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  1. About landing: I saw this one in today’s De Volkskrant, a Dutch newspaper.........
  2. Well, how about make their feelings know to the elected UK politicians that took part in the deliberations and voted?
  3. The UK’s elected government, like the elected governments of the other Member States, were fully involved in each and every EU decision. But don’t tell the people that, otherwise we can’t blame the EU....
  4. Please, keep blaming the EU for everything that was/is wrong in the UK. The UK government/bureaucracy didn’t do anything wrong! It’s all the enormous EU bureaucracy’s (about 40.000), not the UK’s (over 400.000) fault.........
  5. damascase

    HIV scare

    I hope you are aware of the fact that when you took the test after only ‘several sleepness nights’ since the act, you are well advised to have your blood re-tested later on? It can take up to three months before HIV shows up in your blood.
  6. I agree with you Grouse, the guy is poorly informed. Hasn’t a clue about the functioning of the EU. Indeed baffling to describe the UK as ‘the country that did the most to bring democracy into the modern world’ And as for trade and the suggested unilateral introduction of zero tariffs for EU-goods: doesn’t he realise that under the WTO rules that he obviously favours, the UK would have to apply these zero tariffs to all WTO Member States if there is no reciprocal Free Trade Agreement in force between the UK and the EU? No need for negotiations, he says, just do it.............
  7. You still have no clue about the EU - or you are consistently and consciously spreading misinformation about it. You want to get out? No problem, but don’t continue to spread lies.
  8. ‘Finalising trade deals’ sounds a tad optimistic as negotiations cannot start before Brexit-day. Trade deals often take years of hard work and often complicated negotiations before getting to the ‘finalising’ stage.
  9. damascase

    Dutch Man Sues to Legally Change His Age from 69 to 49

    This guy isn’t being taken serious by anybody, but he goes to great lengths to get publicity.........
  10. What kind of evil has the EU done to you, to wish them to hell?
  11. Your comments get more ludricous by the minute..........
  12. Patriot1066 and facts? I haven’t seen this combination yet.
  13. What has the EU done to you that you want to see its disintegration so badly? You want to leave, fair enough, but can’t you just leave it at that?