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  1. bangkokcity12

    Domestic violence in Thailand advice

    There is no video or photo of me attacking her. But where does her word and my word stand? would something like this just be dismissed and ignored?
  2. bangkokcity12

    Domestic violence in Thailand advice

    Hey guys, I'm looking for advice or anyone who has experienced something similar. Here's my situation..! I have been with the same gf for 6 years. 5 of those years have seen her act violently during most arguments we have had. These arguments can be extremely petty. Her actions generally involve her shouting and causing an embarrassment to my neighbors and then moving to her lashing out- punching, hitting, scratching, kicking which ever part of me she can reach. She has smashed many things in the house during these moments and will refuse to back down at any point unless she feels she has won or that I have received some kind of punishment in her mind!! So she's nuts, I get it! but there's more. As she attacks me I will of course defend myself or block a flying hand aimed at my face. This means she often causes bruising to herself from landing her own punch on my arm etc. As a form of restraint I have held her wrists to stop her punching, but as she fights to struggle free she can be left with marks on her wrists. With her injuries and smashing things around the house, she will take photos and videos claiming this is from me attacking her and act as the victim. If I threaten to leave her or break up with her, she threatens she will report me to the police and have me arrested/charged. I have received multiple injuries but never recorded this as evidence. I have never hit/punched/kicked/slapped her. Grabbed and held to restrain her yes, and pushed her off me to create space between us. My question is, what trouble or outcome can I expect if the police are involved and it goes to court with her side of the story etc (I understand she has connections with police through her family and assume this could make things more difficult if involved). I dont want this to affect my job, Ive had enough and want to end this BS! Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks.