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  1. I see the damage limitation squad are hard at it..
  2. That depends on whether they do their job on that basis. If so, there are good grounds to remove them.
  3. Increased police surveillance powers, a crackdown on ISPs, yet more restrictions on the media... Looks like the endgame is approaching. I feel extremely sorry for the Thais who think and feel, but well there is nothing we on Thaivisa can do about it. If the Thai herd are happy enough with being just that, well don't let me get in your way.
  4. So it's just Transnational crime, Terrorism and Well you know, other stuff. With a cast iron guarantee like that, why could anyone be possibly worried? However let me take a guess that the focus of these new powers will be on the Well you know, other stuff.
  5. So a No Show. I'm just waiting to hear now that anyone telling jokes beginning with 'A funny thing happened to me on the way to the Police Station...' will be arrested and jailed...
  6. Not so fast. The poor lad was probably caught up in a traffic jam on his way to Heathrow and missed the flight. No need to be rude and start issuing warrants...
  7. "The slipshod way the submarine purchase is being handled in high places has generated suspicion that some sort of cover-up is underway, that the public is being duped, or at least that we simply do not have the right to know the details of this costly enterprise." And you are just cottoning on to this three years later? Boy, are you going to be in for a shock after any election!
  8. So expressing concern about increased police powers under a coup government - who regularly takes people away for "Attitude Adjustment" sessions - with no oversight is "whining", is it? Jesus Christ, this forum at times...
  9. The flipside of that coin being 'Everybody is guilty of something'...
  10. Of course we can argue this one to and fro, but I think the result was probably accurate. Take for instance Mrs baboon. Out she went and voted yes. Didn't have a clue what she was voting 'Yes' to, despite my attempts to engage her in conversation, but Senior Thais were requiring the vote to be in the affirmative, so she simply took the path of least resistance and gave them what was expected. Now she may not have the best education money can buy but she isn't thick either. She could have taken a while from food and Facebook to learn a little, but of course, no. She chose to remain willfully ignorant. I suspect her story replicates many folk up and down the country. Well now the pooyais are running wild and the traditional safety valve is welded shut forever. I'm afraid I don't have a great deal of sympathy any longer when the least they could have done was simply not vote en masse. Not risk their lives by taking to the streets, but simply refusing to participate in such state sponsored shams. The plaque story is fading now. Soon it will be distant memory. The next outrage will come soon enough and that too will be buried. Then why should you or I care...?
  11. At this rate we will be counting those who are not in prison on our fingers...
  12. If a surveillance state with arbitrary powers of arrest and detention doesn't encourage foreign investors to flock here on the next thing smoking, I don't know what will...
  13. "Government officials have made vague statements and avoided taking any action on the matter." 'You're under arrest. We'll invent charges later. Now, who else wants to join him?' I would say government officials are in fact taking quite a lot of action on the matter...
  14. But it is transparent. Crystal clear. 'We want them so we're having them, end of.'