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  1. I've had some female friends make visas to Australia recently. If the visit is short, 1 week or 10 days - 2 weeks , and she has money in her account and a job to return to , she will have no problem. If she has a stable job to return to and a letter from her employer confirming she is using her annual leave, and she has no money in her account, that's okay as long as you say you will be supporting her trip. If she says she visiting a friend, id ask why you would be on the application form Better to say she is coming to visit you and you will be supporting her while she is staying with you and covering all costs
  2. As you get older choices made should be better. I've learnt plenty from past mistakes
  3. Had you tried chaining them up?
  4. MartinJ

    Good areas to live in and around Bangkok

    That is a decent enough size and reasonable price You mentioned you used an agent, was there any particular advantage to doing it that way?
  5. MartinJ

    Good areas to live in and around Bangkok

    What is your approx. size and price of your condo in Ari area?
  6. MartinJ

    Good areas to live in and around Bangkok

    Thanks mate I'll send you a message over the weekend
  7. MartinJ

    Good areas to live in and around Bangkok

    Thanks I have checked out some stops along the BTS line since i moved to chatuchak. Saphan Kwai, Ari, Phaya Thai all had some appeal and I've moved it onto my list to consider
  8. MartinJ

    Good areas to live in and around Bangkok

    I'm in research phase still and not looking to take over someone else's lease. Having done some searches on property sites there is an obvious oversupply in the thousands of condos and homes in bangkok, so supply is certainly not something I am concerned about. It is the choice of area I need to pin down. There has been some interesting suggestions so far and ill look into those more. The holiday mindset is different from being here permanently. I want some space, but it doesn't have to be over the top. At samut prakan my room was around 24sq and that is far far too small for me for a permanent stay. I'll be 55 and retired and I want my home surrounds to be comfortable and a place i enjoy relaxing and coming home to. Somewhere I can keep some personal belongings and tat has a small kitchen I'd need around 60sqs+ to be satisfied and happy
  9. MartinJ

    Good areas to live in and around Bangkok

    Thanks for that advice. I had a walk around Ari one lunchtime and the place was packed with restaurants and food stalls and had a real buzz going on and I would certainly consider that area. It was nearly all Thai people from what I could see, not so many tourists and I'd enjoy that longer term I must check out Silom and the other side of the river along the train line there
  10. MartinJ

    Good areas to live in and around Bangkok

    It wont be until mid next year that I make my move, ill let you know closer to the time if I'm interested in that area. You said boat stop? Is there a ferry service on the river? I've stayed at a couple of hotels in that area. I thought it was mainly a tourist area. Looking on google maps i can see a park close by I might need to go for a walk around that area
  11. MartinJ

    Good areas to live in and around Bangkok

    Up to 40-50k baht a month is fine I don't want to get hung up on money, its the areas and experiences I want to hear about The airbnb is about 25k baht for one month Longer term i am okay with up to 50k baht for a nice house or up to 30-40k for a nice large condo I made the mistake of a cheaper smaller room in samut prakan. I didn't enjoy the room or the area and i wouldn't try and save money like that again
  12. Some background: I’m retiring and moving to Bangkok next year Interested to hear opinions on places people enjoy living in Bangkok and surrounding area After watching some youtube videos from an aussie guy I stayed almost 3 months in Samut Prakan close to bang pu area. That area is unlivable for me, a classic shi**hole. I’ve since moved to Chatuchak on an airbnb for a month. Its busy here but i like it okay I’ll take as many different opinions as I can and check out what I can I’ll be renting for a couple of years at least. I'm used to a house, a townhouse or Condo is fine too. Love to hear what people like about their areas or what areas would be good to live