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  1. its not just thai society. its also #METOO
  2. just another reason why thailands economy will stagnate. cant trust the delivery of goods purchased remotely.
  3. they were thai. no virtue signaling to be had off this one.
  4. no president has ever been impeached from office and I doubt Trump will be the first. democrats need something more than just hating trump and opening the boarders. Find a decent leader (god only knows where they can find someone better than Maxine waters and Pocahontas) and start running a decent pre election campaign.
  5. is that enough to be able to say Thailand is no longer the worst country in the world for income inequality?
  6. ha, you would think the election is actually going ahead soon.
  7. guest879

    Junta reaffirms Feb 24 as date for national poll

    I am guessing there will be no international oversight.
  8. ha, you are always on the money. I used to just put on jackass (the really funny one, second I think). took me a few years to figure out that it is counter productive for everyone actually bringing them home. I doubt a thai girl would be interested in an English movie. she would be happier if you took her shopping. let us know how you get on, I suspect she will spend the whole time on her phone so it probably wont make any difference what movie you show.
  9. guest879

    Jomtien traffic lines confuse

    it is gold decoration strategically placed to get the Chinese tourists to come back. (or a yellow brick road for Dorothy to follow)
  10. my son used to watch his channel constantly. I did not see the appeal myself but then I prefer different toys to my son. Hope Ryan grows up to be a well balanced young man, but the odds are against it.
  11. dam that's messed up. they get to go because they agree to keep the babies that are not biologically theirs. condolences to the biological parents who lost their kids.
  12. ha, women get annoyed that men are just expecting to get laid off tinder and here a guy takes the girl on a date and even opens up emotionally and she is still not happy. better to just stick to pay4play.
  13. excellent advice that men just seem to ignore under the guise of no this is a genuine girlfriend. I just hope the OP cuts her free. I have seen guys completely screwed over by their thai girls still feeling responsible for their exes or their kids and families.