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  1. To regular visitors/residents to the beaches of Hua Hin. Hi I have browsed the forum to look for facts about Jellyfish. Its all very ancedotal and there is nothing about treating stings. It would appear that you could spot Jellyfish all year round, but they only come near shore during rainy season, or times when it rains in dry season. Is this true. Are there different types - stingers and non-stingers. What should one have ready in the hotel or apartment if you are stung by a jellyfish. No point going out to buy the vinegar if you have already been stung. If you were to swim in the sea every day for 1 hour what are the percentage chance of been stung during the rainy season. (and same question during the dry season). What are the dangers of not treating a jellyfish sting. Ive read stories of scars. Are they true. What are the dangers for a child of 2 years been stung by a jellyfish. Have they ever considered nets in certain areas of Hua Hin. Ive seen mention that Sai Noi is the nicest beach without jet-ski and jellyfish. Is this true. Where is Sai Noi (sorry if I have now advertised Sai Noi), but I dont think circulation of this topic will be huge. Thank you to anyone who takes time to add a few facts about jellyfish. Blamamber.
  2. swbailey

    Condo Rental In Hua Hin?

    Another member wondering about these apartment that are for rent is there anyone who can give us info on this. There must be some one out there who can help us Carolyn www.itc.ie/rentals.htm is a 3rd floor apartment in Baan Chaitalay. Ive stayed there its a great place. Ideal for kids, or just a lazy relaxing break. Pool is out of this world. Right on the beach. Restaurants nearby. Great security. When are you going. Im going back in July. Blamamber btw - im an owner, so im biased, but anyone ive talked to says Baan Chaitalay is the best holiday condo in Hua Hin.
  3. swbailey

    Car Rental In Hua Hin

    Craig Im just back from Hua Hin. I got a minibus from BKK to Hua Hin, and then hired a car locally. There is one car hire firm (I think it was Budget) - one of the big names anyway. It was located about 1.5 km south of Hua Hin, near Village Market and just past one of the night markets. It was a standard car hire place. I think the rate was about 1500 baht for a car per day. You could of course pay less for more days, and more for a better car. I didnt hire from here, but instead from a local guy who has a tour/trips stall. It was 1200 baht a day for 7 days. The only problem with this is I probably wasnt insured, and on reflection I would probably go with Budget the next time. Driving was very easy there. The cars are automatic. The only problem with driving is it takes all the senses of Thailand away. A motorbike is so much better fun. You enjoy the sounds, the smells, the heat. A car with the aircon on, takes all that away. It was just like been at home. Have a good trip Blamamber
  4. swbailey

    Condo Rental In Hua Hin?

    Sean Baan Chaitalay is the best apartment resort in Hua Hin. I am an Irish owner, and have just come back from 2 great weeks there. The pool in the resort is just 'out of this world'. To reach me goto www.itc.ie/rentals.htm and send me your email address through the enquiry page,and I will reply to you, and give you names, phone numbers, whatever information you are looking for. My apartment is free for rent in May. Stephen