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  1. I would like to know about agents as well. I would love to be able to come and wait only for 1 hour before being processed, instead of the usual 4-5 hours... Anyone has a clue?
  2. It's just a ledge... not a head... someone sitting on a ledge is "despicable and disgusting", but prostitution and child sex work, no one says a word because it brings money?
  3. that's great. Took them long enough to notice the flaw in the chaotic system
  4. oh there is. an extremely long one if you arrive at 8:30.
  5. It's that time of the year again *sigh* I'm planning on getting out of there before 4 pm so I wanna be as early as I can. What time do the vans connecting Mochit and Chaengwattana start operating? Does anyone know?
  6. Asking about weight and scars.... why not go all the way and provide a form for tattoos, cup size and penis size?
  7. the one that requires nothing else than your holes.
  8. Exactly. This is why I WILL judge shamelessly people who trade sex for money. It is black and white for me. Sure life is tough. "Das Leben ist kein Ponyhof", says the Germans. But instead of working hard, some people choose to take the easy way out and chase money. This money-oriented mindset is what leads them to selling their dignity, their self-respect, even their morality. And that's just disgusting. I bet you, if you ask 20 bar girls, and 20 fruit sellers on the street, what kind of living situation they come from, they will give you a similar answer. Some just won't sell themselves for money and would rather do hard, but respectable work. Some just choose to dehumanize themselves and sell themselves like cheap carpets on discount.
  9. When have I ever said that I want to play in the playground? And when have I ever said that I'm a white male? Funny how it is a typical behavior of TVF posters to just assume things... And who says I want to improve my interactions with Thai women - or Thai men? Don't assume anything.
  10. And that's the difference I'm talking about. That's the kind of lies that comes in question in this matter. Not the "oh Grandma, I love this sweater!" kind of lie. You see, you think it's simply evil. I do too. It's actively deceiving someone, knowing they are hurting someone else's feelings, in order to get personal gain. If I were the Thai boyfriend, I would totally dump the girl for being that sort of "bad" person. For Thais, this is not necessarily something evil. It's proven by how many boyfriends or husbands are ok with their wives having farang gik's, as long as they also get to enjoy the money the whores (yes, this is what I think of women who pretend to be in love for money, no other word is suitable) get from the farang men.
  11. and here it's everyone.
  12. nowhere as many as in countries where children are taught that wealth and image is number 1. It's like there is no feeling of guilt associated with deceiving actions here...
  13. There's a difference between not saying anything and knowingly spit out lies.... One is passive, which, in my eyes, are more acceptable. The other one is done consciously and in order to gain something from the person who is being lied to (so yes, there will always be a victim). And if we're speaking about the first type, then yes, pretty much the entire Asia functions like this. It's the whole "saving face" culture. However, in countries where abrahamistic religions are the majority, saving face doesn't trump morals and principles. Children are taught not to lie, but to admit to their mistakes and their failures. That admitting them makes you then able to go on. And that lies will only dig you a hole in the ground cause you're gonna have to keep on lying to cover up each lie you spit out. I know this, I grew up in one of these non-buddhist countries. I grew up being taught that morality and principles do not trump pride and wealth or image in public.
  14. depending on your definition of "pretty", that could be 50% of the girls you see on the street lol and remember: if you think they're pretty, other guys probably think so too, hence they would also have tons of "users". Not to mention you better bet good looking yourself or they'll pass you for the next young-ish white guy