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  1. Hervey Bay

    Thai womens' attitudes to money in relationships

    I tend to agree....completely.
  2. Hervey Bay

    Thai womens' attitudes to money in relationships

    My wife is 41, and I am 20 years older, but look only 10 years older (really !). Ok....here is part of the individual problem...she has left me, using a spurious reason, and now refuses any counselling or possibility of a reconciliation. It's awful.
  3. Hervey Bay

    Thai womens' attitudes to money in relationships

    My wife is educated, and had a fairly good government job in Thailand in which her income was increasing incrementally, and she gave that up to live O/S with me. And no....I don't understand "different" . That is why I am posting here.....to learn the parameters.
  4. Greetings all, For all I know, this topic may have been done to death in the past, but I have not done a forum search because my own problem is individual. More details in my next post. Please bear with me. I am not currently in Thailand but understand a certain amount about Thai culture, have lived there previously for about 4 years, and I am married to a Thai woman. We live overseas now. I am still....after years of marriage and some life in Thailand.....trying to understand Thai womens' attitudes to money in relationships, perhaps due to my own cultural upbringing. Having grown up in the States, and having a mildly feminist but enlightened mother, my family and friends have always insisted on equality of the sexes, and this also means equal responsibility in sharing bills. But my wife says that the one thing that hurts her heart the most is that I try to share our expenses equally. She seems to think it is me being stingy. What does that have to do with her heart ? It's just being equal. I know that Thailand is a quite traditional society and that the husband takes care of the wife, especially if he works and she stays at home and looks after the house or kids. But we don't have children, rent a small apartment, and she works....earning just as much as I do. Before she started work I supported her completely and I was not stingy. So it really feels that now I am being manipulated into a financially inferior position. I have paid for so much already. This whole situation is really doing my head in and I'm having to book a session with a psychologist.