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  1. Playing Conkers, its not allowed now, too dangerous. Yes, I'll put scrumping on here too, even though 3 years ago at the age of 65, I just couldn't resist one more time... they tasted better than anything you could buy.
  2. When the truth comes out (if it does) I think you will find that the dog was tied on when alive. just a gut feeling. This is a shocking way to treat any animal, if I was the judge, I would be for tying her to the back of a car and doing 10 km at high speed, I'm absolutely disgusted when I see things like this.
  3. The smaller type called Japanese pumpkin, these have a good green skin with cream to yellowish marking, they have a really nice pumpkin flavour, these are not fiberous or woody (which would affect the cooked product) and I find they go well in baked goods.
  4. I taught in one of the largest private schools in the Bangkok region, at that stage they had 67 Foreign teachers and I have to say that the majority of the kids in the English program had reasonable English, however when it came down to exams I was told I couldn't fail anyone, well of course there were a few students who shall we say, were mentally challenged and had no hope of passing any test, so I asked what I was expected to do, and the reply "just get them to make you a coffee or something and give them a half score". Moving on, my grandson is in a private catholic school attending the English Programme, this was fine up until Asean, the Foreign teachers (English, Australian and American) have all been let go, and have been replaced by Philli's, nice people but the ones I have met have woeful English skills. I could dam near write a book on the sad state of affairs regarding Education at this particular school, the academic level has dropped drastically, but the fees have remained the same. However this particular school cannot keep its staff, so they are now looking for anyone to teach and they will pay same as the philli's per year and no holiday pay. Now a qualified teacher does a fair time at Uni to gain his Bachelors or Masters degree, he is a native English speaker (I'm not talking about back packers or people who buy fake degrees) in a decent school they would be earning at least 60,000 per month, some a lot more, I have one friend earning 140,000 per month and that's as it should be, you get what you pay for. In the area I live in, there is only one other private school with an excellent reputation, quite a way out of town, so we were thinking to move to the new school only to be told that they too have replaced all the native English speaking teachers with Philly's. It's all about saving money, and while that mentality prevails there will be no progress at all.
  5. blinkers

    Im trying to get used to no A/con any tips

    Its not actually the air cond unit that gives sore throats and infections, its breathing in the cold air.
  6. blinkers

    Im trying to get used to no A/con any tips

    I have 5 air conds in my house, Like the poster I get chest infections with the use of air, and my son got Legionairs after staying at a hotel in Chiang Mai, so we are both anti about using the air conds. So the bedroom air goes on while I shower before bed, (10 mins max) then turned off, the room has cooled down and I have a fan, during the day its fans only, you get used to this and anyhow after a while you get used to the warmer weather, anything under 28c now and I need a jacket. It's a bit like looking at the weather forecast each night, when they say something like 40c tomorrow, you feel worse thinking about it, I am Australian and learnt never to look at the forecast, just take it as it comes, if you get too hot, a swim or a shower works wonders.
  7. Couldn't agree more, and what is just as sickening are some of the depraved comments from posters.
  8. blinkers

    Missing posts to Thai Visa.

    Interesting that someone else has had this happen. it has been the same with several of my posts over time, I would also be interesting in understanding why?
  9. Those with 800,000 in the bank shouldn't be too smug, the amount is quite likely to go up again.
  10. Well I suspect there,s not much to look forward to when you are incarcerated except a 15 minute visit with family via phone and viewed through glass, the thought of getting released at some point and a good ole smoke. This may sound drastic, but I predict more suicides, It amuses me, or maybe I should use amazes me, that a substance that is sold everywhere and is completely legal has so many restrictions. Couldn't they at least provide a small garden area for smokers.
  11. There's a back road a few K's from my place with around 30 dogs that live in the bush there. some people do drop feed there, but when the females give birth, the puppies provide a banquet for the other dogs, absolutely sickening.
  12. snoop 1130 said if the 450 Baht is enough to make people abandon pets they didn't care for them anyhow. The 450 Baht doesn't sound a lot, especially to those that have money, but to the average Thai worker in Thailand whose wages are 300 - 320 Baht per day, it is a huge amount, people on this type of wage manage to survive (barely) but it is a day to day existence, were they able to save 450 Baht I am sure there would be many things they would like to pay for. Percentage wise it is a lot of money against the basic wage. Just to provide an example, in Australia the average daily wage is $300.00 dog registration fees vary but as an example I will use Western Australia, for a desexed dog a 1 year fee is $20, a 3 year fee $42.50 and a lifetime fee (life of the dog) is $100. It does get more expensive for an animal that hasn't been desexed, namely i year fee is $50, 3 year fee is $120 and life of the animal fee $250. I provide these only to show the percentage of expense related to income., which I am sure you can all work out yourselves.
  13. blinkers

    New Directive Bans Expulsion of Pregnant Students

    I am not saying this is right or wrong. however I am wondering whats going to happen after the baby is born, breast feeding in the classroom perhaps?
  14. blinkers

    Are dried fruit a healthy snack option ?

    Dried fruit can supply your body with large amounts of antioxidants, Dried Fruit can also boost your fiber and nutrient intake, you should note however that dried fruit are also high in sugar and calories and can cause problems when eaten in excess. Basically dried fruits should only be eaten in small amounts and with other nutrition. My other thought would be is if you are on medication there would be certain things you need to watch for. As an example only, someone on Warfarin, wouldn't want to pig out on cranberries because one interferes with the other. You would be better off getting medical advice or onto medical internet sites and checking things out like this, rather than posting here. I guess it's the same as everything, most things taken in moderation may be ok.
  15. blinkers

    Roses - Pruning

    Thanks you both for taking the time to reply, much appreciated.