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  1. jonwilly

    Free manuals download.

    The HAYNES series of car/motorcycle repair manuals are available Postage & packing free from The Book Depository, take about 3 weeks to arrive from date of purchase. I have had over six manuals for myself and friends. john
  2. Considerably less than my old country UK. In the 17 years I have lived here and the previous 20 years I came as a visitor I have never been threatened by a Thai only by other Frangs. john
  3. jonwilly

    Visa Agents Days Are Numbered?

    Why oh Why should Agents Days be numbered ? I asked my agent and he told me No Problems for them, but I do think that folks who are not 100% legal, well there days are numbered especially as a friend tells me that the 800K for single folks, is going up to 1 Million. john
  4. jonwilly

    Where to rent a pickup truck in CM?

    North Wheels, said to be oldest renter in CM. john
  5. jonwilly

    Wing 41

    "the current page in the vehicle registration book." Thats Page 4-5, onest. john
  6. jonwilly

    Mad Dog's Closed?

    "Gay Bar' Yee Gods, wonder if Gai will let me come and watch ? john
  7. jonwilly

    Car pressure washers

    We had Pressure washers used to clean aircraft in the Mid East. The recommendation from the foreman in charge of their maintenance was turn on and leave on. On/Off caused the mechanism to deteriorate so he always had his men leave them switched on, no quick bursts of flow and stop. john
  8. jonwilly

    Smoke coming from direction of airport

    Emergency services practicing Fire Drills. john
  9. May I recommend Majic, 3rd floor Pantip Plaza. Opens at 10.30, know their stuff and friendly positive attitude. john
  10. jonwilly

    Visa Agents Days Are Numbered?

    Assit Thai Visa have assured me they will have no problems doing my Visa in future, line sitters may be gone but Pro outfits know there job. john Cheap at half the price.
  11. jonwilly

    iPhone X screen Freezes

    Cheers Richard, your method with the buttons worked. john
  12. jonwilly

    iPhone X screen Freezes

    My iPhone X has frozen as in the photo. I was attempting to delete one of the QR Photos and the phone froze. I have tried to restart the phone by pressing and releasing Volume Up, Down and Start button (long hold) but all I get is Siri. Any ideas ?
  13. jonwilly

    Honda Dream with 66k on odometer....repair?

    Sorry I can't help. Go back and see Oud, Carburation is all I can think of. john
  14. jonwilly

    Honda Dream with 66k on odometer....repair?

    Next time I see Oud I will mention the Clutch. Knowing Oud the bike will have been Test Ridden by his Boy/Lad Khun Haw (mid 30's) who will have done some of the work. If Haw thought there was anything wrong the bike would have been sorted before return. I will stick with what I have said Oud is biker and turns out a good job. john
  15. jonwilly

    Condos, heat, west facing, or penthouse...

    In my opinion it does help to lower the temperature, I am sure it reflects back some of the light. I will suggest that the Folks at the Ram are of the same view. john