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  1. They finally agreed to reconsider it on the basis of all the documents not being considered.
  2. Thanks for letting me know! I actually did send off a reconsideration request several days ago and it seems to have reached the right department. Anyone who thinks there is nothing that can be done would be well-advised to read through this document: https://assets.publishing.service.gov.uk/government/uploads/system/uploads/attachment_data/file/730629/reconsiderations-v10.0.pdf. I sent off a succinct yet strongly-worded letter that clearly outlined the relevant section of visitor rules, quoted the refusal letter and explained its inaccuracy in terms of my application evidence. Patience muscles are back in training... @Ipswich lad, may I ask how long it took for them to respond/reverse the decision?
  3. Yes you are right, I might have spoken too much out of emotion at the time of posting. However, there were several other factors that just made the whole thing look shoddy: 1) The decision was made on the very same day the case was re-escalated again, 2) VFS texted me to pick up my passport hours before I received an email from the Caseworking office in ND, and a day before a formal UKVI email, leading me to believe that this possibly wasn't checked by an ECM as is the standard process, 3) spelling and grammatical errors aside, the letter contradicted itself several times (e.g. saying I didn't meet certain appendices at the start but saying it was refused for other appendices at the end) and just didn't make any sense overall. I understand that ECOs are referred to templates to use for certain paragraphs, so this just looks like a ridiculous copy & paste letter, and 4) If they wanted to refuse me for a simple reason as what my bank statements had shown, would it really have taken them 37 working days to come to this conclusion? Wait... what? The new scanning system implemented in June has been suspended? Also, I do believe it's highly unlikely for pages in a stack to be missed in an automatic document feeder.
  4. Is it possible to ask VFS to send you an electronic copy of all the documents they submitted? It just dawned on me that while they were scanning my documents, all the papers went flying from the machine about halfway through the pile (this was in the first week they implemented in the new scanning system...). That might explain a lot.
  5. Applicant here, the sponsor is happy to do that on his own accord. I've read through the immigration rules thoroughly but, last I checked, separating 'truth' from the 'untruth' seems to be an assumed convention. Bureaucratically, yeah - probably difficult to prove indeed. Logically? I'm still banging my head against the wall.
  6. Yes, you are right - apologies but I did not have the printed statements on hand at the time of posting (and what Thai bank would think of logically providing you digital copies...). The first income dates 29/12/2017 and the last one 31/05/18. The fact that they picked a random figure in between is completely absurd. I had all incomes & withdrawals for savings highlighted and recorded on another sheet for clarity. They gave no reason for delay. My many communication attempts were entirely unhelpful. There were cases where support staff gave me contradictory and unhelpful advice, as well as wasting my time and money over the phone (e.g. over hesitation and thick foreign accents). My case was also re-escalated on the same day that this outcome was made, giving me the impression that they were perhaps under pressure to make a decision and decided to wing it under some made-up terms. I earn enough, and have enough in savings, to correspond to my stated planned expenses. My employers are a well-reputable global company who agreed on 'paid leave' (which might sound unusual but they value their employees and I had replacement arrangements in place), and provided a letter outlining these terms as well as my expectancy to return to work after two months, upon my planned return, along with evidence that I have been working with them for a year (the refusal letter acknowledged this). This was further evidenced by freelance employers who said the same (plus cash-paid invoices). My sponsor is a very close friend, evidenced by photographs of our extensive travel together and letters. Both our letters stated I would be staying with him (supported with proof of residence & his bank statements), as well as the fact that he would cover basic household costs, including food etc, significantly cutting down my travel costs. To add to the absurdity of the refusal letter; the beginning states that I have not satisfied two sections of the immigration rules, yet it concludes by stating that I didn't satisfy only one of them. Confusing. It's not so much that I wasn't granted the visa that this is the most upsetting part, but more so that it leaves a refusal mark on my immigration record that will certainly leave a stain on future attempts. Additionally, the refusal reasons are matters that easily could have been sorted out within the expected time frame... not 7.5 weeks later. While I will attempt (with great resilience) to retain an objective and calm attitude to dealing with this, I can't help but ponder that this is a situation where the case officer was pressured into not meeting the time frame (making a decision on the same day it was re-escalated for the second time) and making a hurried and inaccurate decision as a result. Thank you all for the support and advice (and unnerving debate). Contacting the MP and considering a judicial review may be a way to go from here. As for reapplying based on pure luck of getting a more reasonable case officer; the last thing I need is yet another refusal added onto the record.
  7. Yes I have heard of some absolutely ridiculous cases! Sorry to hear about that. Did you manage to do anything to resolve it, or just give up altogether?
  8. Hi, is anyone able to advise me on how to best fix this situation? My visit visa was refused (after 37 working days) for reasons that seem to have ignored many aspects of my application, or misread it. The refusal reasons are as follows: "I note that you have provided your bank statements in which you have highlighted receipt of your salary, however, the last credit in your account was dated 28/02/2018 and your statements does not demonstrate that you continued to receive your salary, I am therefore not satisfied your circumstances are as you state." The last credit in my bank statements is actually dated 31/06/2018. All the income for the previous months are both highlighted on my statements, and I provided an additional financial sheet stating all the dates which match these highlights. It seems like they were looking at the first credit on my statement, and not the last. Additionally, along with my bank statements, I also provided withdrawals from my account which I put into savings in my sponsor's bank account. My sponsor mentioned this in a letter, along with his own bank statements. Additionally, I said I would be on paid leave throughout my trip, and stated my expected income. On top of that, my sponsor agreed to cover my finances where needed. However, another refusal reason stated that my closing bank statement "does not demonstrate that you have sufficient funds to meet the reasonable costs of this visit." Earlier in the letter, they acknowledged "supporting documents from your UK sponsor demonstrating his willingness and ability to support you." What do I do in this case? There are no grounds for appeal or administrative reviews. If I were to resubmit the application, I can't think of anything else I could do differently (except provide more recent bank statements of course). The letter is also riddled with spelling and grammatical errors. They made me wait 7 and a half weeks for this ridiculous response (almost 3 times the average time). Any advice is very much appreciated. Many thanks in advance!
  9. The more you know: I doubt escalating a case actually does anything at all. 15 days of quiet after escalating and the best they can do is to 're-escalate' it.... right.
  10. The translation on their Facebook page seems to suggest they're buying it for 1500 baht...
  11. If it's any consolation; I feel you. In the exact same boat. They won't even respond to my emails anymore.
  12. Yes, I am Thai. I did bring that up - apparently, the service is only available prior to your application being submitted.
  13. Well I managed to get through to them, they said nothing could be done until 15 more working days had passed from escalation (making it 35 days/7 weeks). I asked if I could withdraw my application so I could get my bloody passport back and at least make something out of my holiday. They said, very simply, "No". Back to bashing my head against the wall. Surely there is some way around this?
  14. Has anyone else had an issue where they try to phone up UKVI but the other end can't hear you? It's happened to me about 5 times now using JustVoip (charges me for a full minute every time, of course). I made plenty of other calls to the UK using the same account with no trouble. They're ignoring everything I write to them via email. I'm at VFS nearly every day but they haven't heard a thing. Can anyone suggest any useful advice on where to go from here? 27 days and counting.....
  15. I don't want to scar the record but it's been 25 working days now and all the multiple attempts I've made to relay my urgency is very rudely met with the same standard copy & paste email template. After escalating the case after 20 working days, they asked me to wait another 15 working days to be contacted. That's my entire holiday period over. Unbelievable.