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  1. How strict are AirAsia on cabin bag size?

    It's weight they care about. The official line is they don't want their attendants hurting themselves lifting heavy bags up high, or having them fall out and land on a passenger's head. But of course they do have to fit. They regularly weigh check-in bags but almost never measure them. You should definitely risk it given the low chance of being asked to pay (extra) at the counter.
  2. What Happened To The First Dogs Sent To Space Is Actually Horribly Sad

    Yikes, I thought she came back. The chimpanzees the Yanks sent up did. If it's any consolation Yuri Gagarin later plunged to death in a plane crash. 1 for the dogs.
  3. None of those named things are drugs they are supplements you can buy off the shelf in any western health shop.
  4. Because it's the side they started from or want to arrive at. Crossing against traffic is such a hassle.
  5. Boat crew arrested after slashing Ukrainian tourist

    Could have left early too. Tourist could be peeved after paying for a tour and not getting the promised time in paradise.
  6. They are asking for too much so Mazda should tell them "No Deal!". Sueing them _because_ they are asking for too much? Mazda get a grip.
  7. Saving North Face... got it now ;-)
  8. The fake logo won't keep her warm. What's wrong with the same version without the logo?
  9. DVDs died a natural death with the continued digital evolution. No scratches on downloads and USB sticks.
  10. Must be rape otherwise his wife would be a mattress.
  11. He thought he'd hit the jackpot until he received the slip from the money changer.
  12. Same goes in the first world usually. The driver/operator is at fault not the equipment provider. This isn't a Thai thing. The Thai thing is unpoliced roads. Where I am the fines for unlicensed, no helmet, very excessive speed would add to more than an average week's income plus future licensing restrictions. Chances of getting caught are high with radars cameras and police who bother.
  13. Frenzied foreigner roams naked at Phuket airport, blames erection drug

    You don't have to be suffering ED to find viagra useful it can be the difference between 1 average shot vs 4-6 rock hard times in one night even after copious alcohol consumption. Egos of course will testify they 'don't need it' regardless.
  14. So I'm pointing this green laser the street hawker sold me at it for nothing?