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  1. I work on the internet as a freelancer, which means that I don't take jobs from anybody locally. I find the local Thai to be quite nice, so I want to stay here for a while. But the Thai immigration may not accept this reason. Could you tell me some good reasons to tell the Thai immigration in case that they would interrogate me ?
  2. Thanks. Last time, I got my tourist visa in Vientiane. If I apply there this time, it would be difficult.
  3. Thanks. I'm young. Maybe that would create more suspicion. I have been thinking about taking a flight to Cambodia or Vietnam to apply for another tourist visa. But I'm scared of getting denied because I have already got one tourist visa in passport. Is there any restriction on the number of tourist visas or the required time gap between two tourist visas that a person could apply for within one year?
  4. Thanks. I got my tourist visa in Vientiane, Laos and arrived in Thailand via border-crossing in Nongkhai. So if I travel to Vientiane or Savannakhet to apply for a tourist visa this time, it would be difficult to get the approval.
  5. Thanks. So that means that I would not be questioned by the Thai immigration for extending for 30 days of stay of my visa exemption. But after that, when I would leave Thailand and would return in the future either with a tourist visa or an exemption of visa, I would likely be interrogated by the immigration at the airport/border checkpoint, right? If that would be the case, in the future, would I get denied entry for my history of visas and visa exemptions ?
  6. Thanks. Is there any chance that the immigration staff would either interrogate me for staying too long in Thailand or asking for proof of finance, like bank account statement, showing cash ? What the Indian man that I talked to did was he got a tourist visa in India and traveled to Thailand. When his visa was about to expire, he flew to Vietnam to apply for another tourist visa and returned. When his second visa was about to expire, he flew to Laos to apply to another visa, but he got denied.
  7. Thanks. Have you ever got into that situation before (denied extension of stay/tourist visa application for staying too long in Thailand) ?
  8. Have you ever stayed in Thailand more than 120 days continuously using tourist visa and visa exempt ? if you did, then what did the immigration official ask you when extending your stay at the Thai immigration, such as showing money, bank account statement, etc. ?
  9. What do you mean by the IO letting you in? There's got to be some rule for the Immigration Official to follow.
  10. Hi, I would like to ask if whether or not there is any immigration rule that restricts the number of days that a tourist allowed to reside in Thailand continuously using a tourist visa and visa exemption ? I will have stayed in Thailand for 120 days consecutively by next week ,using a tourist visa (90 days) and an exemption of visa (30 days in Thai-Cambodian border checkpoint). I want to travel to the immigration to extent my 30-day exempt, but an Indian man told me that a person is not allowed to stay in Thailand more than 120 days consecutively using tourist visa and visa exempt, and that that person has to leave Thailand for at least half of a month before returning back to Thailand with tourist visa. I'm not sure if it is correct? I'm from Southeast Asia (Indonesia). Thanks