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  1. Helmet Checks - Green Book Requirement Again ?

    I keep a photo copy under my seat. I have been asked for it once and I made a big performance of finding it, 'Sure I Have it. Just a moment I know I made a copy'. The young female officer was annoyed when I eventually produced it. john
  2. Used oil collection/recycling point

    The m/cycle garage I use, has it's waste oil collected. To the best of my knowledge the 'Collecter' pays a small fee for the oil. I will visit on Saturday morning and ask about the details. john
  3. Christmas Dinner

    Had lunch at Yummy today, Toni confirms Christmas dinner on 25th. Turkey is still a problem. He has 10 on order from one source and has made enquires with Macro. Last year he had 165 covers in 3 sittings, which made for a great deal of work. B750 is what he is asking, half in deposit on booking, same as last year. Shot of my, Lamb Shank, today at Yummy. Rob is also searching for turkeys and confirms 23rd, B499, half on booking as deposit. I think we have a Yank celebration due so the Turkey story may enlighten us more. john
  4. Christmas Dinner

    Sausage King does his on 23rd and Yummy Pizza has their's on the 25th. Both excellent traditional meals at say B500. john Did both last year and year before.
  5. Compatible Nespresso pods/capsules

    Does any one KNOW if the Nesspresso and Dolce Gusto 'Capsule' are interchangeable, that is work in each others machine ? john
  6. 'Toilet' Shop in CM !

    I am having problems with the 'Flushing' mechanism of my American Standard toilet. Can anyone advise where I may find a Shop in CM that specialises in sale of the Internal parts for a toilet bowl ? My present set up, 2 Photos below, is completely different and I need to do an upgrade. There are many video's on You Tube that offer information. john
  7. VHS to DVD Transfers

    I made enquires and was advised that VHS where of low quality in terms of the number of 'Lines' used. This was lower than UK TV was and that DVD could be made but would be of low quality fo reproduction. john
  8. The Hangout - The Game - Rock City

    Youth is wasted on the Young. john
  9. March up Doi Suthep

    Having watched 'Freshmen' being 'Paraded' around camp during their first week all I can say is it's a Thai thing. I could not imaging freshmen in Europe or the states being so treated. john
  10. March up Doi Suthep

    Living next to CM Uni it is amusing to see large squads of 'Freshmen' marching and even doubling around the grounds during their first week, normally led by a Guidon bearing 2nd year. john
  11. March up Doi Suthep

    The new class of students at CM Uni will do their assent of Doi Suthep on the morning of Saturday 09th of September. Traffic problems at top end of Huay Keaw road during the morning. john
  12. Removalist from Chiang Mai to Lam Plai Mat

    Lam Plai Mat last stop before Buriram. john
  13. Removalist from Chiang Mai to Lam Plai Mat

    CM to Issan ! john
  14. Tshoo! IT’s Flu Season

    Myself and everyone I know all have 'chronic' problems now. Sniffles and generating 'Flem' in my case. john
  15. Chinese tourists jumping queue

    I know that at Swampy if your traveling Business Class you can use the line for Thai Passport holders. Also I understand that if your in a wheelchair you may use the Thai Passport holders line. john