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  1. NoMeAmes

    What do Isaan women really like?

    Oh honey... Nobody will ever feel jealous of them. Many better ones to be jealous of.
  2. well if there's such a thing as anal bleaching, why shouldn't there be penis whitening? Asian ladies likes things "light" too, and asian guys know it
  3. I never feel the need to empathize with people like her... trying so desperately (and ridiculously) to stay young... How long do you want to deny the inevitable? You can't go against time, idiots. Cancer finally catches up with her at age 81. Many people get cancer when they're much younger. Maybe she won't be able to evade death by the time she's 102 or something. All you do is delay the inevitable. Me? I'd rather just live fast, soak it all in, and have a quick and easy exit.
  4. Sure... the tourists are the cause of the serious waste problem in Thailand... what with 7/11 giving out a plastic bag, a straw, and plastic wrapping around the straw (that's 3 pieces of plastic!) when you buy a 7 baht bottle of water.... what with the habit of drinking out of bottles using straws.... as if one has no lips. Yeah, I don't think the arrival of the tourists is the problem. How many times have I found myself saying "mai tong sai tung" and get a weird stare from the seller? How many times have I found myself carrying garbage around because I couldn't locate any trash cans? Trash cans should be placed IN THE MIDDLE of the beaches, malls, etc. Just like in Europe. And two trash cans shouldn't be more than 30 steps apart from each other, just like in Disney World.
  5. 100 Baht? Their lipsticks cost more than that....
  6. my question though, is would you love someone you deem is "fake" in the west? If not, why would you do it here? You know the "fakeness" will cause trouble in the future. Fake people always do, they're not capable of a healthy relationship. How can you trust a "fake" person fully?
  7. NoMeAmes

    First time visit advice

    You should believe sob stories from expats ABOUT Thai women though.... You don't have to fall into a cave in order to know that there is a cave ahead. Heed the warnings.
  8. NoMeAmes

    First time visit advice

    You're in the best place to "eat" anyway. Enjoy the "meal". Beware of food poisoning the day after you feast. That often happens when you eat dirty oysters, especially around that area. Once in a while you might also encounter a sausage when you thought you ordered an oyster.
  9. NoMeAmes

    The "beautiful Thai girl" myth?

    Show me a PERSON who doesn't like spending money.... regardless of nationalities or gender. Let's not act like men don't like to spend money.... Everyone likes to spend money. Not everyone likes to earn it. Again, regardless of gender. However, getting sidelined here. I was talking about the girl in the picture in particular. You (or more like I) can spot a gold digger from one single glance. They have a vibe of "I like things I cannot afford and I want to climb up the social ladder the easy way"
  10. NoMeAmes

    What do Isaan women really like?

    - a "luxurious" lifestyle (meaning a lifestyle they cannot afford. So even if they do have money, they will always want to have a lifestyle that is 'higher'): this translates to money, gold, financial security, etc. - bragging. Isaan girls seem to like to brag about buying expensive things. My friend would buy a 2,000 Baht tiny bag and she would say "it's so expensive". I didn't ask her how much it was nor did I ever say anything about the bag, I didn't even take a good look at it (I'm female, so this is the kind of thing they talk to other girls about). She just volunteered that info out of the blue. - som tam and their chilies - this typical Thai music where the only dance move is to grind and "twerk" with their nonexistent flat <deleted>. - smacking. Oh LORD the smacking. You can give them a piece of plastic and they will smack their way around town with that.
  11. her dad is the one taking the snaps? Guess this is a case of "idiot raising an idiot"....
  12. I find it funny how you people just assume I'm another one of you oh-so-macho men with a little "missus". Thaivisa forum never fails to amuse me
  13. I would have had a meltdown a long time ago if it weren't for my German friend who does everything with me, even group works. We just filter the useless lazy dummies and never agree to work with them. I have the German efficiency and that's why i seem "restless" to you. I rest when I'm at home. I compartmentalize my time. And yes, I plan. And yes, Thailand makes me go crazy because there is no rhyme or reason to anything. No logic. Or more like their logic is not like our logic. I'm just learning to bite my tongue everyday and avoid telling people how things are supposed to go.
  14. That's 2.5 hours a day, 2 or 3 days a week. For about 4 months. Now I'm not good at math, but I'd rather use that time to burn some calories than to just sit around consuming more calories. I can always have a lazy day and do exactly that if I want to, but I need to have a plan. Besides, have you ever tried chit chatting with a bunch of 20 year old Thais for 2.5 hrs a day, 2-3 times a week, for 16 weeks? The topics of som tam, "I want to sleep" and "I want to poop" does get boring after being repeated for the 300th time.
  15. Those are not expats, those are retirees. Now that we've cleared this up, let's go back to the topic. If you don't want to talk about pools, I'm sure there are more exciting threads for you.