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  1. I got a Thai tradesman to do mine last week. Man has done a couple or three jobs for me and is coming on Tuesday to do another. john
  2. Lady called and now Si Net up and running. john
  3. After some hours still not working so I called their place in KSK. Big fire in Bangkok and rather nice lady says she will call me back in 1 hr, with more information. I have now come down to the Photocopy and internet place in my condo and their 3BB connection is working fine. Si Net have got right on my Chest and they are finished, memory says second Big Problem in Bangkok in last couple of months. I have used several servers over my 16 years in CM and no argument Si Net is the worst. They all start off well giving promised speeds but it slowly declines. Have to start studying just who is offering what, or stick with my old faithful the True 4G thumb drive/donglebery. john
  4. The petrol station in CM uni had a lad who fixed my puncture. He had a 'Bradal' with a closed slot in the end. He inserted a short length of 'Waxy' cord, then drew it out trimmed it up and re inflated the tire. I rode gently across town to my Man who looks after my bikes, he inspected checked tire pressure and pronounced OK. That was about 3 months ago and I have checked but never needed to top up pressure. john
  5. This must be about 4th time I have had to complain about Si Net not connecting here in CM. Previously I had C.A.T. fiber optic 30 by 3, B1260. After a year it had slowed so I cancelled and decided to try Si Net. 100 by 30 for same price. CAT never failed, just slowed but Si net has been out on about 3 previous occasions. So bye bye Si net. Oh for those of you asking how do I connect well my True 4 G Thumb Drive has never let me down, in CM or Where ever I have been in Thailand. Don't know it's connection rate but it works, which is more than I can say for Si Net. john How long before their EXPERT gets on to tell us how great Si Net is ?
  6. Dr B is a surgeon, a cutter, the knife before any form of drug. john
  7. Goodspeed Computers they have branches in Pantip 2nd floor and Computer Plaza. Friendly and know their business I have always found them to be Good People to deal with. john
  8. "when it works Sinet is great" All internet providers are Great when they work. My Si Net is OK now, 93 down & 43 up, for B1,284 it should be. john
  9. Many years ago when I first came to CM and paid for the expensive TV channel that was to be come True I asked a Yank why is there some much poor US TV programs ? Serious question and the answer I got was There are over 3,500 24 Hr TV stations in US and anything that gets turned out as "original" is snapped up and put out. john
  10. Still playing silly buggers. I am not impressed with Si Net, if fact at B1,284, Could do better, would be the politest comment I can think of. My True 4G 'Dongle' has never let me down and at B640.93 makes think it's the way to go. My be if I get a 'Dongle' loaded for DTAC, which comes recommended by Thai friends . 2 ways to go plus anywhere coverage. john
  11. Thank you. john
  12. Look Like England will have to bail out Jockland Again as it did in early 18th C. john
  13. Oh how do I post thank Buddha for my 4G True Dongle. john 05 15.
  14. My B1,284 connection is on/off again. More off than on. 05.14. john
  15. I do remember one of Billy Connolly's skits about It's our Oil. Mind you the speaker was from the Shetlands & Orkneys. john Anyone know where I can find a copy of Billy's Crucifixion, literally Crucified me as a young squaddie.