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  1. Lopburi3 - Thanks for your response. Please note: 2) I submitted the "original" with my TM86. Still have copies. Seems a bit over the top to ask for originals again?!? 5) Unfortunate, would like to get my bike over here. Any idea on what they will try to tax me, it's a 1983. Old not worth much anymore!
  2. Ubon Joe - Thank you for your advice on changing my visa from Tourist to Retirement Non-O using Form TM86 here locally at the immigration office in Phuket. It worked, I now have the visa which is valid until 15 Dec 2018. Apparently on or before the 15th of Dec, Part II of this process begins. I have a couple of questions: 1) I was handed a copy of Form TM7 Application For Extension Of Temporary Stay In The Kingdom, which I have to submit on the 15th of Dec. The form does not list what other documentation is required at time of submittal. Is this the correct form and do you have a link to the site that delineates the additional documentation required? 2) In my original submittal for change of visa I included an Income Verification Letter from the US Embassy in Bangkok dated 27 Aug 2018. Assuming this information will also be required for the extension, can the same letter be used as an attachment to Form TM7? The logistics and expense of getting a new letter are a bit of a pain! 3) How long before the visa expires on 15 Dec can I go back and apply for the extension? I want to leave myself enough time to sort out any problems that may arise, or organize my departure if that fails. 4) Is there any issue for leaving the country in my current status? I can file an Application For Re-Entry TM8 and return before 15 Dec? 5) I am told that with the Non-O Visa I am entitled to import certain items tax free. Do you have a link that lists exactly what is allowed? Is there a time limit on how quickly you have to do that once you have your visa? Would like to import a motorbike (1100cc) but it will take some time to make arrangements. Thank you for any advice and information you can give me! Will worry about Part III after the 15th of Dec. Regards, Rig Pig
  3. Thank you, very helpful!!
  4. Thank you for your response. Two follow up questions: 1) Why the preference for the US Embassy in Chiang Mai as opposed to the one in Bangkok? Either works for me, I'm just curious. 2) I am currently on a 60 day tourist visa, and was planning on getting a 30 day extension. Will it be ok to do my application for the non immigrant visa (Category O) at the immigration office here 15 days before the 30 day extension expires? That's purely for logistic reasons. Thanks
  5. In discussion with a friend, I was led to believe that the Thai Embassy in Vientane is a good place to get my Non "O" Visa based on retirement qualifications. I have a couple of questions: 1) Is that still true? 2) I will get an Income Affidavit from the US Embassy in Bangkok. Does that need to be notarized? If so by who? The US Embassy provides notary services or does it need to be a Thai Notary? If Thai, can you recommend a Thai Notary service close to the US Embassy in Bangkok? 3) In addition to the Income Affidavit will I need to show bank statements at the Thai Embassy? Will statements from my US bank suffice? 4) On the Thai Embassy Vientane website, on requirements for a retirement visa they list (see attached) among other things: a) "Evidence of criminal background checks from the country of residence." Is that for real and where the heck do I get that? b) "Medical Certificate", I assume I can use the same sort I got for my Thai Drivers License? That's all I can think of right now. If you can think of anything extraordinary I need to know before going there, please let me know! Thanks for your help! Retirement Visa Requirements - Vientane.pdf