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  1. Thanks for your reply. A sunk cost is still something that has to paid for though, and when the activity becomes unnecessary (eg by removing the regulatory obligation) its resources can be redeployed more productively. I would also question that moving away from EU regulations necessarily means reducing standards. This seems to be an inherently political statement rather than an operational one. And here we are again talking in abstract terms rather than our own personal experience. Most of my own experience has been in very large multi-nationals on international projects; I'm a poster boy for globalisation lol. Anyway, thanks for your replies. This forum is beginning to eat into my productive time much more than it should, so I'm not going to be around much in the near future. Wish you all the best with your business and citizenship application, cheers.
  2. Ok, here's a question for you as an experienced SME owner/manager. Farage has often said that UK SMEs that don't trade with Europe still have to comply with a lot of EU regulations. And he proposes this as a tangible benefit of leaving. I haven't been able to find out what these regulations are, and I'm sure they must vary somewhat from industry to industry. Is he right?
  3. Ok, I'll come clean, I've got dual citizenship (actually I did mention this a few hundred posts ago, but a lot gets lost in the kerfuffle). When I say insulated, I really do mean insulated. If you can get French citizenship that would be the way to go, and with your evident investment in France you must be in a good position. I wish you all the best.
  4. Well this is from wikipedia, but based on other sources. And I'm sure most of us remember the appalling events in Munich where it was estimated that 1200 women were assaulted by 2000 foreign men - nice way to repay German hospitality. To deny there is a problem isn't going to help. What's needed is a more nuanced approach to refugees, not based on political correctness. ""The statistics show that the asylum-group is highly overrepresented for some types of crime. They account for 14.3 percent of all suspects in crimes against life (which include murder, manslaughter and involuntary manslaughter), 12.2 percent of sexual offences, 11.4 percent of thefts and 9.7 percent of body injuries The report also shows differences between the origin of migrants. Syrians are underrepresented as suspects, whereas citizens from most african countries, especially northern africans are strongly overerrepresented. Afghans and Pakistani are particularly overerrepresented at sexual offenses.[1][8]"
  5. Thanks for your reply Tebee, it’s the best post I’ve seen on the entire thread. It’s so much better to hear real life concerns rather than the recycled stuff from the MSM and other media. And yes, I can see you are very exposed to this situation. I hope you get to salvage as much as possible. I’ve said many times that I’m equally happy with a stay or leave vote, but I’ve never really said why. Well the truth is I became disenchanted with the UK and its politics a long time ago. And working in a field that gives me a lot of international opportunity, I chose to take those opportunities, and I’ve been officially non-resident for a very long time. So now I’m insulated from the UK almost completely, apart from the passport!
  6. I don't really understand you Tebee. You seem to be a smart guy. And you're definitely less abusive than most of the other remainers. But what are you trying to achieve with your posts - persuade the leavers that they were wrong, posthumously influence the result, secure a new referendum; or just let off steam? I've asked other remainers this, but have rarely got a reply. Do you have a personal stake in the outcome? How will it affect you and your business? ( Just for the record, again, I am British, a Free Trade exit will provide me with business opportunities, but I won't have time to follow them up. Leave or stay I don't mind. I didn't vote - didn't get a vote, and I'm ok with that.)
  7. You're missing the main point, which is about the distortion within the Eurozone due to the German surplus and the fact that currency union without political union is not tenable in the long term, we've seen the cracks already, and they'll get worse. The pseudo-quote that you ascribe to me is not mine.
  8. My Thai Life

    Sweden faces political deadlock after far-right gains

    Lol. This is a forum, not a court of law. People who hide the truth about themselves just add to the anomie and alienation. But I have noticed that the international politico cadre on this forum rarely if ever post on Thai-related threads, and usually don't reveal anything about themselves. Weird. Back to the topic - it's now clear you have no personal experience of Sweden.
  9. My Thai Life

    Sweden faces political deadlock after far-right gains

    You are only anonymous because you don't want to say anything about yourself, other than that you stayed with a British mining family during the miners' strike in the UK. If you have said anything else I've missed it. And yes I do tend to take people at their word; as I don't lie about myself I expect the same courtesy from other people.
  10. And it was so easy going in wasn't it We don't have to negotiate the deal before exit day, we have to conclude a framework agreement. The detail is for later. Unless of course we "crash out", but I don't think the various parties involved will let that happen, still a possibility though.
  11. My Thai Life

    Sweden faces political deadlock after far-right gains

    And you've spent how much time in Sweden?
  12. This is an interesting issue for people who are able to use the back button on the forum.
  13. One of the greatest ironies isn't it, the party that remainers are (still) pinning their hopes to is led by a leaver. Moreover a leaver who is completely unelectable and whose official party policy is against a new referendum. But at least he inspires some of the international wannabe Momentum-ites and fantasists on this thread. And the party responsible for leave is led by a remainer. An even bigger mystery is why posters who obviously hate the UK, and are not British, spend so much time on this thread saying the UK shouldn't leave. Maybe they are worrying that their countries' subsidies will be cut, or their ability to enjoy fish n chips will be curtailed.
  14. There have been some interesting posts on CAP since I was last here. The EEC/EU was from its origins shaped by the interests of French farmers and German industrialists: French farmers could charge excessive prices and receive mouthwatering subsidies, and Germany had a captive market for industrial goods. This system of agricultural protectionism survives to this day, exemplified in import duties of 69 percent on beef and 26 percent for pork. Because of the CAP, European agricultural prices are, on average, around 20 percent above world market levels. This affects all EU consumers, but especially the poorest people who have to spend a large share of their income on food. There is a lot more to the CAP debate than gross or net beneficiaries. This system of industrial distribution has provided Germany with the biggest trade surplus in history. This would be ok if Germany was using the Deutschmark: national currency fluctuations play a very important part in balancing international trade. But as part of the Eurozone this consigns countries like Greece to perpetual economic servitude. Currency union without political union can only end in tears. Neither of these two points is simple. And well beyond the scope of the mudslinging that tends to dominate forums. And I think this is another problem with the EU (and politics in general): it’s become so complicated. The average Joe or Joanna just doesn’t have the time for it.
  15. Personal anecdotes have been a major part of this thread, or did you close your eyes to the others because they fitted your prejudices? But if you don't like my anecdote, how about this: "US and Europe air traffic surpassed by China & Asia-Pacific" http://www.asiaone.com/travel/us-and-europe-air-traffic-surpassed-china-asia-pacific-changis-gain Also confrmed on the IATA website. So, Thailand is planning accordingly... and still the farangs complain. Gives them something to do I suppose.