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  1. Not arguing with you, I just didn't think they had that kind of authority.
  2. baboon

    Army borrows Thaksin slogan to promote Prayuth

    Take that up with those behind the convictions subsequently both facilitating their departures and making no efforts to have them extradited. They belong in jail right with them. Actually don't, lest they find a bespoke charge just for you...
  3. How can Thai Immigration prevent any Thai citizen from leaving unless wanted in connection with a crime committee at home? Did you mean Korean Immigration?
  4. Because it is the right thing to do? Deliberately ruining a country as an act of revenge is more akin to the workings of a crime syndicate than a grand humanitarian project. What have millions upon millions of British people done to deserve being impoverished - it isn't May and Johnson who will be suffering. Now I am certainly not suggesting the EU cave in to each and every demand from the UK, but they could at least cut us a little slack here and there, if only on behalf of the 49% of the country who voted remain.
  5. baboon

    Shamed by the UN for rights suppression

    Hmm... Deep down a thief knows he is a thief, no matter how he tries to justify it. Why else don't the junta take criticism in their stride and respond in a measured way rather than their their usual petulant lashing out?
  6. baboon

    The junta relax political bans and activities

    No answer, in other words. Just something you made up.
  7. An honest question regardless of politics - do you think the UK will reach a deal or crash out with nothing?
  8. What it amounts to is 'This suits me fine. Screw the Thai rabble'. Then they go onto denouncing imperialism (while retaining their passports) yet holding the view that they are superior to their hosts. That their hosts are children. That they need a powerful hoof up their backsides. Why? Because they are too stupid to figure out matters for themselves. But their self-appointed leaders are cut from the same cloth - more unruly children who take control of the playground, so how does that work?
  9. On the World News section, I have said some pretty brutal things about Theresa May and Boris Johnson. Other posters execrate Jeremy Corbyn and Diane Abbott. Now I am off back to merry old England in November. It may be that I have Thaivisa political opponents on the same flight. However I will hazard a guess that police will not be standing by at Heathrow to arrest either. Yes, any western government needs also keeping tabs on. But here's the thing: At least we can! They get up to some pretty vile things too if they think they can get away with it, but at least we can hold them to account, form opinions and sling them out come election time...
  10. So no reform and reconciliation after over 4 years, then. That was a waste of time, wasn't it? I take it you don't follow the news all that closely. If the present junta do stand down and put the government up for election, that government WILL be the junta, albeit with (some of) them hiding in the shadows. D' you really think they are just about to scuttle off back to the barracks and smile sheepishly after everything they have done?
  11. The junta have their head between the hammer and the anvil. Start banning / arresting appealing (to the public) candidates on spurious charges and expose any election as a complete and utter sham or double down and put it off for another year or so, making themselves more unpopular still. Either is fine by me if they should one day get their self-inflicted comeuppance...
  12. baboon

    The junta relax political bans and activities

    Independent from what? A say?
  13. baboon

    Yingluck posts reviews of Moscow during visit with Thaksin

    Well let's wait and see. However the day when you come back to me with 'See? I told you so' can't come soon enough as far as I am concerned...
  14. baboon

    Yingluck posts reviews of Moscow during visit with Thaksin

    Not really. They are campaigning hard, have their own constitution in place, ban political gatherings, have a binding 20 year policy already set up... But should it all go wrong, they have reserved for themselves the right to annul the election. Oh, and they are quite happy to kill an awful lot of people in order to maintain their positions. I doubt they are too worried, given their subdued and docile population...
  15. baboon

    Election Bill Enacted, Paving Way For 2019 Poll

    Other countries won't do jack as long as they think there might be a bob or two in it for themselves. They have done shag all so far, so why would one more outrage tip the scales? No, the Thais are on their own.