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  1. If the 24 year old dude gets 5000 does that mean I can get 2 and a half? #ItsALiving
  2. Was sceptical reading this - how would it work? I see they scan for a Bluetooth transmitter which is often used in the skimmer. It's all good unless the scammers are happy to just retrieve the device which has details stored in memory.
  3. Did he complain about the Che Guevara shirts?
  4. Stabbing a guy because some freelancer you just met had her bottom pinched. Quality tourist.
  5. Also number 10 applies to girls but not their car.
  6. harrycallahan

    VIDEO: Saudi Arabian man arrested after drunken rampage at Suvarnabhumi

    Saudi Australia? (I am one. The second bit)
  7. Took her to Koh Samet - trying to bolster up that Stockholm Syndrome?
  8. We get them too in Falang Land but the necessity of flying international acts as a kind human scum filter.
  9. Junk reporting. CO2 concentration has been measured since way back last century, that's how they know it has risen with our industrialisation. This CMS thing is some of bureaucratic mob on top of that. Everyone is still measuring CO2 in the atmosphere. "Nasa's CMS has supported dozens of research projects since 2010 to make sense of monitoring and measurements of the world's carbon dioxide and methane through satellite and aircraft instruments."
  10. Via Reddit... UPDATE 1: We were a bit too late , we had the right people to try and free him but this problem has already been sent to court and he's been transferred to Nong pla lai prison by the time we got to the soi 9 police station. We have been told that the court will set the bail and now seeking for lawyers. Family and friends have been informed and all are willing to pay bail .
  11. Refugees get a lot plus whatever they take. He might actually work or folks do. Actually Africans tend to sit at either end of the scale; like there's the skilled immigrant doctor living very well, then there's the refugees knocking over jewelers and invading homes. Also where I grew up there's a whole clan of former war lords who've pilfered a fortune.
  12. As an Australian I can't emphasise how ironic this is. Major problem over here too.
  13. harrycallahan

    YouTube star slams rip-off taxi driver

    English teacher haggling over a penny, imagine our shock!
  14. In Thailand they've decided you can. Don't chastise me about that I didn't have anything to do with it. They sold him something and didn't deliver. It was easy for them to give the money back.