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  1. Notagain

    Certification Organic Farm Thailand

    http://www.organic.moc.go.th/en/standard/mkt There ya go.
  2. Notagain

    State of the Art Farming course

    Be nice if they could split the courses into sections and sell them online.
  3. Notagain

    Certification Organic Farm Thailand

    After reading a recent article about certified organic foods tested here with about an 80% failure rate on pesticide/herbicide residues allowed, I think a brown envelope would get your certification with no problems.
  4. Another thing I do believe they are not connected to any other ford network, just look at any other business here including banks, old technology and no one who knows how to use it. Thailand 4.0 hahaha.
  5. Its good you didnt get ripped off but really, they just dont care how many people you tell they are bad. Tomorrow is a new day and many others will just pay. By the way ford thailand wont/doesnt care, look at the transmission mess they had and those people even after winning their lawsuit still are driving around in a turd of a car. LOS hahaha.
  6. Notagain

    Solution to the mud

    Buy a couple of these and a few bags of cement and sand, a few a day and you will have a nice walkway. They have square shaped ones too. https://www.lazada.co.th/products/diy-patio-walk-maker-stepping-stone-concrete-paver-mold-reusable-path-maker-mold-garden-paving-stone-molds-3030cm-i255295809-s393697634.html?spm=a2o4m.searchlist.list.3.5bc47d73QlC35h&search=1 https://www.lazada.co.th/products/garden-practice-diy-plastic-cement-brick-molds-pavement-mold-beautiful-path-maker-mold-concrete-molds-i258024191-s397745053.html?spm=a2o4m.searchlist.list.5.5bc47d73jGaw79&search=1
  7. Notagain

    How much should a vet bill be?

    Wow nice profit for them. Dont people ask before having this done ? If they told me 12K baht I would have laughed and walked out. Thats a 1000 baht job anywhere I have been. Even at the university vet school where I live.
  8. Notagain

    Khon Kaen

    Ive been here a little over ten years bought and sold a couple of pieces of land and have a house (dont own it haha) never used a realtor or agent (why would you, if you could even find one) Been there done that everything you say about villages/locals it doesnt matter, prices everywhere are stupid expensive for the crap you get. Ageing population just means the kids will get the land and they are worse than the parents when it comes to money. I firmly believe the prices are directly related to the banking system being nothing but smoke and mirrors here in that their books are loaded with land valued at way more than its worth to make the them look solvent. How can land be over ten times more expensive here with bad water (if any) bad electric (if any) etc.than in my home country where I live. One person sells a rai for one million then the neighbor says 1.5, then the next 2, this stupidity will come crashing down on them after the next election and the gov can no longer afford to prop up the banks.
  9. Notagain

    Combined PH & Salinity Meter

    Did you even read the description of the meter ??? What do you think a tds meter tests ? salts in the solution its testing duh.
  10. Notagain

    Combined PH & Salinity Meter

    https://www.aliexpress.com/item/TDS-Digital-Salinity-Tester-Meter-for-Salt-Water-Pool-Fish-Koi-Pond-Testing/32767842531.html?spm=2114.search0104.3.1.751b7d07LleqaZ&ws_ab_test=searchweb0_0,searchweb201602_1_10065_10068_204_318_319_10059_5727211_10884_10887_10696_100031_320_10084_10083_10103_10618_452_10307_532_5727311,searchweb201603_60,ppcSwitch_0&algo_expid=a513fbeb-6539-4acd-8f39-d52036777f4d-3&algo_pvid=a513fbeb-6539-4acd-8f39-d52036777f4d Lots of choices and prices on aliexpress. I buy my PH and EC/TDS meters there for hydroponics. They also have calibration powders/solutions too.
  11. Notagain

    Blueberries and blackberries in Thailand

    There are a lot of plants that no matter what you do will just not grow/produce in thailands tropical enviroment. This includes most berries.
  12. Notagain

    How much should a vet bill be?

    Vet prices are cheap in thailand if you go to an honest one that doesn't see a a falang atm walk in. Like I said before it took me 4 or 5 rip off ones before I found a good one. I recommend him to everyone I know with pets and they all go back to him. Very good honest vet.
  13. Notagain

    Thai Wagyu Beef in Kap Choeng/Surin.

    Why would anyone be interested in learning about something that it is a money losing proposition ??? Maybe you should start with a study on cattle raising ROI first.
  14. Notagain

    Spaying a Cat

    Good honest vet.
  15. Notagain

    How much should a vet bill be?

    Looks liked they charged you 1000 Baht a day (admit) just for the pleasure of your dog laying in a cage. Funny how most of the charges are either 700 or 1000 baht. Sorry but you got ripped off.