??? It's not all rainbows and flowers in Germany. Just saying. Also, if it states in your contract that you will get paid on date x every month, and that's what they do, and you agreed to it, then you really can't expect them to give them your money on the first, now, could you? If you don't agree or you want your money always on the 1st, then you need to work at a school who pays on the 1st.
  6. so someone just told me today that they have changed things at CW. This person said that she went there yesterday around noon, and they have already finished 300+ numbers. Can someone who have recently been at CW confirm this?
  7. I have to move my existing visa from my old passport to my new one. Question 1: do I have to go to Changwattana? Can't I do it at Chamchuri? Question 2: If I have to do it at Changwattana, which counter is responsible for it? Is it counter N, the same one that handles all visa extensions? How long should I expect to wait? Has anyone had any similar experiences?
  8. At least no plastic or foam containers used there....
  9. NoMeAmes

    Bangkok Whale Watching! Who knew???

    was it a meetup group? I remember having seen something like that in one of those... How much did you spend?
  10. At no point did I mention they were rounding up only Indians and Cambodians. Don't blame me if you missed the entire context. Since I feel generous, here a screenshot for you so your finger doesn't have to do some scrolling exercises. And FYI, Jimmynewbie was replying to someone else saying that they don't do anything about the many Thais working illegally in western countries.
  11. Why not publish her name? Defame her. She more than deserves it.
  12. yeah I know what kind of people this forum consists of (mostly) well.. the Burmese haha No comment on the suits
  13. I thought the topic of this thread was that Indians are the majority? So I'm talking about them, as well as the runner up (Cambodians), etc. Individualistic retired westerners don't need to send money home. They bring money to Thailand to support their new teenage Thai wife, the kids, wife's "brother", wife's parents, wife's neighbors, and the family buffalo This is the type of foreigners that Thailand wants to keep in. Not the overstaying Indians and Cambodians....
  14. maybe the littering tourists see littering as part of "Thainess" and they're only remembering the phrase "When in Rome, do as the Romans do". I don't think the same people would litter in Singapore....