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  1. Burma Bill

    Brit jailed five years for having sex with minors

    yes, the same thought crossed my mind.
  2. Burma Bill

    157 ’new' Mekong species discovered

    Seriously, being a biologist I find this very encouraging and fascinating. Let us hope Chinese built dams on the Mekong do not ruin this ecosystem.
  3. Burma Bill

    Man’s body recovered from reservoir

    also the three candles and incense.
  4. Great incentive by the parents and I hope the Government makes a substantial donation to the charity.
  5. Burma Bill

    Budget smartphone launched at 7-Eleven

    Well I never - True and 7-11 - both part of the CP group!
  6. Burma Bill

    Elderly Benz driver charged for fatal expressway wreck

    Wearing dark glasses whilst talking to the police Tuesday NIGHT! Was she wearing these at the time of the accident? Were they prescribed for sight disabilities? RIP the men.
  7. Burma Bill

    Prayut urges people to 'vote carefully in Feb'

    Quote:- "There was tight security at the places visited.." I bet there was, he was in Shinawatra country! I note the crowd were nearly all local government officers in their light brown uniforms - no local villagers by the look of it. Stage managed??
  8. Burma Bill

    Cave-rescue memorial nearly finished

    Definitely worth seeing but area around the Tham Luang National Park is now busy with tourists - even the Chinese !
  9. Burma Bill

    No bail for rubber executives charged with graft

    They face doing a long "stretch"!!
  10. Burma Bill

    Krabi rescue workers stop a python and cobra fight

    Inside a house - possibly snakes and ladders!!
  11. Drunken farang bum. Bad guys out!!!
  12. Perhaps he stopped buying items from her shop.
  13. What sparked the argument and fight in So11 that ended up with the shooting in So13?
  14. With due respect to the USA 3M company - May, Merkel and Macron possibly on their way out!
  15. Burma Bill

    Woman escapes injury as motorbike explodes into flames

    Trying to convert to LPG!!