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  1. Dawn of the new Democrats?

    I would respond with 'Well let the other parties come up with policies that resonate with that bloc of voters'. However their hands are tied by the junta's 20 year strategy. Not happy with Thaksin still being around? Look at the junta. That is the reason right there.
  2. Why do either? It is what it is.
  3. Dawn of the new Democrats?

    What else can you do when the past is all you have to justify the present? When you know you backed the wrong horse but pride will not allow you to admit your mistake?
  4. Dawn of the new Democrats?

    Because people are interested in him and the media want to make money by reporting on things the public are interested about. It isn't exactly rocket science...
  5. So do I. And it is possible. However Trump needs to ditch Bolton and go it alone. Bolton will only poison the well like he always does and bring us back to square one if not worse...
  6. Cronos out of Venom shook hands AND bought me a pint. Just saying, like...
  7. I hear you. Twice I have had my card eaten / cash not dispensed but money taken out of my account. For anything over a couple of hundred Baht, I will only use the machines at my branch during banking hours. That is how paranoid I have become...
  8. I am reminded of The Great Terror, when people would appeal to Stalin for their loved ones. "But what can I do", Stalin would say. "They are even arresting my family as well". Poor, hapless men...
  9. He doesn't have the stamina. A tricky question or a student activist showing up and he would quickly lose his rag. Besides, people keep being murdered in my local Tesco...
  10. There of his own free will, was he?
  11. Err, the redshirts are related to this story how, exactly?
  12. I know what you meant. However read this thread in conjunction with this one and let's see what rights they will have in all actuality...
  13. Let's just wait and see about that...
  14. And a brand spanking new charge of 'Making electoral pledges with political intent'...