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  1. ONLY 50 % are fakes. This is the Left of Centre. P.S. The other half can go back too - wars don't last forever.
  2. Did you read it yourself? Point 1 simply agrees that there should be more girls! Do you think the Jews fleeing the Nazis were predominantly male? If your life is in danger you flee. These are opportunists not refugees.
  3. Of course there's a good reason why the "refugees" are predominantly young males, which is... ?
  4. They didn't act when mobs of foreign invaders just walked across the border either; Merkel even encouraged them. That's the scandal. Of course Germans are peeved.
  5. The hitchhiker isn't offering a ride, what's their punishment?
  6. It's not rape because you came to your senses and realised you were duped by a charlatan.
  7. Probably not a pedo but any man who spends years in Pattaya has a bag of embarrassing dirt behind them. Does he risk having a billionaire dig that up?
  8. harrycallahan

    Crackdown on tattoo shops after death of four women

    It takes years to die from HIV without treatment, years just to progress to AIDS. With the modern cocktail it's considered to be in check and a long life is expected.
  9. They must have been shocked to find drunk westerners in the street on Full Moon Party Night at Haad Rin. Imagine living your peaceful existence in the tranquillity of Haad Rin Koh Phangan and then coming across drunk westerners outside your shop in the public space which is not your shop, of course you would be upset that your commercial trade with your fellow Thais was compromised.
  10. harrycallahan

    Indian tourist injured in fall from Pattaya condo

    I hope he has insurance.
  11. Their thinking is so child like. The male partner was a witness, wrong place wrong time. Also the rich guy won't know the specific nature of their relationship because he's too distant and may assume romance. It makes as much sense to target him as well as her i.e. almost none. Anyway we got some insight into what kind of characters the Phuket tourist dollar makes rich.