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  1. Your funny if you think that Thaksin was not corrupt he was corrupt as much or more as the junta and others.
  2. Nobody is keeping him from coming home, just a few prison sentences for corruption.. some fines to pay and he can stay in Thailand.
  3. Maybe you should read better, he met with people from his own party. He is just worried some people will defect if offered enough money or benefits.
  4. Problem is GOT is a TV series and does not affect real people... this does. I came here during Thaksin his reign and saw his arrogance and the PTP their arrogance and corruption. I thought it to be a PTP trait, now I see the junta doing more or less the same. Its just a big mess and they all want to be in power to get rich. The sad thing they get away with so much corruption that is costing the country so much money. Did we ever hear anything about those guns for the police bought to expensive.. or the speedometers.. or YL het tablets. Whatever big project they all steal from it.. then no investigation or a stalled one like Suthep and the police stations. The only time I saw real justice and punishment was with the fake G2G deals, that is how punishment should be long prison sentences and huge fines. Too bad it is not done for everyone.
  5. I seldom saw anyone who was worse at his media coverage than Prayut. Must be the military man in him, he has no idea how to use the media and how much of a fool he makes of himself.
  6. Yes but the way the junta did it is making sure the bill does not come during their tenure. Whoever is next might have to pay the bill.
  7. Wow.. taking one egocentric clown more serious than an other egocentric clown.. what an achievement. I would not mind them both disappearing. (and taking Suthep and Charlem with them and Prawit) Think that would clean up a lot.
  8. We can only dream that this will happen.. i won't hold my breath.
  9. Guess he is feeling a bit afraid people might break away if offered enough, that is the nature of people who are in it for the money.
  10. exactly.. nobody has ever WANTED to bin it.. its too useful once in power.
  11. True to a big point.. otherwise in Europe and the VS they could always keep the economy going.. and that has never been the case. If you truly want to know how good a economy is doing see how much it deviates from the world economy in a positive way. Also don't forget time laps.. things that other governments have set in motion might just come to fruition when a next government takes over. Its just not that easy to say who is responsible for what.
  12. The cycle wont be broken.. not as long as corruption is so profitable.
  13. I think with the senators and all and most checks and balances in place they would not be able to do much this time. Now an army party would just be as corrupt as they want and nobody would stop them
  14. I would love it if your prediction comes true.. but i dont see any alternatives. I think PTP in power would not be as bad as everyone would check them so less options for corruption. But I don't think anything will change they all want to be in power.. they all want a slice of the pie
  15. 2013 was not a full year of street protests.. they started somewhere in december.. so that is no excuse for the bad gdp growth of 2013.