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  1. No, I cannot agree. Well OK, to kick the Establishment in the balls? Well deserved and who can blame them? But their rightful anger has been cleverly diverted away from the real cause of their woes - the UK Government - and towards a rather more convenient target, the EU. Vent your anger against the Press Barons and Hedge Funds who have done a good job of persuading good people to be angry and hate, so that they can profit.
  2. Off to Irkutsk with you for retraining. That one was woeful.
  3. He has a point, mind you. The Brexit Ultras are desperately scrabbling around for a new message while supporting TM while trying to discredit her while keeping the party together while wanting to keep any Hard Brexit fallout away from themselves. That is a pretty tall order...
  4. I don't think they can, anymore than they can pull the arms cache stunt again and have anyone actually believe them. However making such claims in conjuction with a fresh wave of even harsher oppression is another matter. The harsher oppression being all they have left...
  5. Didn't he even exercise his brain enough to condemn this atrocity in the most withering of terms before admitting what he really thought? You know, something like 'Thailand stands shoulder to shoulder with the International Community against this deplorable incident and will stop at nothing to ensure the guilty are brought to justice.' But no. Just open your mouth and see what comes out. What a knob, by anyone's book...
  6. Who can forget the look on Johnson's mug? 'We've won!! Sh!t...'
  7. Not to mention that Brexit Ultras don't want the gig. Easier to throw rotten tomatoes from the wings than take actual responsibility.
  8. No compunction? Alas, I fear he is positively salivating at the prospect of spilling blood.
  9. Cameron should not have made promises that were not his to keep. Not that I am particularly keen on another referendum either. It strikes me as a cop-out. What do we need parliament for, if we are left to sort out out what is in their 'Too difficult' tray?
  10. Steady... I have tested Scott's patience in the past and it didn't work out well...
  11. The CON party called the referendum, conducted the negotiations and couldn't deliver. Take it up with them.
  12. Aye, he seems desperate to get some blood on his hands...
  13. So list them, then. There is nothing stopping you.
  14. By comparison to the Monster Raving Tories? Yes. I agree with you otherwise.