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  1. CardSenseJimmyBond

    What is the best government school in Bangkok?

    PM sent; hope this is okay.
  2. CardSenseJimmyBond

    What is the best government school in Bangkok?

    Sorry, should have mentioned, am looking for primary school level!
  3. Owing to a change is circumstances I will have to pull my young child out of international school. This is not actually too regrettable, as both myself and my wife had concerns, specifically how our child was beginning to compare himself to his much richer friends and feeling bad about his life. I have long taken an interest in Thai education and am aware of the pros and cons of both it and international schools; even if we were in a better position, we still wouldn't necessarily want him to continue in an international school. We would like to send him to the best government school available in Bangkok, with my wife strongly preferring an English program. I am aware the very best schools might still charge (and obviously they would for EPs). Does anyone have any (up to date) advice?
  4. CardSenseJimmyBond

    Removing an old spirit house

    It doesn't bother me at all, but I can see it bothering other people. Hope I don't seem whiney! Interesting idea you gave there about different monks. I will ask my wife if she knows anything about it.
  5. CardSenseJimmyBond

    Removing an old spirit house

    Unfortunately, the thing is concrete, so it is not exactly easy to move. I managed to retrieve most all of the dolls from the trash, so I would hope it wouldn't be too bad, unless people (or spirits) are especially vindictive. I don't mean any offence- as I said I don't mind other people having this stuff. Wife is relatively westernized (including higher education), so is not too fussed; I have a kid I am trying to provide a rational and non-religious upbringing to (trying not to sound too up myself). Think I will try the temple way just so as to not upset the new neighbours too much, though it does go against my outlook- I hate peer pressure...
  6. CardSenseJimmyBond

    Removing an old spirit house

    Sounds good- did the temple you dropped it off at say anything, and did you have to let them know first? A little worried if I let them know then they a) refuse or b) insist on a costly ceremony. Do you think it is better to just turn up so they can't really say no?
  7. CardSenseJimmyBond

    Removing an old spirit house

    Actually a little unfortunate- I removed all of the paraphrenalia from inside and dumped it already (it was a right mess), so all that is left is now a (bloody heavy) spirit house and column, with nothing inside the house at all. Would this be a problem or have I culturally [email protected]#% the bed?
  8. CardSenseJimmyBond

    Removing an old spirit house

    I know that some people might think I am wrong for wanting to do so but, having bought a second-hand house, I want to remove the faded, dilapidated spirit house in the garden. I don't begrudge other people for having them but, without wanting to sound arrogant, they aren't for me. I wouldn't want a Christian, Taoist, or likewise monument either. I don't believe in luck or fate, so have (again, with respect) no interest in whether a ghost has a problem with removing it. I am also aware people might be displeased by it; however, I strongly believe in individual choice, without enforcing it on others. I know some people feel one should keep the old one and put a new spirit house up to join it- obviously I would not see this as a solution! I am after practical advice of how, or where, to dispose of it. Can it be easily donated to someone who would want it? From googling, it seems you can't just throw them away; you can ask a temple to take them, which may involve a complex ceremony which I would prefer to avoid. Does anyone have any experience of this?