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  1. Hi Rooster. I respect your opinion. But, how would we ever know what penalty the officer pays? After a few weeks, some other new, crazy news will be the focus and we will all potentially never hear about this again. Unless he is reported to die in prison, we cannot have any confidence that he will stay in jail.
  2. I mean, true, but so can the "real" French (whatever that means these days). I've NEVER heard anyone, anywhere say of the French that they are particularly polite
  3. Everyone with a brain understands that stuff happens in other places. A juvenile brain says: "but, this happens in other countries, too! Not only Thailand!" A developed brain says: "This happens in Thailand with unusual FREQUENCY and in specific CIRCUMSTANCES which are also less common in other countries!" I thought farangs are educated...
  4. When farangs ask questions like "why is this allowed?" I get a good laugh. It's like asking something like "why can't wild the wild soi dogs just not make so much noise at night?". In other words, it does not compute. They are uncontrollable wild animals.
  5. One life wasted. No longtime Thailand expat thinks the cop will do more than a couple years and quietly be pardoned or let out. Who would follow up to make sure he's in jail longer? Killing farang and tourists is mostly free of penalty in Thailand. Killing Asians has a penalty only because Asians, and especially Chinese, will retaliate en masse by hurting the Thai economy, which is all Thais care about other than face (money)
  6. Of course they will - because they are the same. They share the same culture. Every Thai who hears the evidence will be thinking "I understand this police officer. If I lost face this way, maybe I would do the same thing."
  7. Don't forget dress up in monk uniform for a few days
  8. I;m not so sure & the Fartling may be was nice & I saw many cases like this & the Fartling did not do any thing wrong & but the Thai cop did a bad temper and killed the Fartling any way
  9. I know what you mean, but any farang with even the most basic skills of observation would not for even 1 second expect ANYTHING in Thailand to be secure. The security, like everything else here, is purely for show.
  10. Exactly. And, though it is a somewhat strange way to live, avoiding all but the most superficial interactions with Thais is highly recommended. Stick with a very small circle of family and treat all other Thais as potential threats.
  11. Once again, as expats, we need to be able to use our ostensibly superior education and logic to assess Thailand and Thai people to come to educated conclusions. Thais do not lack ability. They can be as smart as anyone else, and some are. However, Thai's do lack a cultural system that encourages discipline and law abiding, avoiding shortcuts and HONESTY. As farang, believing a Thai claim without verifying is silly and dangerous.
  12. Completely agree. If one is working, it's a horrid place. Good luck in your next adventure.
  13. Even the highend supermarkets in Bangkok sell fruit and vegetables labeled as coming from China (though they maker them up as if they are from Western countries or Japan). I have been telling people that the rates of early to early middle aged cancers in Thailand have been SKYROCKETING in the last 10 years. Bunch of my expat mates won't listen. Oh well Between imported Chinese junk and marginally better Thai junk - with absolutely ZERO oversight or regulation, we are entirely at the mercy of dumb luck or bad fate.
  14. Fex Bluse

    An iron hand on the scales of wealth [Editorial]

    The only shocked people are regular Thais who have been trained from birth not to think or question there "betters".