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  1. Mai Mee Tang

    Need a reliable WIFI solution for my condo!

    Your problem with AIS could be due to the location of the closest BTS, mobile phone antenna, it might be too far away from you or if living in a crowded area, it might saturated with other users and then drop your signal. If you have already switched to True, give it a try, if you are getting better signal then you should not have any problem to use your phone as a hotspot for the Smart TV, with unlimited data of course, as video streaming will use quite a lot of data. You could experience a bit more delay rather than with a cable connection, but nothing to worry about if your 4G signal is good enough. If True is still not working, have a try with DTAC, they also have unlimited data packages. My advise is to check from your condo windows/balcony if you can find out any 4G antenna (BTS) and then try to find which provider is the owner, then get a SIM from that provider and all should be fine.
  2. I did calculate the option for the Thai Elite Visa and it's not much more expensive than in my case, around 30% if I remember correct. I understand in some other cases it can be much more expensive. My main drawback is to pay the 5 years in one go. If it was somewhere around the 250-300k I would think of it as a reasonable option for the next 5 years.
  3. Mai Mee Tang

    Korat real Estate

    Just a small correction, nowadays you can find movies in the 3 main shopping malls in English, with Thai subtitles.
  4. I got my 2nd METV from Thai Embassy in Madrid issued without any problem within the same year. I had a new passport done before requesting the Visa, so no stamps or Visas on it. In the Thai Embassy I provided all the relevant documentation and they asked me only 2 questions: - Will you have any problem with your company for staying so long time in Thailand? I told them no problem at all. - What is the reason you want to stay so long in Thailand? I just said I have a Thai girlfriend. I recently got into Thailand via Suvarnabhumi from Europe, just in case I had the 20k bahts with me and the flight out the country within 60 days, and I had no issue at all, not even a single question. I have stayed out of Thailand for 1 month. Thank you to all who provided help on this thread!
  5. She applied as a regular tourist, that's right, we also provided our condo rental contract and pictures of previous trips outside Thailand together to prove we have been living together for the last 8 months. As I'm not Dutch, to sponsor her I provided: - A sponsorship letter, introducing myself and providing all the relevant explanations. - Bank statements of the last 3 months (both hers and mine). - My 3 last payslips. - My European Job Contract, which is better than the Dutch minimum wage. All the hotel bookings were on her name backed up with my credit card. The flights itinerary was showing the names of both of us.
  6. There are several private FB groups where Thai girls share information about farangs guys and their relationships with them, ask for advice to more experienced girls or just post pics of hansum farang guys. I've come across 2 of them and they were kind of "Thai sisters support each other against untruthful farangs". Most of the posts I saw were related to the random new guy they just met online, they were sharing a possibly fake name and some screenshots of the social network profile or videocall they had done, and they asked the other girls on the group if they knew if the guy was a butterfly, a fake profile or just a liar.
  7. Mai Mee Tang

    Gearbest purchase.

    My experience buying from Gearbest was from Europe and I paid extra to go for the priority shipment as I thought it would be better, this was my mistake, I had to pay taxes for customs, something around 15-20% (cannot remember exactly). I was told customs do check much more on the air-mail/priority shipment rather than in ordinary mail. I don't know if the same applies to Thailand. Also the tablet I bought was defective and I had a not really pleasant time to get my money back, even the guarantee of DOA applied on my case.
  8. This file you attached is not saying anything about the job contract, only referring to the last pay slip signed by the employer which I already provide, and in regards the money in the bank they request a document from your bank stating your average money for the last 6 months was not lower than 5000€, which I also provided them on first instance. Extra to that 2 documents they asked me for the job contract and the bank statements for the last 6 months, which I also provided to them afterwards. Also on this same document from the Thai Embassy in Madrid it is said they could request any further documentation they think is needed to confirm the truthfulness of the Visa request, so fair enough, finally they can request anything they want and you should provide them to avoid having a METV refusal. I hope there is no issue to have a METV or a SETV, if not I will go for the visa exempt, fingers crossed. Thank you for your advise! Sent from my SM-G950F using Thailand Forum - Thaivisa mobile app
  9. First, thank you for the information JackThompson. I might need a new passport anyway as I'm having too few empty pages on the current one. I don't know if the Madrid Thai Embassy will be happy to grant a 2nd METV back to back with only around 1month in between, this is why I asked for any previous experience. The extra documentation, not shown specifically on their website requirements for a METV, they required me to show was a bank statement for the last 6 months and my job contract. They also told me "usually" they don't provide METV. But once I gave them all the documentation, they granted the METV in 2 days without any more questions. I also checked the requirements to request the ED Visa on Madrid Thai Embassy website and they ask for the school documentation to be sent via mail directly to them from the school, which I haven't seen in other Thai embassies, for example the one in Laos. In case they don't want to issue a METV or a SETV for me on Madrid Thai Embassy, how likely it is that when I come back to Thailand, around 1month from my last exit and after have been already 8months this year on a METV, I got a Visa Exempt, and a 30 extension afterwards, so I have time enough to arrange a SETV or ED Visa on Laos Embassy? When getting in Thailand, I had always carried a flight ticket out of Thailand within the required timeframe for each case (30 or 60 days) and 20.000 bahts in cash.
  10. Thanks ubonjoe, helpful as usual! To be true I didn't think of another METV back to back as when I applied January 2018 for the 1st one in Thai Embassy in Madrid they were reluctant to give me one and I had to show lots of extra documentation, not required specifically on their website, to make them sure enough. Anyone has experience on this single embassy to get a METV back to back? A new passport when requesting the new METV could help? I could give it a try and in case I got rejected, shall I apply for a SETV on the same embassy? Or will this trigger any alarm for them?
  11. I've been living on Thailand since February 2018 with a METV, currently on a 30 day extension from my last entry on July. Previously I have been 4 times for holidays with Visa exempt entries of around 15 days each (3 on 2017 and 1 on 2016). I've never overstayed on any of the entries. I will travel back my home country in Europe next month for a month or so and I'm planning to come back Thailand again to live. I'm single, on my 30s and I work online for a foreign company, so now wondering which is the best way to live in Thailand as legal as possible. I've been reading extensively about the Tourist Visa option, which seems to have worked for many of you for many years. But I would also like to know the advantages and disadvantages vs the Educational visa, as learning Thai is something I have to do definitely if planning to live here on a mid term basis. How many hours should I study Thai per week to get the Ed. Visa? Can I request it on any Thai Embassy? Any preferred embassy? For coming back to Thailand after my holidays in Europe I think I would request a SETV and within the 60+30 days I will check how to keep on living here. Do you think I will have problems to request a SETV having had a METV already this year? Which embassy will be the easiest one to get it? Shall I renew my passport when I'm back home to have a "clean" one? If I missed something or other Visa types should be considered, please feel free to suggest. Thank you in advance! PS: This is not a post to discuss wether working online is legal or not in Thailand, please focus on the visa topic.
  12. Any advice in regards that? Shall we prepare again all the papers shown to the Embassy?
  13. I guess with a valid Visa this should lead to no problem at all, right? While in Schengen within the dates allowed in the Visa, we shall expect no problems, shall we?
  14. I know they is no inmigration between Schengen countries and then no passport stamping :) So, based on your experience, you had no issue when requesting a new Schengen visa even in the previous one the in/out stamp of Schengen was from a different country than where your previous visa was issued? Did you apply twice in the same embassy or did you change to a different one? Thank you in advance!
  15. Just wondering if this is checked when a new Visa is requested, I mean if you requested the visa to one country and after that never visit this country, will this be checked in the future if you request another Schengen visa, as far as I know they request to show former Visas on the passport and all the stamps for entry and exits on the same passport. So I would say it is pretty easy for the embassy to check if you followed the itinerary you show them on first place, at least if you really got into the EU via their country.