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  1. 'Ah. Actually, about that... Certainly by mid to late 2019, anyway...'
  2. baboon

    Thai Gov’t monitoring online information

    I think there are (more than) a few out there who would have liked you to finish your sentence after the word "computer"...
  3. baboon

    Thai Gov’t monitoring online information

    More laws = more charges = more trouble for one's adversary, I suppose. I agree wholeheartedly with the rest of your post.
  4. baboon

    Thai Gov’t monitoring online information

    I wouldn't worry too much about it. You have the likes of JAG and myself who have been at them from more or less day one, but we remain at large. Now either the junta are scared of us, which I somehow doubt, incapable of finding us, which I doubt too, or simply don't care what we think. I am going with the latter. They have enough of a job on their hands keeping tabs on their homegrown dissidents without worrying about a website that few to no Thais read.
  5. baboon

    Thai Gov’t monitoring online information

    Why do you have to do this to me when I have just woken up and am craving caffeine...? Yes, it is a problem. How solvable it is I don't know. However laws with deliberately vague definitions of what 'fake' is, coupled with draconian punishments, designed to favour and protect a small percentage of society, is not the way to go about it. Now leave me alone until I get some coffee..()
  6. I agree with you, apart from the "quick and easy exit" part. You underestimate the survival instinct and the fact that most people are not fortunate enough to simply go to sleep one night and never wake up again. No, what tends to follow is a slow, lingering and agonising death if you are not given sufficient treatment and even then... Personally, I wish you well. But please do not be cavalier with your life and health. They can both turn disastrous in the blink of an eye...
  7. New plane, new comfort? Nahh. It'll be seats, seats and more seats. Maybe cunningly designed, but the traveller is in disgusting conditions nevertheless. Give me Business Class on a Biman Bangladesh or Aeroflot aircraft circa 1995 anytime. They are all <deleted> nowadays. Some a bit less so than others, but <deleted> nevertheless...
  8. A good gesture of appreciation - 'You are always elite in our country'. Very fitting.
  9. I know I have, but then I am not pettifogging about matters nobody else gives a crap about in the wake of the cave rescue and Phuket boat tragedy. Or if they in fact do, shame on them. How grossly insensitive, how stupid, to release this on such a day? Why not just stay quiet for five bloody minutes before diverting the national narrative back to oneself?
  10. I couldn't agree with you more. That place could have easily become a tomb. No more gambling with the lives of these rescuers laying their own lives on the line to bail out the thrillseekers. Let them jump from planes with dodgy parachutes instead for their kicks...
  11. baboon

    PM blind to his responsibility in Phuket

    He's happy enough dishing the blame out, so what is good for the goose is good for the gander...
  12. baboon

    PM blind to his responsibility in Phuket

    Negligence and dereliction of duty charges will no doubt be filed against him as his administration cannot abide that type of thing...
  13. Self-centred and egotistical I will go along with. Buffoon? Not at all. Don't you worry, he is hatching his Machiavellian plans and will be back. Brexiteers! This man is not your friend. He is a cunning and conniving opportunist. Where was he after the referendum? That's right, gone. By all means let's get Brexit on when a competent government have plans a,b,c and d together. What we have now is simply madness...