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  1. The switch is manually operated from Auto to Manual. Manual is normally used on the ground to be able to drive the outflow valve "Manually" so that either while providing air con to the plane the plane does not pressurized, or closing the valve so that critters do not crawl onto the airplane. It's common practice, and the aircrew should have flipped the switch to auto as part of the preflight checklist.
  2. Megascott

    Video: Ladyboys in early morning punch up in Phuket

    Lady boys, perhaps, but they still fight like girls..
  3. Exactly! I live part time in India, and placing branches or foliage behind a broken down vehicle is common practice here too, albeit it does literally nothing to stop an accident from occurring, one wonders if there was actually a real warning sign placed on the road, whether it would help? or if the person placing the warning sign would just get run over whilst placing the sign?
  4. Well, I guess now I'll have to go to the other fake dentist for my fashion braces. I am starting to look much too old without them.
  5. I wonder where this guy got his Masters of Mind from?
  6. I'm thinking that rape and theft should be the least of the charges, since poor granny is in critical condition from the homicidal throat slashing...I'm on the side of the lynch mob. Obvious, he wont get many days in prison.
  7. Depends where you live in SK. I lived in Jinju for 18 mo's and Busan for 18mo's I liked the small town atmosphere of Jinju, but I also liked living near Gwangalli beach. The food is great, but the culture is driven by constant excess drinking and late nite Soju and Beer binges. It gets old fast. The laid back atmosphere of Thailand and the difference between the loving and very accomodating Thai woman VS the more independant and much outspoken Korean women leaves me coming back to Thai women every time. I am finally quite happily married to a beautiful Thai woman and very inexpensively we built a nice western style home together in Chiang Mai. The ever increasing costs alone in SK will drive you back to almost anywhere else in SE Asia. Also, I left out the weather, SK's Absolute Freezing cold in Winter and sweltering heat in the Summer, the only truly comfortable season is spring/early summer. Chiang Mai gets hot, but not anything like the constant BKK humidity, practically the whole rest of the year is very comfortable for me, and no damn freezing cold!