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  1. robblok

    Disgruntled Ex-pat Homeowner Issues

    Not a flood zone.. seems to me it was.. it would be something I would want to know about. Same that buyers of my home would like to know that in 2011 i was flooded. Even if it happens once it means that it can happen again. That is what he shows.. and something potential buyers like to know.
  2. Then maybe you should have read what i stated... i said IF he genuinely believed this then i found it a noble thought and one that I share. I never said that this guy did or did not really believe this. Your point about the chances being slim as he is selected by the junta is a good one. I agree that lawmakers subjected to law are far less of a problem then those who are not.. no argument here. But it seemed in your argument you were saying that those voted in should not be punished for crimes. Later you clarified that that was not your intention. I just feel all should be subjected to the law. I also said that the PTP is the least bad option because they are subjected to the law more than the junta. That does not mean I find them a good choice.. just the least bad one. Your right about the amnesty, but again my point was that I applaud people who genuinely want to keep crooks out of goverment.. not ones that only want to do so for crooks that are not on their side. If you still have not figured me out.. I detest corruption and detest how things go here in junta.. PTP democrat or whatever government. I dislike how corrupt they all are and will always comment on those things no matter what side they are on.
  3. Its almost as if he wants the party disbanded and hopes for violence.. that will draw international attention and boost his cause. I am sure like before he is not above sacrificing some foot soldiers to get what he wants. But like you I think it will be hard to rouse the people as they don't care as much anymore.. vote for him.. sure.. endanger themselves for him.. I doubt it they have seen how he disregards his foot soldiers.. his amnesty being a good example.. it was a chance for his foot soldiers to get free but he blew it for his own selfish reasons. Also he was not shoulder to shoulder with them when the bullets did fly.. im sure they remember that too.
  4. I like future forward.. seems like a good option.. not realistic that they will win.. but if enough vote for him he might get even more next time.
  5. robblok

    Disgruntled Ex-pat Homeowner Issues

    Seems to me he is honest about it being a flood zone and has pictures to prove it.
  6. I can't blame them for voting PTP and Democrats.. there were not many other options. That is the problem... lack of good options.
  7. robblok

    North, Northeast in grip of severe floods

    Yes they do, and I really do blame the current mob for not doing so. This is one of the bigger problems of the country. You can't protect everyone but a few more big infrastructure projects could help a lot. YL made some plans, Prayut trashed them (YL also never really started on them). Then Prayut made plans.. and nothing happened.. Great 2 governments both incompetent especially given the 2011 disaster. Each year the same problems and each year we see that at the same points make shift dams barriers appear.. why not put down some more permanent structures in the dry season.
  8. robblok

    North, Northeast in grip of severe floods

    I know you hate BKK but how can the people in BKK be responsible for a not completed flood barrier in Chiang Rai. I would say its the Chiang Rai officials that are responsible for that one. It has nothing to do with the people in power just incompetence in Chiang Rai. These things are done by local governments not the countries government. We can blame the government for not completing the big infrastructure (and I do) but not for local things like that.
  9. Those millions are not stupid they have seen him run last time he said he would fight with them. I doubt they will fall for it this time. They won't risk their neck for him.
  10. No I don't care either way because I see them both as evil, that said I prefer them not to get disbanded and just run in the election. That said the junta might be out to get them disbanded, I just feel its stupid on Thaksin's side to help them bury him. I said it before if someone is out to kill you why hand him a gun and load it for them. That is what he is doing he is giving them proof and justification. Why can't the guy just shut his mouth for the greater good and let his party run without problems.
  11. No junta fanboy.. just not a Thaksin fanboy either. There should not be a junta.. but nor should there be corrupt politicians like Thaksin. How is that for an answer.
  12. I doubt they will falsify votes they will not go that far. Your method might be used, not sure about it but it could be. I would be against it of course. I am NOT against banning politicians for corruption after a court case. I actually feel that any politician that is been proven corrupt in a cour tof law should be banned for life. That is different from what you are talking about.
  13. Your point about the amnesty does not fly, because I condemned it, you are stuck in the mindset that i support the junta. I don't, I also don't condone crimes of the junta nor do I condone their amnesty. I did not like Thaksin his amnesty one bit why would i support the junta its amnesty ?. We are not arguing here about what side is better or what is happening now. I am telling you how I see things and what I WANT to happen. Not how it is happening. You constantly come with points about how bad the junta is.. you will not get an argument there at all. Maybe you should change your black and white reasoning once and open your mind. My point is that it does not matter who commits a crime they should all be punished and I don't see the difference between people who have a mandate or not. I only look at the crime committed. I can can assure you it does not matter much in reality if you got beaten up by a democrat or got beaten up by a junta lover. The crime stays the same. That is my point you seem to be thinking its worse if someone is from the junta and better if they are a democrat. I don't i want them all to be punished the same way and yes I know about the amnesty but its not about what IS but its about what I want it to be. Its about my opinion and how I see things.. not what the junta is doing those are 2 different things. So what is your big problem with me liking the idea of keeping crooks from getting into government ?. I was talking about all crooks... you seem to constantly make it about junta vs democrats while I never said such a thing. I specifically stated if the guy GENUINELY thought like this about all crooks. That is my point that the idea of keeping crooks out is a good one. I also said its not this guys job, because even if he was not junta appointed it would give him too much power. I am not denying facts at all, I am talking about the IDEA of keeping crooks out of a goverment. I was not talking about how it is used against the PTP. I have also stated in this topic that id like the junta to be subjected to the same laws, what is wrong with that ? I was NOT talking about how it won't happen because they are protected right now I was talking about my opinion about how things should be.. not how they are at this time. I have made that quite clear while you keep making it out about junta VS democrats. You als keep talking about democrats and equate that with the PTP I never attacked that because you want the PTP to be democratic even though they are not and are lea by a man who said "democracy is not my goal and he did not mind how a country is led as long as it prospers" those are not words of a democrat. But I did not attack you on it because I understand you are a democrat and don't share the same vision. Why do you don't give me the same curtsy and split my opinions from the junta's actions because I don't support them. I said it a few times.. I support neither junta nor PTP because they are both evil.. neither one is good at all the only thing the PTP has going for them is that they get checked more if they get in power. That is why i would say the PTP is the lesser evil.
  14. No i am only behind in your mind.. in my mind you have lost it forever because you seem to make a difference between those that been elected and those that have not before you decide if they need to get punished for a crime. That is the biggest bias I have ever seen. In my opinion NOBODY has a right to rob this country blind, I don't make a difference between the two all the time like you do. I want all crooks judged and put away. You keep hammering on the fact that those that are in power now are protected and I agree they are protected. But that does not change MY desire to see justice. Just because some people are protected does not make it right for others to steal and rob. When will you ever get that. You are saying because he was appointed by the NCPO he is evil that is like saying that everyone who is in the PTP is evil because they are minions of Thaksin. I prefer to judge people on their actions first instead of pre judging everyone like you do. I have no problem with the PTP in power as long as they follow the rules don't steal and stuff like that. Once they do I will attack them not before. I guess some of us are more open minded then others.. judging people on their actions instead of alliance. Maybe once you will get it in your mind that all those that break the law SHOULD get punished.. not just the ones you don't like.