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  1. Noticed on the Sun article the last image of his GF they captioned her name as 'Tike' instead of 'Tik'...you can't make this stuff up... then again what can you expect from British tabloids...they love to push stereotypes...unless I'm reading too much into it I feel sorry for Unsworth getting this abuse
  2. Is it me or does Chon Buri seem particularly harsh on marriage extensions? they do this to people on the Ed visa as well, hassle them enough that they are forced to use the agent where they get their cut from. I'm going to use 1st Class Visa runs to do a trip to Laos (7900) for the non O and find out how much they charge for help with the marriage extension after that...thats the part I'm worried about which is my landlords documents as he travels a lot as well
  3. I appreciate your help so much guys, saved me getting stitched off by an agent (not that I was gonna pay 45000)
  4. Thanks for clarifying it...its a lot to take in... right nightmare with the translations at MFA..the translator c*cked up my Age but we got married and got the Kor Ror 22 Just phoned a very nice lady at 1st Class Visa Runs, she said she'd do the Laos trip for 7900 and would help us with extension based on marriage.. Disgusted at the unnamed agent that quoted me 45000 when it can be sorted for 1/4 of the price and just a trip to Laos
  5. Thank bro... I understand now... not sure why the embassy in the UK gave me a tourist visa instead of a Non Immigrant Single Entry...the different names confuse me Whats the difference between a Non O 90 day and Tourist 90 day..sorry if its a dumb question
  6. Thanks bro I know its corruption, thing is I have a Single Entry Tourist (3 months) now, so I don't understand the difference...hopefully I'll get some other responses
  7. I arrived in Thailand on a SETV and have 60 days left.... Immigration in Chon Buri does not want to let me apply to switch my tourist visa to an extension of stay for 1 year. So I went to the Visa agent next door and they said they can make it all go away for 45,000 baht as they have connections inside. I know this is a big rip off as I have read posts on the web it can be changed So my question is can me and my wife go to another immigration office ? We tried one in Bangkok but they said we had to go to Chon Buri because thats my address.... or can we fly out and apply in Laos? We have the Kor Ror 22, Letter from Embassy confirming 40,000+ a month, Marriage certificate translated etc etc
  8. I even heard the women in the video referred to as 'ladies' as well noun, plural la·dies. a woman who is refined, polite, and well-spoken:She may be poor and have little education, but she's a real lady. a woman of high social position or economic class:She was born a lady and found it hard to adjust to her reduced circumstances. any woman; female (sometimes used in combination):the lady who answered the phone; a saleslady.
  9. They looked like they were bemused, they are in their own country, trying to run a business..ask drunks to politely move from blocking their entrance... then they get attacked first and are in a battle to the death on their own turf... they held back from punching...looked like he acted in a split second coz he didn't know how to get them to p*ss off best the 2 above can come up with are short one line responses
  10. I did think in my mind whether the guys could have retreated into the shop and called the police but at this point I can see the women were actually fighting to win and the men were defending themselves....bad that she got hit with a bottle but these women(mainly the blonde one) started it physically.. the women were throwing punches, I actually saw a lot of restraint from the guys..no punches just trying to push them off the property Where's the respect, if you ran a business and drunks were blocking the entrance..they simply asked them to move No doubt the media will cry foul and chop edit the video to spin the narrative that these guys acted unprovoked
  11. richiejom

    No Plastic Bags at Rimping Today

    When I go into 7 Eleven and buy a can of coke/drink for my wife it annoys me how I get a plastic bag for only this...I'm not used to even a straw in the UK but they've already done it before you get chance to say anything....
  12. richiejom

    Cambodian visa to uk

    I didn't say that was the reason... but I was sat in the taxi and thats what my wife translated back to me that the Agency told the ladyboy not to mention 'massage' in the application And if you think about it properly it makes sense because is a job at a massage shop(earning 300 baht a day) really a job worth returning for... probably that plus lack of assets is the reason for rejection Also anything that gives the impression of seedy they think the girl/ladyboy might abscond and go working in prostitution...which they can be found doing in the UK Personally I don't care as we don't need visitor visa
  13. Actually now I think about it using my card at 7 Eleven is probably more secure than using the ATM all the time because theres less chance of a skimming device being added to the card terminal in store than an ATM in open air/exposed to everyone (East European skimming gangs etc etc)
  14. richiejom

    Cambodian visa to uk

    They need to prove that there's a valid reason for her to return to Cambodia like a job/family...wouldn't matter how much money he had if they didn't get their story straight. He doesn't mention the reason... thats why I only use a visa agent/lawyer coz they help you get your story straight, a lot of people go in unprepared and don't bother researching When we got our visit visa their was another envelope coming back for a ladyboy who used the agency, agency told him not to say he got his/her money from working in a massage shop but they added it anyway - straight refusal
  15. 7/11 is 24 hours.. I'm sure the security cam is watching them 24/7 Not saying your way is wrong, probably your way is safer than using card for everything... I only made my reply because most people don't know they can use their foreign debit card out and about here