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  1. I used to know a couple of train drivers here. They told me they only drive 4 hours a day whereas in the UK they drive 8 hours a day or more, if they are on overtime.
  2. PM me for a link if you are interested.
  3. And let's not forget that infamous video of the woman bundled into a taxi not long after the coup...
  4. Yes, a good deal of truth to that.
  5. It is quite possible your theories are correct, but my point still stands - dissenters can be carted off if there is even suspicion that they might come close to coming close to breaking any 'law'. Nobody really knows where they stand (which is exactly as intended), so why take the chance? I am reminded of Winston Smith keeping his diary. Not illegal, but punishable by death or 25 years in the camps....
  6. When you can face years for clicking 'Like' or writing "Ja" on Facebook, When you can be hauled away for "Eating a sandwich with political intent", When you can be prosecuted for violating the ban on gatherings of groups of five people or more by gathering in groups of less than five or even on your own, why bother risking it?
  7. Computer 'crimes'? Spreading false information? Plot to bring down the junta?
  8. 'Elected' Members of Parliament being the watchword. At least the public can deride them without fear of being charged with sedition and kick them out once they have had enough. No comparison at all, in fact.
  9. Aren't you glad you jumped ship when you did! At least you can continue posting on here with your credibility intact...
  10. How's that war on corruption getting on?
  11. 'Open to talks' - Restate policy, pretend to listen to objectors, restate the exact same policy with a slightly different wording, blame objectors for being unreasonable. Not just here, but everywhere.
  12. 'Create cloud-based communities' 'Transition economically sound imperatives' 'Administrate market-driven functionalities' See? I can do that too. As said above, no substance in his talk.
  13. Power-plant opponents to keep up fight

    That might work in Nakhon Sawan, but the southerners are a REALLY bad tempered lot at the best of times. 'Forget' the north for a moment and placate those south of Hua Hin would be my advice....
  14. Time to make myself hugely unpopular and stick up for the police a little. You see, I bet there are a good number of officers who are not happy about being the truncheon of a military junta and do not want to be bullying ordinary people who are doing no wrong. But like lower ranked soldiers, what choice do they have? It is the brass we should be condemning, not the lads on the ground.