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  1. 'First, 'e said "Yeah, I done a lot of murders and that. And thieving. And raping. So what?" Then 'e somehow fell down the stairs as our hofficers was momentarily distracted. And that's God's truth, your Honnour.' Unfortunately that will probably serve as a plausible explanation here...
  2. "For several minutes the driver tries to free the vehicle, but the wheels spin uselessly in fallen leaves" Er, no he doesn't. He gets straight out and legs it. Why would he spend minutes trying to free the vehicle under pursuit when the MDL is spitting distance away?
  3. There is every chance you will get your wish before all this is over...
  4. You do know I am going to have nightmares after reading that...?😲
  5. That's nowt, that. My Brother's missus told me of a guy who topped himself in her native Poland. 6 times in the head then reloaded to finish the job. Oddly enough, some weren't entirely convinced by the 'suicide' verdict...
  6. Given he lies about everything else, why would you assume he is being truthful here?
  7. Buddy, they can barely keep the power on when it rains or block the Daily Mail. Just how efficient do you imagine their Stasi really is?
  8. Your kind sentiments are noted and filed in the appropriate place. I did not say I was being silenced. I said you support the kind of people who would silence me. Take a look at the topic of this thread. You do support them, don't you?
  9. We certainly are. I believe in freedom of speech, conscience and expression, including yours. You on the other hand just want me to shut up and piss off because I say things you don't like and support those who would silence me forcibly.
  10. How do you make the leap from not liking a military junta to not liking the country they took over? My family IS at home. The home they were born in and are citizens of.
  11. Don't get ahead of yourself. You missed 'unquestionably by October / November 2019'...
  12. But according to you junta fanbois, Thailand has a rosy future. Make you're (sic) mind up...
  13. They were rhetorical questions anyway, so what does it matter either way?
  14. I am suggesting that everyone who works for them might not be a Virgin...
  15. gonna be hard on your daughter if you're deported. and why are you even here? surely the best future for your daughters education is NOT in Thailand Why should I leave? I am not the one who sucks.