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  1. So you took advantage of free schools, health & dental, at a time when the mines, shipyards, etc were open, then left the country to avoid paying your fair share back, then? Of course I am going a little overboard there I'm sure, but it is hardly on to complain about today's youngsters who have few of the advantages you did. And implying it is easy to stay on the dole indefinitely and get council housing is still nonsense.
  2. Hearing nonsense about how easy it is to spend your life on the dole and get council housing is always wryly amusing. Especially when it comes from the baby boomers, the most selfish and self-entitled generation there ever was...
  3. I have no idea. However the Tories are ideologically opposed to any form of public welfare as we have seen over the years.
  4. So what? What is so ridiculous about believing the world began after the domestication of the dog?
  5. Sean Spicer has gone. Another one with a grudge, I presume...
  6. See post 2, just with added paperwork...
  7. While simultaneously slashing police numbers and accuse them of "scaremongering"? But there's the Tories for you. Oh, and I see the age for state pensions has just been raised to 68. Funny how that wasn't included in their manifesto of a few weeks ago...
  8. Indeed. If drinking is so sordid then how sleazy is the state for taxing and profiting from it?
  9. Quips aside, if I saw her at passport control in an immigration uniform, I would get as far away from her queue as I could. Give me a jaded older fella who just wants to knock off work asap and go for a drink with his pals, anytime...
  10. It isn't just a question of safety, it is also that there is shag all worth buying. Especially in comparison with Dubai...
  11. There is not one of us who hasn't broken the rules / law in some way, shape or form, even unwittingly. This is why I will never join the clamour to hang and flog anyone and everyone for the smallest of infractions. All it takes is to be in the wrong place at the wrong time and any one of us could be on Thaivisa with its usual mob baying for our blood...
  12. I know what you are saying. However when conflict arises, it seems it is usually us in the west starting it or poking our noses in and making the situation worse...
  13. You can't really blame the court for that. Personally I salute their action in this instance. He was sentenced in accordance with the offence committed in spite of the media frenzy, Next case please. This is how justice should be carried out, not by an angry rabble with torches and pitchforks.
  14. Shouldn't charges of dereliction of duty and failure to prevent corruption be filed?