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  1. They went out of the EU for tougher immigration laws... so do you really think they will make it easier ?
  2. I only mentioned that this time they were releasing water and managing it better than during YL her tenure. Then someone said i was lying and i had to back it up. Do follow the tread who starts things. The flooding are sensitive to me as i lived through them. I was flooded for 2 months and i do blame YL for making it worse and for lying causing extra damage. We had a lot of PTP supporters in the village. After the flooding there were a lot less because many lost lots of money because of her lies. Not obsessed at all you just don't see me post in all the other topics that are non political. I can only hope the junta keeps doing a good job of releasing water on time and giving accurate information. That is not to say that a lot more can be done. There is a lot of room for improvement. If they were to force the BMA to allocate more budget and have them clean drains regularly also in the dry season things would be better. Also having some public dumps and better garbage collection would help.
  3. Fake news.. I was the first hit before BKK (bit above BKK) and it was not september it was later oktober. She could have released it far earlier. You know the story too its about the rice and the now gone politician. (Banharn). Communication was her biggest crime indeed. She kept denying it that the would be flooding people did not prepare enough because they believed her. She knew what was coming had satellite images and planes to spot it but did not want to admit it and costing many poor people tons of money. Quite a few cars here were never moved because they trusted here.. The damage was huge.. all because she did not want to lose face. The junta is doing a far better job (as expected) it was also the army that helped me and all the people that were stranded. All YL did was relabel donated goods to show her brothers face on it even though he never paid.. and the pumps he promised.. they never came. Bunch of liars the Shins. I did not want to go this deep into the subject but hate lies if they are posted. Here some history to reread for you
  4. Yes it made things a lot worse, but a week ago there was an article about releasing from one dam (don't know why that one was so full.. maybe low capacity). Right away forum members were complaining they should not have done it now and they had to wait.. now if they had waited this storm would have forced them to release even more. So it seems they are doing a better job now.. lets hope they keep it up.
  5. Lets hope not.. but its possible.. so far its good that the rain is so early.. the dams are still not full. But if it goes on like this all the time things might change a lot.
  6. Yep and under YL her guidance they did not release water to protect rice.. and released it at the worst possible time.. increasing the flooding. The current mob has not made an error like that. In fact they are already releasing somewhere last week.. members were complaining that they should not have done that. Now... the extra rain comes.. had they not started releasing then they would have forced to release even more now.
  7. That is where you and I differ, if they break the law they should be held accountable in a court of law. Depends a bit how you define bad job.. what if you say lets give the poorest people 500 billion (and increase the debt and deficit year after year by that amount). increasing the debt of the country but the poor loving the policy voting them in again and again. Until there is no more money for the poor and you got a Greece kind of situation. I really feel there should be some mechanisms against popular policies (vote buying) if they damage a country. There should be certain rules that limit the amount of deficit that can be created and so on.
  8. Wow finally it will be useful for us living in the area.
  9. Intentional ? and she is dead according to some in this topic.
  10. I don't know how stupid you are but its common knowledge that you need to keep exercising your muscles for good quality of life. Could be biking, swimming, lifting weights, running whatever you like. Now research is showing that what works for muscles (exercise) works for your brain. No need to be a muscle man at all. Normal exercise will do.
  11. People are often altruistic if they are not paying for it. He wants the state to pay for it. But if it was said he would have to pay an extra 1000 gbp tax for it he might not want it. Its so easy to spend others money socialists are real good at it. Its all ok until the taxes get too high and working is no longer profitable. Lets tax the high incomes and soon nobody studies or takes a hard job as the extra pay gets taxed too much. I get it why there tax.. just feel it should not be too high so restrictions on welfare are needed.
  12. Same goes if your wife cheats on you.. leave here.. don't beat her up.
  13. I am quite sure of myself, you get plenty of signs before that you got an unstable wife. If you can't see something like this coming then something is wrong with you. These kinds of ladies are often those with hot tempers and a jealous streak. This is something you can see coming. We all know the type many arguments beforehand.. things flying through the room ect. This does not happen out of the blue.
  14. Actually in general the intelligence drops if you retire. I seen it happen a few times people go from bright to stupid because they stop using their brain. Like muscles you need to keep training your brain to stay active or lose function.
  15. Only if you have a crazy wife and are cheating (or she thinks your cheating)