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  1. jonwilly

    3-wheeled motorbike

    https://www.yamaha-motor.co.th/commuter/tricity-155/overview I had a look at these when they first came out. Said to be more stable under heavy breaking on a wet surface. The Italian Piaggio bikes have their front forks stay 'Ridged' when stationary unlike the Yamaha where front forks still have 'Give' in them. 2 wheels at the front should be more stable then 2 at the rear. john
  2. jonwilly

    Recommendations for physiotherapy

    May I recommend Khun Noy https://sites.google.com/site/physiotherapywaterclass/ Noy now has a clinic on Chang Moi, the road from Moat to Warorot Market. I know Noy from the swimming pool and all who have used her Physio services swear by her. john
  3. jonwilly

    Paying a guy to set up an Android box..?

    I do know a guy who provides this service for the boxes that he sells. PM me and I will ask him if he will do yours. john
  4. "The British embassy regretfully declines to do similar outreaches.. They should be embarrassed!" Shot not embarrassed. Well done the POHMs nice to see you have a decent government, ours Stinks. john
  5. I too am hearing naughty tales about the New Guy, very bad for Frangs on type
  6. jonwilly

    Prostate Gland Reduction

    Thanks for the above reply. A little more on the subject. https://www.urologysanantonio.com/bph-enlarged-prostate/rezum john
  7. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-6080191/Breakthrough-five-minute-steaming-treatment-cures-embarrassing-prostate-condition-without-surgery.html Apologies to those who cannot get the above but there is now a procedure to reduce size of the Prostate Gland. Does anyone know if this is available in Thailand, Chieng Mai in perticular ? john
  8. jonwilly

    No Plastic Bags at Rimping Today

    I seem to remember when brown paper bags where order of the day. The boxes are a bad joke. john
  9. jonwilly

    Don't drink and drive

    The guy who was caught spent a night in police nick, same as a Western Cowboy nick, said to be a breeding ground for Mossies, and was fined B5,000. Most of a months wages. john
  10. jonwilly

    Don't drink and drive

    "When asked, no one ever drinks more than a couple of beers.In this case, that couple of beers seems to have messed with his memory!" No the figures are from his employer who said his workers had a couple of beers together before leaving their workplace. john
  11. jonwilly

    Don't drink and drive

    As OP I was offering advice on local CM police attitudes which seem stricter then before. john B15,000 is probably 2 months salary for the guy involved.
  12. jonwilly

    Don't drink and drive

    A Thai employee of a friend of mine was picked up at a police check point last night. Before leaving work he drank 2 possibly max, 3 large bottles of Leo. Alcohol smelled on breath so he was breathalyzed and fail the test. Immediate police nick to go to court this morning. Told to expect up to B15,000 fine. john
  13. jonwilly

    Hourly pay odd job man

    Occasionally I need a Thai workman to do some job around my place. The senior maid in my condo finds them for me. When I need, I need so I deliberately over pay them so if I need again they will have a good opinion of me and be available. Works for me on the occasional times I need a tradesman. john
  14. I went past last week and they where having what I as an old Soldier would describe as a "Scale A Parade". Everyone in uniform and drawn up in Rank & File. Senior Officer out front taking the Parade. All in Best Bib & Tucker. john
  15. jonwilly

    Kelly's Fish and Chips

    "On the chips, don't you know anything" He certainly dose not. john