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  1. £574 is pretty damn good. However once I add flights from Newcastle... But then that is probably why all my quotes come in at £800+. Flying BA tomorrow, probably for the last time. I used to love them but that CEO of theirs has done a sterling job of turning them into an airline of last resort. Plus I have heard they are going 3-4-3 in Economy, so forget it, I'll slum it on the Gulf carriers and save the £100 or so...
  2. Nope, there are varying degrees. As said, I have hobbled through on a stick and there hasn't been a problem.
  3. I have gone through security a few times with gout. I tell the staff I cannot take my shoes off because I will not be able to get them back on again and they have always been fine. Just explain your difficulties and I am sure they will make allowances.
  4. +1. I would happily fly Thai to the UK but I have not seen in years an even halfway sensible price. It has always been Emirates £550, BA £690 and Thai £800 plus. Maybe I just fly at the wrong times.
  5. Indeed. Boris Johnson is all about looking after Boris Johnson. The man is filth and why more people do not recognise him for the scoundrel that he is is beyond me. That said he has some serious competition...
  6. 'Too funny. LOL'? Or 'Stop trolling'?
  7. May ready for tough talks over Brexit

    The lot of them should be bloody well hanged for going on holiday while all this chaos is going on.
  8. What is funny is your one selective quote you scrabbled around desperately online for. You have not read him at any length.
  9. Obviously you haven't or you would not be spouting flapdoodle like the above.
  10. "Ignorance is not not knowing. It's not wanting to know."
  11. Some informed opinion from Andrei Lankov:
  12. So starve them to death. Well it's a thought, but I don't know how well the Chinese would take it or how far they would go along with it. Also there are other countries out there who love nothing more than sticking two fingers up at Uncle Sam. Plus backing them into a corner leaves them (the DPRK leadership) with nothing left to lose. The Cuban Missile Crisis saw weapons withdrawn from Turkey, so the USSR did receive some concessions. However it is futile just to go to the table with an intention to simply discuss the terms of a nation's capitulation.