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  1. tigerbeer

    Mad Dog's Closed?

    a very long time establishment. Nick must be doing something right.
  2. tigerbeer

    Just be aware - Crypto Currency

    very high risk investment but like some others say, potential to make some decent money for the pro dealers. edit: i only invest a little bit in Ripple. 3rd biggest market cap cryptocurrency. ripple is different from other coins with the backing of several big banks that do fund transfers using it.
  3. as far as i know gold prices in thailand is pegged to global market prices. every gold seller that I follow on Line app including aurora, Hua Seng Heng, Ausiris, YLG bullion all display thai prices according to global market. Global Gold currently trading at USD$42.66 or THB1,348.12 for 99.9%. Gold Thailand trading at THB19,750 per baht average between buy and sell for 96.5% and THB20,495 for 99.9% per baht or 15.244grams. 15.244 (1 Baht gold) x 1,348.12(gold price p gram) = 20, 550.74. a little difference in amounts here and there but yes pegged to global prices. only difference is the standard for most gold sold in thailand is 96.5% or a little more than 23k. apologies if any mistakes in calculations. not a pro :)
  4. nice collection there. always nice to have gold especially for those who are not able to keep money!!!!. as soon as i have surplus there i go out buying something. lol. there is more to gold than just investment.
  5. Ausiris express on Line app by Ausiris co will deliver to you nationwide. Aurora gold shops around the nation sell ingot 1 gram, .25 baht, .50 baht, 1 Baht and maybe 2. no need passport no need nothing. just pay cash and pick up gold. not sure why you would want to buy from a bank.
  6. they gave me a unionpay card few years ago. changed it to visa. BUT! you have to pay 599baht for it with a PA insurance bundled into it. they say normal visa atm no have!. have to wait few months. surprising to know if they dont issue visa anymore. why not?
  7. that still does not explain how and why it has more interest than Malaysia.
  8. tigerbeer

    Car Paint shop

    you can find those touch up paint "pens" around town. one place for sure i have seen it is outside tops at Airport plaza. sold by Robinsons. they carry various common colours. hope its not a mazda Soul Red
  9. tigerbeer

    What's Happened to Songkran in Chiang Mai?

    its not very cultural anymore if you ask me. even in older popular places.
  10. tigerbeer

    What's Happened to Songkran in Chiang Mai?

    festivities are now held in many different places now. festival, maya etc etc etc. i would think crowd would be the same. just not at the same locations. but fewer thais maybe from other provinces.
  11. tigerbeer

    PSA test

    without reading the the whole thread, one would skip mri or psa tests if a colonoscopy came out clean?
  12. Thai gold is predominantly 96.5% btw. i buy my gold for investment purposes with Ausiris as they have good prices and ship nationwide. and if anyone happens to take Emirates, i ask them to get me some PAMP gold bar or platinum at Dubai duty free airport gold shop. Best price i seen that even beats the various prices you find at gold souk in Dubai. as everyone has pointed out labour prices make them more expensive in the west. if you are buying jewelry then buy what makes you happy. if buying for investment then look out for least premium with a well known brand name for worldwide purchase. If living in Thailand, then buy their 96.5% from an established gold chain so you can get a good price when you sell it back. if not mistaken most jewelry in the west is less than 20k gold.
  13. care to elaborate how Hanoi has more of interest than Malaysia generally?
  14. tigerbeer

    Ausiris Gold

    good to know. thank you. I like their packaging of it though. plus they are part of the big gold dealerships from yaowarat. sent to home in chiang mai.
  15. tigerbeer

    Ausiris Gold

    i bought some gold from ausiris via Line app communicating with them. bank transfer and ems straight to my place. easy!! i might be wrong but i think their prices are pretty good with little premium over market prices. anyone else buys from them?