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  1. Mrcrowley

    Looking for a Fishing Buddy

    Don't know if you were interested to go to kaeng krachan dam for 2 or 3 days to fish for snakeheads and jungle perch on 3rd of July .I just contacted a guide and he charges me 8900 baht for the first day (including the transport from Bangkok and back ,meal, water, ice, local boatman ) and 4500 baht for the following days ,I know it's quite expensive I'm still considering it. If you like to go I can talk to the guide see if I can get the price down a bit for 2 Anglers. It's a shame that transport is also my problem. if you prefer to hire a car together to drive to the fishing spot you like I will also be happy to share all the cost .
  2. Mrcrowley

    Looking for a Fishing Buddy

    So I think I ll probably hire a guide to go to kaeng krachan or go to polit 111 to spend the days. THanks for your message ,let me know if there's any updates have ve a nice day!
  3. Mrcrowley

    Looking for a Fishing buddy in July

    Just for keeping this on top
  4. Mrcrowley

    Looking for a Fishing Buddy

    I would like to go fishing shortly around Bangkok ,some local knowledge will be a great help ,as you said I'm only a tourist, don't know if it works for you.
  5. Mrcrowley

    Looking for a Fishing Buddy

    Don't know if this thread is out of date .I'm actually quite interested ,just don't know how to get there 'cos I'm only a tourist.
  6. I ll be in bangkok on 2nd of July ,I would like to go on a fishing trip, I mainly do lure fishing, if anybody is interested in same thing please contact me , my time is quite flexible,we can hire a fishing guide, or hire a car to go to reservoir ,or even go to some fishing pond ,as long as we can split the pill together. Email: [email protected]