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  1. Or China. That’s actually a good idea, sell each dog for 500 baht, and let’s say there are around 200,000 In bkk, that will be 100,000,000 baht, those money could be used to buy some road sweepers so the road and be a bit cleaner, and have garbage bin every 200m is needed also.
  2. Ok then the media have misguided me, but anyway, hope next time it is another hike 300 to 450babt, I doubt stuff will be more expensive, just a baht or two. but many street vendors work only 3-4 hours, they sell to they are empyyy and make a good amount of money, I remember a Somtam lady dressed herself poor, but had a nice house and cars and children in the university, maybe the dressing is for feel sorry for them, I don’t know. but hey, let’s say you have a master degree is the minimum wage still 300baht a day?
  3. Very few a are willing to work for 350 baht a day, I talked with a Burmese guy working in a cheap guest house in Chiang Mai, he had 400 baht a day + 3 free meals and accommodation working 8hr/d. u worked they night and all he did was sitting outside chatting with us and drink beer unless someone needed the key, haha
  4. It is 325 baht a day, but many places are having a hard time to find staff working for under 400 baht a day, they want commissions and bonus etc also... you can find for 325 baht a day but usually youngsters.
  5. Probably some nearby car washing shop called the media to come and do a interview with the farang to ruin he’s successful little business, correct me if I’m wrong.
  6. Support this gentleman’s business if you live nearby take your car for a wash there, I would have done that if I lived nearby. maybe some of those thaivisa work permit detectives will spy on him near his shop and try to find out if he got a work permit or not
  7. Thread a year ago says 2019 https://www.thaivisa.com/forum/topic/985991-pattaya-maptaphut-highway-extension-on-track-for-2019-opening/#comment-11945259 32km an takes 5 years to build it, oh my <deleted> god, those construction companies are so damn slow in these country, every time there are delays on every project... Time to fine those construction companies heavil that are behind the schedule, so they can get their shit together and get things done on time.. there is a project going on not to far away from where I’m living (Pak Chong) they are building a bypass road, and since April I haven’t seen any progress I see there are some workers there( very few ) but they looks useless, driving back and forth with the machinery without any plan...
  8. The Chinese or Japanese will do the maintenance.
  9. World longest high speed rail line Beijing to shanghai was build in 2,5 years, they Chinese are fast en effective, in Europe it would take 10 years probably and in Thailand 250 years.. time the thais hey their stuff together and be more hard working, effective and better planning. if they get things done at time credits to them, fine construction companies heavily who are behind schedule so they can feel the fire burn in their pockets, I’m tired of slow progress.
  10. KTM ETS in Malaysia operating speed is 140kph while top speed is 160kph, cheap and very convenient to use, the track gauge 1000mm...
  11. Many people saying there will be many fatal accidents, I don’t think so, there have been one accident with the mrt since they started to operate, none with the bts or airport rail link. mrt and bts top speed is 80kph, while the airport rail link top speed is 160kph but operate on 120 kph. I’m sure the Japanese or the Chinese or whoever gonna maintain those trains know what they are doing, they are the best in the world on high speed trains, China’s high speed network is the largest in the world from 2007 to 2018 they have more then 20,000km of railway. the only thing that makes me cry is that it will takes forever to build the high speed rail in this country, they are slowly,lazy, and lack workers to work...
  12. The traveler

    E-cigarettes set to be legal in Thailand

    Who cares, do what you want with your own body. everything cause cancer these days, do some research and you will see. talking to much, or laughing to much or smile to much does that cause cancer ?? the only reason everything on the planet earth is classified as dangerous, simply so the government can put a tax on it... corrupt govement and money greedy scientists= more tax money..
  13. The traveler

    E-cigarettes set to be legal in Thailand

    E-cigs or to tobacco is dangerous, so what? My body, my choice I don’t need the government or citizens to tell what I can do or where I can go, it’s called freedom, freedom to take your own choice In life, no one likes to be told what to do, so why always tell smokers to stop? Hell no, I will smoke to i die , unless I have a very good reason to quit, so I can live to I’m 300 years old, what is the point live a very long life? The last 10 years you will probably living in a care home back in your home country and will not be able to do anything unless your genetics are good and you can do everything to the day you die.. thaivisa and most posters seems to be anti freedom, anti democracy and freedom of speech...