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  1. They are successful at it look at the sham of Tarit going after Abisith and Suthep (wrong agency to do it) Then he had a strange definition of purgery too. Fact is they do it as much as the other side. But the other side is just a bit better and has been shorter in power so less open to attack. Fact remains that whatever they charge the PTP with its usually a real crime just like with YL. If they just play by the rules there won't be any problems. Just imagine that the PTP stops being corrupt and can't be touched because they follow the rules... wow. Now then I would even support them. If you don't give them an opening the other side can't get you. If you do give them openings like the amnesty and the rice program's corruption you will be caught
  2. Back in 2011 my car was also parked at the parking space in in a condo parking with friends. This year no flooding at al here in BangYai (north of BKK). In 2011 we were already flooded around this time. Seems the distribution of floods is different this time. What is amazing is that they have big tunnels for drainage now and it seems as if they are not helping that much. I read an article recently where they were defending them. But I feel an investigation should be done about the usefulness of those underground tunnels for drainage. As for cars, in 2011 in this village most people believed Yingluck and because of it they lost a lot of money. I seen loads of cars flooded in the village. It really was a sad sight and people were not happy for the bad information that was provided. This year people were looking around more (flooding came slow in 2011) just to make sure they were not caught of guard like in 2011. Nobody trusts the government anymore for news. If your car gets flooded and repaired.. be prepared for a car that will never be the same. I hope nobody gets here gets flooded.
  3. As someone who exercises a lot i have to disagree. Its almost impossible to outrain a bad diet, it takes far more activity then a bit of sports to combat the extra sugar someone drinks. I think this will work given that Thais really don't have that much spending power in general. So they will go for cheaper alternatives. This in turn might make the producers change their formula. I am all for sugar tax and hope it means sugar free alternatives appear.
  4. Chi River floods ‘even worse than 2011’

    Do report back i am curious.
  5. Yea.. but what if your ex friend knows your password or guesses it (after a relation you often know passwords and such). Then all your security settings are useless.
  6. Chi River floods ‘even worse than 2011’

    Here its less then 2011.. seems the distribution is totally different than 2011. In 2011 we and the surrounding area's were already flooded for quite some time. Now no flooding in sight at all. I am talking about Bang Yai (Nothaburi) a bit north of BKK often counted as BKK surroundings. I am quite happy that its better this time as I would hate to get flooded again. I don't expect to be flooded anymore this year its too late in the season and soon the tides go down and the river can drain more. Crossy should reply here with more of his info he lives near the river also north of BKK.
  7. I don't agree here (do agree that there is influence) but I disagree that its not there with a fair democratic system (if you consider the ptp governments fair and democratic because they did exactly the same things). They protected their own and still do. I think ALL governments here in Thailand protect their own and influence courts and put their people in place to make sure they are protected.
  8. No we differ if it was ever the case.. you keep arguing how great it was under YL but it was bascially the same where the ones in power made sure their minions were protected. This is something that has happened with EVERY government here military, red, yellow ect. I am for a big overhaul as well... but now I doubt it will ever happen. Those in power don't want to see their privileges revoked so it will never happen. Not with PTP, not with army not with Democrats. I had hopes when the army first took over.. those hopes are long gone.
  9. How is that different from accusing 8 others to be under the junta its influence ? That is what you and lana are arguing ?
  10. Why weak its a tried and tested Thaksin method. Who knows how many times he used it successfully. We only hear about the one time it failed.
  11. By discussing 1 judge his verdict you can discuss the others too. Why did this one judge go against 8 others.. cake box maybe ? But whatever his reason it clearly shows that the judges are free to judge however they see things. That is a great sign in a trail like this. It gives more credibility to the whole verdict. If 9 had voted guilty people would have said it was rubber stamped. Now 1 is not voting guilty people are saying she is not guilty. Whatever side you are on you can always spin things in your advantage.
  12. This is one of 9 judges the other saw differently. By any means this shows things are not rigged for allowing judges to have different views.
  13. To lannaGuy, Mea culpa, misread indeed I don't like the red bull guy, nor did i like the sentence of the mushroom pickers, Kho Tao i stay silent on as I don't want to take sides too much unclear things there. No i don't cherry pick at all, I am against corruption always have been. I am happy when people go down for corruption no matter if they are red, green , democrat or whatever. I would love to see Suthep go down too. I like it now that they revived Thaksin cases as it will prove to the world he is guilty of far more then what he was convicted for before. It will make it harder for him to proclaim his its all political. Again i misread and should not have called you a liar.
  14. No she is convicted on what could be proven, but what I am arguing is that she is guilty of much more that could not be proven. I am arguing she probably did far more. So what I am saying is her conviction is sound but she did far more then what she is convicted for.
  15. Benja, 4 others released on Bt500,000 bail each

    Indeed so much for the courts being anti red.. seems they get the same treatment as any other HISO criminal. (bail and options to escape)