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  1. Different experiences, never had money taken from my account (foreign and Thai) when I did not receive it. I have even deposited money in rare occasions and never a problem. Maybe things are just better connected in BKK. I think that problems like this arise from faulty internet connections (I assume that is how banks send data from their machines). I do try to use machines that are at busy places and check if there is no skimming (reader) attached because I heard horror stories. So far never a problem. But of course there is always a first.
  2. quelling hunger ?

    Of course its not true.. it depends how you got skinny if you got skinny through exercise and healthy living or are naturally skinny with bad habits. Those are 2 totally different things. The only thing those studies do is comfort people nothing more. For me BMI is unfair.. but so what I don't care about it BMI is outdated but it works for 85% of the population its easy for paper pushers. Nicely done with your reduction of 42 lbs.. well done keep it up. The thing is people who are chubby / fat love to say things like that to hold you down. Because if you get slim and in great shape they look even worse for not doing it. People love shared misery.
  3. Great comment I agree 100%. The only people against this are close minded and / or religious freaks. Nothing wrong with giving rights to same sex partnerships.
  4. Doctors claim paraquat is safe for farm use

    I wonder how much the guy got paid for.. in most developed countries they have banned it and here they come to an other conclusion.
  5. I would love for this to come true.. but its a dream. There are too many senators in the armies pockets.
  6. I might not think highly of soldiers but this goes a bit too far IMHO. Even in my country where we certainly don't see revere soldiers like in some other countries we get enough of them. To be honest i don't think that the majority of soldiers wants to be in war. What I have read a lot of them come back damaged (mentally) PTSD ect.
  7. quelling hunger ?

    I am not worried about it and I will lose it in 2 months or so. I just like to have well defined abs. I had reasonable abs before the sleeping problem i want them back. Just pure vanity nothing more. Its also not like i can show them off as i train at home. Just something i like to keep. I was fat back in 2011 (hated myself hated pictures of me) then i lost 25 kg and kept it off (ok I gained again but that was muscle). At that point i vowed never to get fat again.
  8. quelling hunger ?

    Me .. loaded carries... take 2 kettebells of 20 kg and walk around the park 4 rounds (around 15 minutes). Distance covered gets less and less as you have to put them down more often with each round. Want to build it up to 5 rounds 20 min. That is something I do every day in the morning before breakfast. Then 4 times a week around an hour in my gym. Heavy lifting say bodybuilder workout. So no steady state cardio (yet) if i hit a plateau i might go on my eleptical or concept 2 model d rowing machine. Truth be told I hate steady state cardio. But I don't have much to lose .. maybe 4 kg still... hard to say I am not fat by any mean so it comes off real hard. Its just I was super lean.. but had 3 months of bad sleep.. that meant no mood.. no training.. crappy diet.. now my sleep is improving and so is my diet.
  9. Acer laptop won't turn on.

    Ok, then maybe i was wrong in my suspicions. Its just rare IMHO that they would have a 7 year old motherboard still in stock.
  10. quelling hunger ?

  11. quelling hunger ?

    Yes but I don't really care about losing weight.. i care about losing fat. If i go zero carb now i lose a few kg in a week (all water) and then later if you eat carbs again you get all that water back. (no attack on low carb, just pointing out that weight loss comes in many forms). Just like I don't want to lose muscle (by not eating enough protein and exercising) and then screw my metabolic rate even more.
  12. Acer laptop won't turn on.

    If the motherboard is fried.. that is bad. I mean it controls everything. Strange that they can fix it for 3000 ... i mean that they even have a 7 year old motherboard on stock i find a bit suspicious. Id advise you to go to an other shop too to get a second opinion.
  13. quelling hunger ?

    No but there are people who are convinced low carb is the only way to lose weight and tell everyone so while this is not true. It is just one of many options that people can select from. But almost everyone is in agreement that processed carbs are bad.
  14. quelling hunger ?

    Carbs are not bad at all, processed carbs are bad and carbs in excess are bad. Countless people are slim and great shape who eat carbs. Not everyone needs to go low carb. It can help but so can other things. Just find something that works for you and stick with it. People who force low carb on everyone are like cult people. Moderation and balance is key. (i know your not like one of those)
  15. I am guessing it was you.. you protest too much.