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  1. Has TI said they will not accept certified embassys documation as to an Ozzies income. Yes or no. I rest my case.
  2. I wondered if that would end your comments. Thanks for the confirmation.
  3. No. If you don't know how to do research, don't expect others to hold your hand.
  4. False. I don't base that on one person. Instead of getting on here and making assumptions, mocking people, I research. If you did the same you would know that certifying documents is a duty of Oz embassys and consuls. Get on the gov.com.au, ministry of foreign affairs. The ambassador to Thailand can't change legislation. It would not matter if it was the little old lady office cleaner at the embassy who told me. You have to get up early in the morning to get one over me.
  5. False news. The Oz embassy have said they will certify documents that prove income . Stat decs are not going to be use after January.
  6. And I can 100 percent guarantee that will happen. Been on the receiving end myself.
  7. None of us were there, to my knowledge.
  8. Uncultured savages. If that is not down rite insulting to Thais I don't know what is. Disgusting language. Racism at its worse.
  9. I wonder if anybody will have anything original to say about this accident.
  10. Maby that long post could have been condensed to , you are going to put the required amount of money into your bank each month. As Mr Joe has said several times, wait and see what happens.
  11. I do believe I mentioned the above in my thread. "Documentation proving income"
  12. I was married to a Thai for 6 years, didn't have a joint account but I let her use my atm card. The account was drained when she took off with another mug.
  13. Correct as always, but he indicated that he does not want immigration to know all about his banking. One other thing, this being Thailand, if, and a big if, they were not happy with him drawing his money out straight away from his nominated bank account, who knows what then!
  14. Nothing to worry about really because I can positive guarantee you that I think TI will always accept embassy letters as proof of income.
  15. I do apologise, I did not know that the document was issued solely for the jomtien immigration office. I, obviously,thought it was meant for the whole of Los.