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    MG ZS 1.5 X

    Hello, Tomorrow i am going to purchase a MG ZS 1.5 X for 789k from a maindealer as a runaround for my wife and kids. I was wondering if anyone here can give me any feedback with regards to MG ZS ownership experience. Interested in the remote control by voice aspect. Know that it is in Thai language only, wonder if it is possible to change that. Also, with respect to the Maindealer. I am a cash buyer. The quoted price is 789k. Is there any value haggling? Maybe offer 750k and throw in a couple of gourds. Seems the car is fully loaded. So don't know what I can add. Finally, I asked about the ability to drive abroad (laos, Malaysia, etc) and queried if the standard Thai license plate was sufficient, the dealer said yes. But I only see numeric number plates with Thailand written on it overseas. Am I missing something here. Cheers for any feedback.