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  1. In Pattaya the 42km marathon goes to 11.
  2. They need a bribery licensing board to set fair bribe pricing. Of course illegal trading (sex!), workers, land use, opening hours etc has to be paid for, but a business owner has to be left with something for his illegal effort.
  3. Wait till he gets going again and play car vs bike.
  4. CNN names Isaan as top world destination in 2017

    Who appointed you post auditor? Fake Post Auditor.
  5. CNN names Isaan as top world destination in 2017

    CNN is Fake News!
  6. Pattaya beach now dubbed "War Zone" by tourists

    1968 Source Still risk getting chopped up by a boat.
  7. If it's rational it's not a phobia ?
  8. Did he pass customs? If not I would have thought he was in the right.
  9. Celebrities caught using drugs face uncertain fate

    Crossing borders with drugs is typically treated more harshly than simple possession, in most parts of the world. "found with" doesn't tell us which.
  10. Glitterman sure has let himself go.
  11. I wish it were true but I can't see most tourists bothering to check if the next 1 horse town on their schedule has been in the news recently.
  12. 'Boss' outruns another charge

    The _charge_ expires even when the accused is an escape! That's not even trying to look fair.
  13. Did she pay 5x the local park fee?
  14. 2 months, first trimester - not too late for planned parenting.
  15. Return tickets are already paid for.