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  1. From personal experience (I'm no expert in this topic), you will really struggle to get this visa. Things that may help to prove she will return to Thailand: property, children, job. If she doesn't have any property or children, then I would say her best bet is to go back to work for a few months and keep any kind of proof that she works (photos, payslips, bank statement, employment letters, etc). If she was working before, then going back to work now hopefully won't be a problem - if you can convince her. Are you really sure she was working full-time before? If you were paying a considerable "salary" to her (instead of small donations), then it would explain why she is not working now. When they say things like "mother", "sister", "recent full-time job", that could actually mean "aunt", "distant cousin" and "informal part-time job some time ago". As with most things, only time will tell whether this relationship is worth the investment of time and, of course, money. Remember that these strict rules created by the home office are there to protect us as well. Back to your main question, things that can improve your chances: The application is not about you, it's about her. SHE needs to satisfy the home office requirements. Yes, having the funds to sponsor her is an important part of the application, but not the main thing. No matter how much you have, she must satisfy the requirements. Keep a record of the money you are sending her. If you use WesternUnion, TransferWise or similar, it should be easy to prove it's your money. Also, if you send it to her account, it should also appear in her bank statement (or if she gets it from a branch, she can deposit in her bank account - the same amount). She WILL need money in her account - not just a lump sum that appears in the last few days. Make sure she has some money for a few months. While this may not be a requirement, it will definitely help. In the application, you can say she is being fully sponsored, but have around £100 or preferably more to spend on gifts. Start saving logs of all your messages, chats, video calls (even if it's just a screenshot from your mobile phone). Hopefully you already have photos together, but when you go back there take many more. Until you are sure she can meet the basic requirements (and prove she will go back to Thailand), I would avoid even talking to an agent. Do you understand why? Good luck!