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  1. I see, By the way - thank you for the info so far. I heard that on a 60 day visa - they can sketch out a little if you're leaving, applying for another visa, then returning on another 60 day visa, over and over again. Or is this a non-issue? and they don't really mind? Also - what would be the point of getting a 6 month visa if the above is true? because you have to leave every 60 days anyway so ...why would someone pay $250 for a 6 month?
  2. Yes but I'm asking - why would I apply for a 6 month visa when its essentially exactly the same as the 60 day visa (which has options to extend +30 days) Are they not just the same thing? I assume the 6 month visa ensures you entry FOR SURE - but in reality does it even matter, don't they just continue to let people in on 60 day visas over and over?
  3. Is it worth it getting the 6 month visa - I hear you still have to do border runs anyway. So it would just be the same as the 60 +30 day extension visa...right? With the 60 day one do they get sketch if you do a border run? or do they only get sketch if you do a border run by land? trying to get as much info as I can before applying for one - not sure which one to get - anyone have experience using Thai visas and what has worked? The 6 month visa is like $250 compared to a much cheaper 60 day one