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  1. hahahaha that is humor. Though it could be that you moved and the new owner has send it to you (maybe that is how they thought about it)
  2. Yea yea yea... i know the story.. without the US help you guys would be speaking German (as would I) and you guys seem to forget the Russians too.. Typical Britt rewriting of history. The great back in Britain... that ship has sailed long ago. There was a time you guys were a world power (and so were the Dutch seem to remember we burned your fleet in your harbor). Now we are nothing... united we stand.. alone we fall.
  3. Its dangerous for certain people.. not everyone. People got sick of it by using too much or with pre existing health conditions so they pulled it all. I have used it in the past, but the side effects for me (not sleeping) were too severe. It was however a good appetite suppressant.
  4. Yingluck judges provided with police guards

    He left already himself now he tries to convince others to do the same so he feels justified in his decision. As long as there is no open civil war with bombs going off all the time I am good here.
  5. May ready for tough talks over Brexit

    We are all different, i prefer especially as someone from a small country to be at a large economic block. Who is right and who is wrong we will see. But how far does independence go. The Brits will find out if it was a good choice or not.. so far they are hurting and their economy is hurting and as a small country compared to the US or EU they can't really make a fist. I think it was a bad idea for you guys.
  6. Past experiences... (see 500bt clip of Thaksin). Paid for protesters are quite normal.
  7. Big egg on the face of the junta.. and I was wrong too mea culpa mea culpa. Though it was not unlikely to be true.. but it seems it was untrue. So I was wrong here.
  8. Yingluck judges provided with police guards

    Yes a real long string of names of new members... different styles and all.. funny.
  9. This is how the VAT system works in other European countries. My clients don't look at what they have to pay because any business owner knows he can deduct the VAT again later on. Its just too complicated to get VAT back from other countries, I am claiming some VAT back from the UK for a client, the acknowledge they received the data.. but it takes 3 months already to give the money back to the business. The seller did not want to make a invoice without VAT and now my client already waits 3 months . Yes the moment they leave all VAT rules will change, now the latest thing is that electronic services are charged to consumers based on where they come from. So if your in the UK buying a VPN from a Dutch company (as a private person) you will be charged UK vat and the Dutch company pays that VAT to the UK (I hate that rule as its a lot of work) but it does mean countries can't compete on VAT tarif anymore.
  10. Yingluck judges provided with police guards

    You mean like the red terrorists that are the armed wing of the PTP, the guys that killed a few kids and bombed a hospital. I just hope there won't be any violence and i dispute that the junta benefits from it.. that is like the time that the hospital was bombed by that red supporter and everyone was claiming it was false flag before they caught the guy. The junta will have egg on its face if there is violence they don't need violence at all.
  11. Yingluck judges provided with police guards

    Yes, lot of potential violence, though I doubt the junta will be violent (unless if there are again men in Black shooting at them). Yellow violence.. could happen though if you have to compare chances for red and yellow violence the chances are slim. But it can be an explosive situation lets hope there is no violence.
  12. Correct this is how it works they have to give their VAT nr to the seller and the seller would file a special vat form to explain the 0% vat. I made countless of these forms for clients (electronically). Only Brit consumers pay vat on stuff from the EU (with some exceptions)
  13. A mouse roaring against the EU... Just look at the economic power of both blocks. With the pound sinking and its economic outlook bad I would not make too much troubles.
  14. Yingluck judges provided with police guards

    Maybe, given the violent past of the redshirts Id want protection if I had to judge YL. When Bhumjaithai party left the Thaksin coalition they wanted to bomb the headquarters of the Bhumjaithai party (red shirts are in jail for the plot), we seen what happened in 2010 and we seen how much violence was committed against the anti government protesters in 2014. So.. just making sure people don't get killed for doing their job.
  15. May ready for tough talks over Brexit

    Just read that because of Brexit many banks expect the Pound and the Euro to have the same value soon, some even think the Euro will be worth more than the pound. Recently I been monitoring the Euro and pound and the difference is indeed getting smaller all the time. I wonder if all those Brexit guys still think its worth it. Personally (and I might be a minority) I care more about how much I can buy with my money then independence from the EU. Not a Brit, myself but would not want to see my spending power go down just to get away from the Eu, they are not perfect but not so bad either.