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  1. So because Stonehenge was built in 3100 BC, the Thai military have a perfect right to do as they please in 2017. Yeah, that makes perfect sense. Just when you think Thaivisa can't possibly become any more bizarre...
  2. Rob: Nazi. Germany. Was. Not. A. Success. Story.
  3. So, Nazi Germany prospered under dictatorship until the said dictatorship left the country as a pile of rubble and its population foraging among the ruins for something, anything, to eat. What a ringing endorsement for that system of government.
  4. No, clearly the election that was supposed to be held the year before that. Or perhaps the election that was supposed to be held the year before that...
  5. Get yourself a more interesting circle of aquaintances, then...
  6. They don't suggest anything. If they want it, they do it.
  7. But, but, what if they were still to vote for the wrong candidates? We couldn't be having that, could we?
  8. Any poll you could dig out merely shows that the sample of people asked claim to be happy. The backdrop of course being an increasingly authoritarian and malevolent state where anybody can be taken away for any reason and charged with anything in a military court. Primary voting? You seem to think it might not be a bad idea for Thailand, so given your track record it very probably is a bad idea. There you go.
  9. 'Seem' being the key word. Not sure about the facts and figures? Never mind, just make it up.
  10. Excuses look much better than naked threats. Hell, some folk even believe them as this forum attests. It also buys them time at the likes of the UN, who are glad enough for excuses not to do anything.
  11. Indeed. My first thought when reading the headline was 'Why was the question asked in the first place?'
  12. I can envisage that even some junta members and some of their backers might not be entirely comfortable with 2017 Thailand. However they may feel like they have no choice now but to carry on until the bitter end. Oh, let me just give a shoutout at this point to the Thaivisa German readership. Great to have you all on board!
  13. Unfortunately this is where things are going. All over there is a massive media blitz to stigmatise and demonise the poor. Working people are being actively encouraged to turn on one another, to kick those below them on the ladder. It is a revolution by the rich, for the rich. The rank and file are becoming mere drones to serve the interests of capital.
  14. Like where? Sure, the notion is certainly better but the reality proves different.
  15. Well not really, unless the Thai elite are suddenly all for the workers owning the means of production and a classless society. I can't say that we are seeing much evidence of either...