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  1. Of course all trading relations would be worse then what they have now. Seems normal to me why give them something better if they want to leave. Seems totally illogical and yes the UK will suffer of course they need the EU more then the EU needs them trading wise. They are just a small country and will lose out a lot. But at least they are free (did i not read somewhere they would keep most EU laws). So worse trading opportunities and still keeping most EU laws.. seems like a lot of freedom *LOL*
  2. I think your wrong, because there is no evidence brought by the teacher how he lost the ticket. The teacher can't tell anyone how he lost the ticket he only found out after he thought he won. The vendors if they made the mixup have everything to win to deny they mixed it up. So they would not say they sold the ticket to someone else. Now I do agree that its strange that the cop offered half, but without proof how the teacher lost his ticket i find the teacher the one that needs to prove things not the cop. Possession is 9/10 th of the law.
  3. Do explain the obvious to me.. how did the cop got the ticket.. I never seen an explanation about that. I think there was a mixup at the vendor and the cop did do nothing. Other options are lost tickets maybe but I see no swindle here or anything.
  4. I dislike Thais claiming part of the road for their parking. I got an idiot neighbor next door that blocks the street with her car if anyone parks on her spot (they have 2 other cars also parked in the same street so they are the reason why people are looking for other parking places). I had a visitor once who parked there it the lady went again crazy calling for security who would ring our door at first we ignored them. They also did not want to be in the position they were and in the end we moved the car to prevent further escalation. Still its a really bad Thai habit to claim part of the road just because your house or shop is in front of it. Personally I would have tried to avoid conflict as it could only end badly (scratched cars ect). That is actually the only reason I tell visitors never to park there even if it means a parking space all empty all the time (never know if she will come to that house). Because its just not worth the trouble. But I really get the OP his feeling about the claiming of public spaces. I would not have acted his way as it would invite trouble and like to avoid it.
  5. That would have been more sensible too sensible for this lot.
  6. Yes they are right but i think its also done to protect Prayut, because no matter how much he donates it will always be a point of discussion too high.. oh he got it from corruption to low oh he is cheap and what is too high and too low would be discussed forever too.
  7. I though you were the owner of a webhosting service not an ex cop. I must have mixed my stories up. The guy they are fingering is nothing like the guys you describe he is rich. Anyway I am not saying the arms were his as the army has a history of pointing fingers and not proving it. I do however think the find is genuine. But I am thinking its an old cache of arms and that the redshirts are NOT planning any bombs right now. Its just not in their best interest right now.
  8. Just look at all the bombings of the past you guys were always calling false lag that the army did it and not once was that allegation proven true. So why now all of a sudden would the army start planting evidence why deviate from the past actions. There is no rule against them doing so but it has never been proven they do so so Ocam's razor would say that its highly likely they don't do that now. Also given the past of the redshirts its highly likely they have arms caches.
  9. In the past they never did any false flag actions. They never planted evidence. They did however make false accusations in the past. But its highly likely this was a redshirt arms cache given the location. Just have to finger the right redshirts. Sent from my SM-G955F using Tapatalk
  10. I am not saying the redshirts are not behind this, they most likely are. It could be a arms cache for later or a forgotten one. We have seen how violent they have been and know they have weapons like this from the Trad killings and many other killings. However right now I doubt that these arm caches were used or soon to be used it would not have been in their advantage to do so. This guy is a redshirt leader, does not mean he is automatically guilty i like them to actually catch the ones responsible for this not just pointing a finger without any proof.
  11. Sorry mate your way off base here, normally more income means smaller families, that is how it has always been. A tax credit makes sense and yes it only helps those that pay quite a bit of tax. Good for them they are actual contributors to the Thai tax proceeds let them benefit for a change too instead of trying the same old bail the farmers out every time. Its time that people who actually pay tax get some rewards. Though I doubt there are that many people who pay enough tax, so its a small base of people to make real change on the other hand its often those people who make a lot of money who have smaller families many poor have actually quite large families already so they would already not qualify as they have many kids already.
  12. Yes because without an explanatioin about that it remains that the cop could have gotten the ticket legally. There could have been a mix-up at the sale. That is what i think because without an explanation for the ticket getting in the cops hands there is no real claim from the teacher.
  13. Its not as if its not easy to get back into the country from Cambodia. It would have been more convincing if he had been living in Europe or somewhere. Still the guy could certainly be innocent let them check it out
  14. Dog grooming shop fleeced me, says angry owner

    I don't know as much as you do about dogs.. so I take your word for it. I got a bangkaew myself and he is quite dominant a lot of dogs run away from him.
  15. Hope the public is aroused enough to make sure Prawit is punished if proven he is corrupt / did not file the correct paperwork.