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  1. When you say you're not dead does that mean you're still a chance of fooling around or you just haven't been caught yet? lol
  2. I've been to Peppermint many times on Walking St I wasn't channeling Liam though.
  3. GeeKay

    Pattaya Court

    You're quote is indicating it's replying to my quote. That isn't my quote and it's a load of bullshit from someone who has never been in the situation.
  4. GeeKay

    Pattaya Court

    I've only just logged on a read a few older posts. I won't get in an argument with you Peanut I can't write in broken English.
  5. I thought it was the Idiot Abroad when I saw the photo but then I read the story and I knew it definitely was.
  6. It's like a horse race. Him and Matt Damon broke together but Damon is like Secretariat and Affleck is a Sham pardon the pun.
  7. This is getting weird. Bottom Lawyers helping out Bottom Solicitors lol.
  8. No them bottom solicitors they don't have any legal problems
  9. I'd say nice one Knackers but I'm not Victorian.
  10. There's a TV pattern emerging between us and the Old Dart with this "Cockney".
  11. Nothin' worse than someone floggin' your Reg Grundy's. Hope you're ok luv.
  12. Good advice. Another fact is not every airline will fly deportees so once you're in IDC you'll have to accept what their little travel agency dishes up. This happens to be my subject of some small expertise after spending 8 nights in IDC recently. You want to make sure you have your money available as well because you will be sitting in a hell hole with 100 other inmates 24hrs a day until you can sort it out. Incredibly every room has guys in charge that are actually inmates themselves. The room/cell that I was in the boss was an Iranian and actually had a phone in there which I was able to use by paying him 1000 baht a call. Don't expect any rush service to get anything else sorted but the food is wonderful especially if you like a bit of white rice and some chicken carcass (no flesh) in hot water. Slapped onto a tin tray that you have to wash off in the toilet before lining back up and placing it on the pile at the cell window. Has anyone else had this wonderful experience?
  13. GeeKay

    Pattaya Court

    I can vaguely remember coming in from the side just a road next to the building. It was fairly low key I was with one other person and we weren't handcuffed. Never was I required to take off my shoes and there were a lot of people around. We went through to an area where we had small rooms to sit in with table and chairs. Then the actual court room was quite full and the magistrate a woman was right up the front on a kind of stage set up with a security type barriers. I had to go to the front and hear my stuff at one stage and fortunately I had a translator because finally on the 2nd week of my time in Soi9 my friend that works in the hotel I always stay at found me in jail. The hotel put 2 and 2 together because all my belongings were in my room and I just disappeared. It sounds like I was at the Provincial Court on Pratumnak Hill. After my case was finished we walked back through the building to the front and I firmly believe that cell I spoke about was nearby. I really need to find out if I was hallucinating because there was a big cell with all these guys I'm sure someone said they were some types of monks but they were white guys all shaved heads and tattoos. This is more than likely some psychotic episode but it seems so real.
  14. GeeKay

    Pattaya Court

    Agreed. Now can I ask which court I would have been to? Was it the provincial court and have you been there?