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  1. soleddy

    Medical School in Thailand

    It may be worth repeating here that med students do 4 years of class-work and exams. They are not taken to see patients until well into the 4th year or even the 5th. This long period of class study is known as Pre-Clin (pre-clinical). They will do ward rounds with registrars and consultants who will sometimes "grill" them. Nowhere in the world can you "become" a plastic surgeon after 5 -6 years in med sch. The 5-6 years of medical school are an apprenticeship. If you build cars for 5 years, you can build a jeep, but your boss is not gonna allow you to strip out and rebuild a Rolls Royce. Nobody can become 'anything' until they have done 5-8-10 years AFTER med sch and have chosen the area of specialisation AND been allowed "in". Not everyone is allowed to be a brain surgeon. Different areas of medicine require different skills and attitudes. A forensic pathologist works with the police and mortuary staff to open up dead people and calculate blood loss and splatter. A neonatal paediatrician works with tiny pre-born babies that weigh as much as a potato, to keep them alive (and loses some as well). A psychiatrist (also a doctor who must go to med sch.) obviously needs completely different skills. Many young med. students change their minds after a few years. I know one student who wanted to be a psychiatrist but opted for heart surgery in the end. I know another who quit completely to become a musician. When you consider that the whole route to a Ferrari takes 15 years of exams, mistakes, boredom, interrupted sleep and broken relationships, you wonder why anyone gives up 25% of their life just to get that far.
  2. soleddy

    Medical School in Thailand

    Med School is 6 years here. Then you get your MD...which is odd, because in Europe you qualify with MBBS or MBChB and do 1 year pre-registration houseman job (clerking and taking bloods). You can call yourself Doctor but you are not really senior at all. There are different systems of residency (in USA you are a junior intern first). From graduation age 24-5 it takes 8 or more years (i have heard 10-12 in some places) to be a consultant Plastic Surgeon, as an example, because the money is there (there are always Ferraris parked on yellow lines at Bumrungrad). For something like this, you need the right connections and name PLUS a 9-12 month course in Chicago or Pittsburgh to learn the higher tecniques. On the other hand, you can be a dermatologist in less time and with just an exam from a local board. Or you can be a GP and open a 'shop' (we have 2 in my road). Yes, about 70% of the exams here are in Thai--no good for most people (except Thais!) Yes, if you are a Thai wishing to work in US or UK you need to pass the specialised medical exams. Some of the test books are in Kinokuria. You need the language to be IELTS 8-9 as well as being able to explain the Kreb's Cycle in English. Mahidol and then Chula are the tops (same as dentistry), although there are "odd" places which train doctors. Thammasat at Rangsit has started to take people, and (as I understand) Rangsit University, which normally does Tourism, Chefs or Sports Science. There is a place in deepest Esaan which does doctoring, as does Songklha (both have good names). Very few non-Thais are allowed to train here. It is also very HiSo. How many boys or girls from a Rice farm up north are consultants at Chula? None. Ferrari? Nope. It is getting a little better...although when I was teaching Med Studs at CU 15 years ago I did a quick straw poll: 50% of the kids had Mom, dad or both doctors. Another 20% had dentists or nurses as Mom or dad. 50% admitted that money and kudos were bigger goals than helping the sick. As a medical tourism hub, it is getting better and dearer here. All the big places are owned by the same people anyway. India should always be on your list for cheap and excellent surgery. Korea or Taiwan (I can't remember...) are known for plastic/cosmetic. Poland is getting a good name for complex bone surgery now. However, if I need complex brain surgery, take me to Queen's Square in London.
  3. I worked at a "leading" uni (gvment) in BKK about 12 or 13 years ago. The salary for farangs with degrees THEN started at 32,000 (less social and tax, small lumps). There was then a scale up to about 37,000 for old timers. Now, the basic is not much better...maybe 40,000--although beer and bread have doubled in 12 years. The secret was to get 2-3 "international" courses every term. Your 32,000 then went to 80,000 or 100,000. Int. courses were paid by parents who wanted little Somkid to have most of his classes in Eng. Even for 12 or 15 NES teachers, there were enough courses to get 2 apiece BUT you had to prove your mettle for a time AND creep a bit to the (Thai) course leaders. I quit in disgust when bunfights in bakeries were the order of the day. One Thai teacher was head of a very specialised subject (in which I had a BA) for many years, but perpetually kept all the top kids in "his class" AND made factual mistakes in the material he wrote. In the end, there were so many bad bunfights that I resigned rather than teach more and more dodgy material. As in all Thai universities and rajabhats, there existed the common sliding scale/STD curve system for final gradings. This meant that, in any given year, a percentage of SS must get A or B+ or 3.5 or 3.6 independent of their 'quality'. Farang were not invited to these grading meetings, but I have seen much juggling i.e. a girl from a good family being squeezed from C to B for obvious 'political' reasons. I retired years ago, although I am sure that this "quota" thing still runs gaily along.
  4. Not sure. I use UK cards in UK and LOS. They are all 4-digit.
  5. Why take a dozen boys for a swim in (I would guess) boxers or underpants, at dusk, in a dark cave. I think Elon should be told.
  6. The Seals (gawd luv em) are fantastic swimmers and scuba divers. They sat with the boys, doctored them and fed them. Cave diving is another world. My brother (retd RN Commander and Submariner) teaches it, among the few in the world who can. 2 UK Cave Divers found the boys because the Thais had no clue apart from good regular scuba skills. So the Brits, Dutch and an Ozzie Medic had to organise the whole thing, which was why it took 2 weeks +. The medic even dosed the boys with a bit of Ativan to stop panic. We shall now see the Seals execute and manage the whole thing, of course. The Brits will be making the tea for a 2 minute clip.
  7. The Chinese tourists will have a good pants down movement in there. In 4 days, nobody will visit ever again!!
  8. The Pattaya OAP Armchair Psychologists??
  9. I believe Discovery Channel 1-hr docco to be aired in about 3 weeks.
  10. Most cynical and avaricious thing in LOS for years. Leave the poor kids alone. Let them write memoirs if so inclined. Get back to school, act normal. Every day there are miners trapped in Chile or China, sadly. Or 100 people blown up in Kabul. Everyone will want a cut. The parents will appoint lawyers as grabbers. Gawd knows who else will turn up. The CR Tourism Board was planning a museum to take farang money when the poor kids hadn't even got out! Beggars belief... <deleted> this is LOS. Even a very senior cop has 5 Ferraris (according to a Thai friend--I didn't actually know this until last night)... one of which is a very limited billionaires' edition (only 99 in the world). Somebody else up there has more Langes and Richard Milles than even Vlad the Bad Putin (who is much, much richer than Trump as well as an avid watch collector). Yes, Hollywood could do it all without help. Get Daniel Craig or Piers Brosnan and take the rig to Mexico (loads of flooded caves in Tulum). Disgusted of Tunbridge Wells.
  11. Hang em and flog em I say! After the draw and quartering!
  12. Thanks for that. Just to prevent a wild goose chase, are you sure that I only need the blank Embassy letter which I fill in, asking to replace my old passport with new details? So I don't need the Transfer Stamps Thai Version? Eddy
  13. Thanks. My visa is due to be replaced on 30 July (closed at Imm). If I go on 31, is it an O/Stay 1 day (1000b)?====looks like this has been answered! I already have a letter from the Br Embassy which asks the kind Immigration folks to transfer any stamps. Do I also need the Thai one? The new RExt is due on 30th and they will stamp the new PP I guess. What other stamps need to be transferred? All my entry stamps for 10 years? Eddy
  14. My old UK passport was 96% full, and I was getting funny looks at airports. I now have a new one. My Ret Ext is due on July 30th. Presumably, I take both passprts to CW. Do I photocopy everything twice? Any other tips for changing to new passport at Imm? There seem to be a lot of holidays and lieu-days around July 30th. Does anyone know the opening dates for CW? I believe 30 July is HM birthday. If I go on 31st July, is it a 1-day O/stay 500b? Maybe I should go on 27th? Any tips welcomed with thanks. Eddy