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  1. Once again, we see 3 Thais onto one farang. Dogs, even that is too kind. My apologizees to our 4 legged friends.
  2. Have seen it many times, yes beautiful sight, but if I say more then I will be suspended. I just don't see why this one made the news, it is a common sight, even in Thailand, in fact even more spectacular sights, take a drive to Mong country.
  3. By definition mist is cloud, at, or near, ground level, if up on mountains, you can, as seen here, be above the clouds, I don't know why this made the news, it happens every day, in many places world wide, not even a rare sight in Thailand.
  4. Yes, and I can't say anymore, because it is a violation of the terms of use.
  5. SSSSShhh, we're trying to keep Australia a secret.
  6. "experts are casting doubt on whether or not the dolphin vomited plastic while in care earlier this week" can someone explain this, to me it either did, or didn't, and how was it first reported that it did, can't these "experts" tell the difference between plastic or normal vomit.
  7. what is the "positive" they admit their own pollution has gone up most would say this is a negative.