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  1. They wee nice, they spoke English, they gave me water and opened an account. Im pleased
  2. I have no idea. Its yellow, has a chip, and cost 500Baht. It only works in ATMS for withdrawels> Im happy.
  3. I saw A young lady with an Owl Tattoo on her chest dancing at a Bangkok Go Go tonight
  4. I never knew it was blocked, I read selected articles regularly
  5. But there are problems with that, and you are stuck with union pay
  6. So two executives argue and thats news. OK. Carry on.
  7. Well some places I have been have been cleaner than others. I am sure there are places that are close to pristine. In other words I havent been everywhere, so how can I comment?
  8. Nyezhov

    Is it hot or am I just forgetting.....?

    I sweat like a pig.
  9. Every market and store and little pout of the way places sell those plastic wheeled suitcases and I keep seeing more and more people with them. OK, at Siam or at ARL I can understand...tourists are coming and going? But on the BTS in Bangwa? In WongwianYai? In Nonthaburi? I realize that there are a ton of tourists and folks travel, but are these items becoming the new carry bags for folks? Im a backpack guy myself. But if these things work to carry your stuff (I dont see how on the sh**ty sidewalks)........
  10. I just took the train down to Mahachai and I was astonished to see the amount of crap in the ditches and along the tracks. That of course would not be illustrative of ALL of Thailand I am sure, but IMHO, there is a problem with litter, at least in the BKK area. That being said, all I can do as an individual is set an example by not tossing my rubbish in any place other than a garbage bin/can, even if it means carrying rubbish around for a while (since bins can be scarce) and by refusing excess plastic, like for drink cups or bottles of water. I am a guest here and I was raised not to be a slob in someone elses home. I think that Thais watch our behavior and I try not to offend.
  11. Dont really care to argue but I was charged a fee for the card. No biggie. And it cannot be used for purchases until I get a Retirement extension, then they will change it for me. Nor can I make depositis at a machine. I went to the branch near the US embassy to confirm all of that. They did tell me that if I went to an ATM near my branch or the Embassy branch and I withdrew from a US account and IMMEDIATELY went in with the receipt and deposiuted the cash, they would show it as funds coming from outside Thailand.
  12. Excellent point, but is their a solution to that? I guess thats the subject of another topic, though! Off to temple hunt!
  13. Nyezhov

    Electric Razors / Shavers

    Yes I was joking, thats an inside wet shaving joke about Feather blades, which are considered to be the sharpest blades in the world. I use toilet paper myself to stop the bleeding...in the same damn spot since 1973!