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  1. robblok

    SSD sata vs SSD m2

    Both use M2 as a port.. a M2 port can be PCI or sata
  2. robblok

    SSD sata vs SSD m2

    I recently upgraded a computer in my gym room for VR. At first i thought i could just use a normal SSD 256gb sata connection. But as VR is real demanding i noticed long load times. I decided to get an 500 GB SSD m2 and plugged it in the mainboard. The speed difference was amazing. It seems that even between SSD there is still a lot of difference speed wise. Of course this is not only between M2 and Sata but individual drives too but I am wagering that in general M2 is faster due to the connection. I noticed a real speed change, but this was of course with VR and VR is demanding. I mean VR games are often 20GB and take a lot of loading. I certainly like the M2 drives a lot I got one in every one of my 3 computers at home.
  3. Now its far clearer than b4 what is at stake I hope the Brits have an other vote. I can understand the leavers not wanting this as they probably won't win again. Otherwise why worry.
  4. They should just do a second vote to be done with it. Now that people fully realize everything they can make a far better choice as first time. So just vote again and accept whatever it says.
  5. Healthcare without limits will only burden the state. All nice up until they have to raise the taxes then everyone starts to complain. Everyone wants "free" healthcare but nobody wants to pay for it all by taxes. In my country most medical things are free, but not everything and not everything is done either. I doubt it is different in the UK. Many real costly experimental treatments are not done nor are all medicine always paid for. You just have to limit it because with the ever advancing healthcare options it get more and more expensive. You just can't expect a government (and by extension the working people) to pay for every thing. Sometimes they have to choose, why give a 77 year old a new hip when you can also use that money on young children. Its not nice.. but as money is not unlimited (as nobody wants high taxes) choices have to be made as to what is sensible and what is not. I would not like that job but I really understand that limits have to be set to what is done and paid for to not break the system.
  6. robblok

    WINDOWS 10

    I have my Q-Nap 6 bay NAS drive download my stuff with sickrage and neatly put them in a directory. I add movies manually and all is stored on the NAS instead of a local computer. Then a TV box connects to the NAS drive and TV and voila all the movies and TV series at the tip of my finger. Many of those boxes even let the box look for subtitels, so you don't have to look for it. I let sickrage download the subs for all the TV shows i follow. I understand that for older people its hard to change their set ways. Often they don't get what they are doing and are just following steps so that makes it hard to switch to other things. But like you said there are many other ways to look at movies that are stored on a computer.
  7. I voted for Yes health care for everyone but limits to essential, preventative care. My reasoning is that healthcare is expensive, there is no free healthcare so it is paid by the people anyway. To make sure it does not take up too much of a budget there must be limits to what is done. Because with modern medicine advancing all the time and some treatments real expensive it would swallow up the whole budget. If people want more care they can insure extra or self fund whatever extra they need. This way the system helps everyone and stays affordable.
  8. People always alchohol, but in some people it just brings out the worst.
  9. robblok

    One step closer to legalisation

    I can tell you one thing i rather meet someone high on cannabis then drunk as skunk as the aggression factor is so much lower with cannabis compared to alcohol.
  10. robblok

    Electric Razors / Shavers

    I just ordered muhle blades, not too expensive and rated high too. Anyway It seems that i will be shaving with this for a long time as i like it. Problem is though that i havent found any good aftershave balm here in the Thai supermarkets
  11. robblok

    Electric Razors / Shavers

    The question I always ask about clones and cheap alternatives is are they as good. I mean if you precision engineer something and get it from a reputed company your sure to get quality. Chinese clones.. maybe good maybe not.
  12. robblok

    Electric Razors / Shavers

    The cuts i am talking about are minor.. don't even show up after drying off. The first time was a bit different more cuts but now that i am getting used to it it works better. Tourniquet ? that is joke i take it ? sorry I have heard of salts that can stop bleeding so you might not joke but mean something like that.
  13. robblok

    DIY toolkit for home computing

    Like you i repaired and sold computers but never laptops.. so no experience with those.
  14. robblok

    DIY toolkit for home computing

    Yes I don't get it for normal computers a Phillips screwdriver is almost enough. Maybe its different for laptops.
  15. robblok

    Electric Razors / Shavers

    Don't you have to go slow in case of cuts? I don't enjoy shaving so a triple blade I can do it in about a minute with little chance of getting a cut unless it's past used by. I just recently went from Gilette with four blades to one of those old school razors (but a good one a Muhle). The first day I cut myself, second day too but less, third day almost no cuts anymore. The shave is a bit slower then with a gilette 3 blades but its much more smooth than one too. I also ordered a Merkur Futur (more advanced then the normal old school ones as it has different settings). I don't think Ill go back to gilette as this is far smoother. I also spend less on blades and foam. Though the initial cost of a good razor is high. For those that are interested there are many websites about shaving and the concencus is that those old school razors are smoother then the gilette mach 3. This is because more of the blade is exposed (also why you can cut yourself more) But havent been smooth like this ever.. maybe when i was still a boy *LOL*