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  1. No not all redshirts are terrorists, but there certainly are a bunch that are. Its the PTP their own lil terror squad. A police state is also not good, all sides are bad and it is not going to change. The fight over the money will go on forever.
  2. So dirty is good as long as its on your side.. no wonder you got funny idea's about democracy. Instead of coming out and condemning guys like him you defend them. I seen this behavior before of you. You fail to condemn both sides. Anyway nothing new.
  3. I believe that maintenance is a problem in Thailand, unless you think its all perfectly maintained. Sure sometimes its a guy sleeping behind the wheel.
  4. Its time to really fine owners and or jail them when brake failure happens as they don't properly maintain the vehicle. As long as its just the driver that is on the hook nothing will change. Sure drivers are responsible but their boss holds a lot more power and if he does not spend money to maintain the vehicle the driver is in trouble.
  5. robblok

    EC: Political party reform must involve public

    I read the same thing, maybe they mean 10.000.000 per entity person. I have no idea... but I feel that 10.000.000 donation is far to low if it was a combined donation.
  6. I would not mind seeing Prayut get defeated to be honest. I have no love for the PTP but a defeated Prayut would be nice to watch.
  7. Actually im in the north of BKK and (Banyai Nothaburi) only ever flooded during 2011 but it is something that keeps playing in my mind every wet season. Cant call it out in the sticks anymore as they now got a huge central and an IKEA there. But last thing i read there was something about water management in the roadmap. Unlike you I dont see it as a struggle between elite and not elite as I havent seen any non elite in the parties that are available. I just see it as a struggle between people who want to steal from the treasury and throw some scraps to the public.
  8. Less people still leaves a quite large pool, i doubt it will be done too risky you only need one whisleblower and it all comes doen. If there were 3 people involved sure but i doubt the number is that low. Besides there are checks because voting stations count too and it should at least match what comes out. I think they cheated enough and wont burn their fingers on this.
  9. Sorry Sjaak, I disagree especially on watermanagement, we have seen little to no improvement because successive governments have cancelled plans of previous ones and nothing happened. If you think that is good be my guest but those who have been flooded (like me) have other ideas about it. Yes at first it seemed the way you described and later i also read the articles you stated and that is not how it was presented. Its a total sham of course if the senate can vote too. Because even if an party does get a coalition with a majority they could still not supply a PM.
  10. I would say your wrong as I actually have. Not in Thailand though.
  11. I read that too about the 126 PM's to become PM and that is of course a total sham. As for the 20 year roadmap, i disagree with it on one exception. Water management as it gets neglected all the time and the flooding are always there. Projects get approved, then cancelled by new governments. That is just crazy. I am probably sensitive about it as I was once affected.
  12. Sure mate you believe what you want, i disagree.
  13. I don't agree with these policies was only commenting on the fact that others always said they did not work. Removing the party logo is 100% cheating hoping that the defectors keep the people voting for them even though they switched sides hoping if logos are gone the people dont know. I would not say hilarious because it would show that people are NOT persuaded by money and gifts. I would say that it then shows that people really hate the junta. Now if they win on the other hand then people only care about the gifts they get. I like to see how it ends, real curious about it. The whole senate thing gives the junta a huge unfair advantage in selecting a PM. Still I am really curious how the votes go.
  14. Yea right.. sorry I don't believe in vote fraud like that. Too many layers to bribe too many checks. If it happens it could not stay secret. There would be too many people involved, just one has to open its mouth and the whole card house tumbles down.
  15. Yes but according to most posters here votes can't be bought and the people will vote for who they prefer anyway. At least that was always said when vote buying came up. I still believe that popular policies and vote buying work. I will see if I was right in the election, if pro junta parties did well then we know it worked. If the other parties make landslide victories over the junta then it did not.