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  1. there is no point to post here anymore and argue with anyone that believes i made up this story and posted falsify emails good luck to everyone
  2. alleged emails ? really ? i just copy and paste here the emails i ve received and the first email i received from them after i gave them my passport for the 90 days report was leave the country and get one year ban , your basic smell test of being true its not correct this time
  3. thanks for your kind reply , but i already gave up as i dont have the feeling of staying here anymore i need a fresh start somewhere else, the whole 1 year ban doesnt sit well with me i cannot accept to come back here after i leave and spend more money and time to a country that ban me
  4. the fact is that if the immigration officer did hes job properly and inform me before he gave me 90 days report the last time which i was already overstayed i wouldnt be in that mess now so its not entirely my fault we can agree that we can share the blame ?
  5. really what else u want me to say to convince you that this is what exactly happened to me ?
  6. really ? u believe that i had nothing better to do with my time and come here to start lying and make up stories? well let me tell you something my age is 38 years old i came to this country to enjoy myself and i had no intention to brake any laws , in 12 months i spend 150.000 euro ,i bought a ducati, my condo is paid 6 months in advance always , i build my personal pc station with 6 monitors i bought a projector for my condo and so many other things for the room knowing that i be here for at least 5 years more , not to mention that i already send another 60 thousand euro in last few months i never intended to work here or make any money investing the opposite actually i came here to spend money and yes it might be my fault to not be well informed about the one year entry stamp but i expected more from a service that i paid 500.000 k at least as soon i was overstayed to let me know and not keep giving me 90 days report stamp like nothing is wrong, time went so fast for me from the time i arrive and the passport visa thing was not in my watch list of priorities after i got the elite visa ur experience its wrong because i got 90 days report at the same time been overstayed if they would had done their job properly both the immigration officer and the thai elite staff and inform me about it earlier i would gladly pay any fine and move on, i even told them that im willing to fly out of the country pay the fine at the airport of 20.000 and come back and the only thing i needed is to assure me i wont get a 1 year ban as you can see from the image my next 90 days report its due on 26th of june for the moment im angry and disappointed not to mention that i feel like a criminal and afraid to not be arrested in the meantime i have to figure out what i would do with all my stuff and where to go after i leave thailand the whole thing created a big mess for me and again MR " i never misunderstood anything in my life" i did tell the truth as it happened and didnt post here to give a bad look at the elite visa as i dont really care to tell you the truth i just reported my situation and the mess i am for the moment hoping that i will get an advice from someone that went through the same thing with me and had a positive outcome with the overstayed situation
  7. i just received the following email Greetings from Thailand Elite Customer Contact Center. We are regret to inform you that our Government Relation Department tried our best to negotiate with the Department Head of Chaeng Wattana Immigration officer, we regret to inform you that the officer checked and found that your overstay has been recorded in the immigration system which is link to Ministry of interior (MOI). Regarding the above reason, we terribly sorry that you will be banned by the immigration for one year from your departure date. We suggest you fly out at Suvarnabhumi Airport so our Elite Personal Assistant will assist you to pass the immigration and pay penalty fee 20,000 baht. Your kind understanding of the above matter would be highly appreciated. We are looking forward to hearing from you again soonest. Any further inquiries you may have, please do not hesitate to contact us at your most convenience. well thats it i guess i will leave tomorrow and i dont think im coming back here again , i can go to a different country that i will feel more welcome and spend my hard working money but never return in thailand again in this life thanks everyone and good luck
  8. hello , just wanted to post an update after my last visit to the thai elite office ive received the following email : Greetings from Thailand Elite Customer Contact Center. Please be informed our Government Relation Manager still waiting for the Chaeng Wattana Immigration Department Head who can make the decision but he was assigned to inspect the immigration office in another province with his boss. We are not sure that he will come back to the office today. However, we explained your situation to him but he needs to go back to the office and carefully check all details then he will inform us as soon as possible. Your kind waiting for his reply on this matter would be highly appreciated. We will contact you immediately when we have any further information. i do understand that some people find that this is my fault for not be well informed about the immigration law, but also u have to understand that i have no prior experience dealing with this kind of matters i was just following the ticket i was receiving after each 90 day report if somebody told me that i was overstayed before the last 2- 90 days reports i would gladly pay the fine and move on , now im overstayed 150 days because the officer didnt check properly my passport which is unexpectable and facing a ban for one year i though i did the right thing by getting this kind of visa by eliminating the headache of paperwork and waiting in lines at immigration office for the next 5 years for the moment i feel like a criminal and scared to not be arrested i just hope they do understand that i had no intention in any way to overstay and cause any troubles and they let me comeback without 1 year ban i will post an update again as soon i hear back from them
  9. thanks to everyone for the reply , i think i need to pack and leave the country , i was not well informed and i wish someone explained to me before that i need to leave the country every year which is different from the 90 day report , the thailand elite office tried to blame the immigration officer on counter 3 as they told me from not checking properly the last time i got my 90 day report thanks again and wish you all the best
  10. thank you for the reply , im trying to understand how is this my fault if i always give my passport to the office for the 90 days report , they say i m 150 days overstayed but how is this possible as i got the 90 days report before 3 months which is less than 150 days and already overstayed if thats the case why i didnt get a warning or a fine ? the immigration officer didnt see that i was overstayed 3 months at that time ? is there anything i can do to avoid the 1 year ban ?
  11. hello to everyone , i wanted to share what happened to me today and i would appreciate any advice , about one year and a half i decided to pay the 500.000 baht to get a thai elite visa for 5 years well so far all good as the only thing i needed from my part was to give my passport every 3 months to the office of thai elite visa and take it to the immigration for the 90 day report which i did every 3 months - 1 week earlier always before the deadline , but the last time i did i received the following email from the office : Greetings from Thailand Elite Customer Contact Center. With regard to your 90 days report which our staff report on behalf, we regret to inform you that the immigration officer on duty found that your permission to stay in the Kingdom is over 150 days. You having overstayed since 21 Jan 2018 Please be advised that you immediately seek legal help and prepare to leave the country as soon as possible, facing the possibility of being banned from re-entering Thailand for a year regarding the immigration law and regulation as attached. If you are caught in Thailand as an overstaying foreigner you will be detained and face punishment, however, if you leave Thailand as an overstaying foreigner without being caught you will only face a fine and possible ban from re-entering Thailand when exiting through immigration, and will not face any imprisonment or detainment. well im shocked and scared at the moment , my last deadline for the 90 day report is on 26th of june and already gave my passport to the office on 18th of june , so the question is how i am 150 days overstayed in thailand if i have the ticket in my passport for the 90 days report till 26th of june , and if im 150 days overstayed why they gave me a stamp last time for 90 days i really dont know what to do ....