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  1. Two points: Science and sociology (since Kinsey and before) realised that the range of human sexuality is vast (not everybody is completely gay or straight), and also sexuality can go through phases. A relative of mine had two wives in normal marriages but age 42 he met a guy and realised that he was going to be gay. Similarly, a guy from my old university was gay and slept with men until he met a girl at 29. Now, Google or facebook have worked out that there are about 25-30 different variations. Also, many boys of 15 play the biscuit game or play with another boy in the sports showers (a lot of you have done similar things) before eventually getting girls and getting married. A recent poll in the UK showed that 49% of students had played around or done something with same-sex friends (where they admitted it), even though they self-defined as straight. If we assume that there are 7 Billion people alive and we take the very conservative estimate that 3% of people are gay (not including bisexuals or gay tranvestites and others)---then there are 210 million gay people around, which is enough to fill up the UK or Thailand 3.5 times with only gay people, or fill up 0.7 of the USA land mass with only gay people. With regard to Thailand, there have been gay princes, courtiers, singers, doctors, cooks, crooks and even trash collectors for thousands of years. Even one of the kings was known to half an eye on young men, despite fathering many children. Many Thai men are obliged to marry (I know a few), so may not be open in public. The guys who do the wonderful costume dancing are usually gay, and a lot of the boys in toothpaste adverts or evening soap operas are gay. Thailand is accustomed to having gays around (not to mention the thousands of Tom and Dee -girl/girl-couples that you see arm-in-arm). Of course Thailand is attractive for paedophiles (Cambodia more so), but it is also attracted to arms salesmen on the run, or drug dealers. Speaking as a "normal" gay who has no pink handbags, and follows football, I have never faced any form of discrimination in Thailand. The girls in 7-11 always ask after my boyfriend, and I was very open about being gay when I taught in a very famous university here (which itself had a lot of LGBT students and teachers). I don't feel any different to anybody else, even though Thailand won't announce plans for same-sex civil partnerships until November or the next election. As someone who has travelled to at least 20 countries, and lived long-term in four, I have found that, despite its faults, Thailand is either welcoming or neutral about LGBTQ people. Good for Thailand! Eddy
  2. soleddy

    Which Pharmacy sells real Viagra in Pattaya ?

    The Thai Government Pharmacy makes Sidegra which is only Sildenafil, same as Viagra. Viagra is no longer under licence, so anyone can make it with a real lab. I pay 200b for 4 tabs each 100mg in an orange and white box. 50mg in a white and blue box is not strong enough. I never tried Cialis or the Indian one but the normal 100mg I buy can work for 8 hours. It is a myth that you walk around with a wood on. Sildenafil only works by filling the (two corpus cavernosum in the) penis when you see someone sexy or arousing, or watch a porn. If you are peeling the spuds on your own, you may feel a bit strange but that's all. It's true about the red face--if you booze on 100mg, both act as vasodilators so you get double red face. Viagra was originally found when looking for an antianginal heart drug. People with blood pressure or heart problems should be very careful of it (which is why the Dr is supposed to prescribe it). If you ask for Thai Viagra in a smaller place (not Boots) you should pay 200 or 220b. If you pay 400, you are being done. Any drug which has GPO on the box is from the Government and generic, so it is not the original German one which will cost about 700% more. I have witnessed two deaths from using poppers with Viagra, although both were quite elderly guys who wanted a good time all weekend. Eddy
  3. Questions: Is it possible to get the income letter 6 months before the Retirement is due, by doing it on 18 December? As someone suggested, is it possible to use the 800k as your current account and spend it all year until 3 months before your due date? If you decide to quit the place, how easy is it to take out your 800? They are happy to take it but not to let go. If you do transfer 800'000 to here, which is the best interest-bearing account? Is it taxed? Eddy
  4. soleddy

    BanglaDesh for LGBTs?

    Thanks. I can do that, but I also wanted to know the general buzz eg is it dangerous?
  5. Agree. Nothing is set in concrete. I know for sure that the Gibraltarians reject completely the idea of being a Spanish colony...and I know that more than half a million Brits and others spend their pensions in Spain. It may drag on and on.
  6. I have been asked to complete a contract for work, based in Dhaka. I get a condo etc. It could be for a year. I will be staying in one of the "safe" compounds (in effect small suburbs for farang, which have guards). I know nothing about Dhaka or BD except that it is moslem, and gays have been abused there. On the other hand, Ive been told that it's no Bangkok for gay life but it's not too bad, and can be quite cruisy etc etc. I'm not even sure whether Grindr works there. If anybody knows anything at all, please advise or pm. Utopia does not list it at all. Thks Eddy
  7. Just get the hell out of it before we have to bail out more Greeks and allow more Somalians to get da dole. Once we start making our own laws and our own trade you will see the pound grow stronger. With the increase of Trumpism/Populism we might do well to remember how Mussolini started out. Hungary, Germany and even dear sexy Sweden are slowly imploding. We have the brains and the spirit to have once ruled over half the globe. Now we need to re-channel our native ingenuity and inventiveness and pull up the drawbridge ASAP, or we go down the low road and not the high road. Farage, Boris and co. deserve medals for gallantry in the face of a scheming Brussels which nicks more than it gives and even tries to tell us that bananas cannot be too bendy, while it is bailing out all of Southern Europe with our money. A few years ago, I lived in Spain---a lovely country which has vast empty motorways, bridges, apartment blocks and malls built from EU money (not to mention the rich men who bought the cheapest concrete in order to get richer). The country has made up its mind. The moaners just remind me of kids who want to take the game back to the shop because they didn't like it after all. Sorry sonny... Eddy
  8. I lived and worked in Spain for 7 years from 2000. I had a residencia permit, a house, job and NIE number. Seeing the doctor was free, but I had to pay something for pharmacy. I'm a Brit. Now, I want to go back (for job and personal reasons that I won't bore you with). The problem is Brexit. Does anybody yet know if I have to go back before March 2019? Or not? I am aware that Spain will not want to lose almost 1m European Pensions being spent there, but I cannot find a definitive answer covering returning residents. Perhaps Boris has not yet decided. Does Brexit still allow free movement of people in the EU? Eddy
  9. soleddy

    iMac problem/ warranty

    Agree. One repair to my Imac 28inch was OK during early warranty but took 2 weeks. And I had to bring and pick-up the big thing alone. When out of warranty, a local place wanted 28,000b for replacement of Radeon Graphics card. The choice was to pay up. Like many things here, they will not be bothered if they can get away with it. Apple is Apple and should enforce more.
  10. Homosexuality was declassified as a mental illness during the last century. Even the Chinese declassified it about 20 years ago. Suicidal tendencies are present in all or any sector of the population and have a number of causes--depression is just one. Suicide among young LGBTs is mainly caused by bullying and social stigmatism. These negatives are becoming less and less tolerated, and beating people up or even shouting abuse is now a hate-crime in many places. You can be fined and imprisoned in the UK for anti-gay behaviour. Police stations in cities and even towns in the UK have openly gay and lesbian officers who police Gay Pride and investigate crimes by LGBT people in addition to normal police duties. Paedophilia is a crime, although is not the same as Homosexuality. Most cases of paedophilia all over the world involve heterosexuals who abuse close family members (uncles and even fathers abusing young girls) . Contrary to popular belief, priests who abuse kids abuse girls as much as they abuse altar-boys.
  11. Do you get a lot of draughts through the back door?
  12. Actually I must apologise for going off-topic. The whole notion of a "Christian" college holding a seminar which tells Mom how to prevent little Somchai from being LGBT is reprehensible, socially dangerous and morally wrong. This is 2018, not 1918, and Thailand has always had thousands of gays anyway, even many who worked in the Palaces, famous singers, you name it. Most LGBTs are made that way before they get to High School. And, as JingThing says, a lot of research shows that marginalising and ostracising LGBTs does much more harm than good. Last week, a handsome, clever black kid (in the US) aged 9 begged his mother to keep the anti-gay bullies away and then, when he could take no more, he killed himself. Aged 9. What kind of sicko thinks that's good? I wish that Peter Tatchell lived here. He would throw eggs (and much worse) at the seminar speakers. I wish I had Peter's guts in the face of oppression.
  13. Alan Turing was hounded in the 1950s and killed himself. What is not realised by the Pattaya Flog-Em Armchair ThaiVisa Brigade is that Turing led the team that broke the sophisticated codes for the German Enigma Coding machines. Once Turing had done that, we were able to read the orders given to attacking UBoats, plus their positions...and so we were eventually able to stop the Atlantic Convoys being sunk by about 80%. So the next time you remember that you had chocolate and butter by the end of the war, and that your Dad came home safely, thank a Queer man that you are even alive to sit in your armchair.