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  1. Gents lately I have been suffering with a lack of breath after any strenuous effort. Talking to Non Medical friends a Multi Slice in MRI machine, for the heart has been recommended. I have used the Ram since I first came to CM but folk say there may be a better/cheaper alternative. Any serious information appreciated. john
  2. Grab consistently refuses to recognize my pick up point often moving it about 200 mtrs. I often stand as far as is safe in road waving my phone and this normally works. I agree with original post the Uber map was far superior. john
  3. Pra Sing post office. Paid one 2 weeks ago and have another one to pay off tomorrow. john
  4. A Thai mate of mine gets M/Cycles sent up from Bangkok on Overnight buses. He says it's the cheapest way. The BKK end strips the bikes, packages them and places them with the bus company. They place on overnight bus and he collects following morning at CM bus station. john
  5. jonwilly


    A gent of the OLD school. john
  6. jonwilly

    Agent to get Motorbike Tax Decal

    The Garage I have used for the 17 years I have been in CM do my M/Cycle tax for me as a curtisy. john
  7. jonwilly

    ATM count your money !

    I have only had one incident when using ATM's in Thailand and world wide. The money which I always check has been always correct. However on one occasion as the ATM was going throw it's procedure the machine suddenly 'Sucked' back in the B10K it was paying out. I was at my local branch went in and spoke to the ladies on duty. They had never had such an experienced before and I was told I would have to wait until that evening when they physically check the ATM. No problems I got my B10K there and then and when I dropped in next day they confirmed my bank account. john
  8. jonwilly

    Leather jacket

    In my expireance of Leather made goods in CM including a M/C jacket I doubt you'l get value for money. john
  9. jonwilly

    Grab Server Problems

    Yesterday 04 May I had problems using Grab. I went to book from my Condo on Suthep Rd and had the strange experience of having entered my start point, Grab then decided that my start point was my end point. I made about 4-5 attempts to correct but no go. Eventually I ordered a Grab car and told driver who arrived very quickly to take me down town. We did this then driver could not/would not tell me cost. I gave him B100 which would cover journey which I had done before. After he had left I was having a beer and checked my phone, where I found it was still indicating a Condo to Condo journey at B50. Come going home time once again problems booking and at one point I had 'Spinning Bars' show on my phone. I ordered a car from my restaurant to my condo and a statement appeared saying 'Grab is having server problems'. I then flagged down a Red Song-thaw. About 2/3rds through my journey home my phone calls and it's a Grab driver saying he is at my pick up point, where am I ? I told him I was in Red Song-thaw I told him bye bye and heading home and he got upset, I then repeated my self, not very politely I will admit. I trust that having got rid of Uber, Grab will sort out their Server problems. john
  10. jonwilly

    Condo for sale in Prachup Khiri Khan ?

    Cheers Gents Thanks for your comments. CM where I live has Condos breeding Condos. However for a couple of months of the year the atmospherics are painful. I enjoy the Sea Breeze and am seriously contemplating a move and would do so if I can find suitable accomadation. john
  11. Gents I am no expert on the net. I have tried to find a Condo for sale in Prachup Khiri Khan. I am trying to find a Condo for sale in Muang Prachup Khiri Khan. During my stay the owners of the hotel where I stayed suggested that they would build a Condominium in the future. I do not want to rent a house or small bungalow. I stayed a couple of years ago during Chiang Mai's burning season and I am now considering a move of location in Thailand. Is any one away of any Condo's in the town, I did not see any during my month down there. john
  12. jonwilly

    Best Exchange Rates Bank or Other

    My Mate a regular visitor is a Jock and therefore Financially careful. He says the small place down Loi Kroh Rd consistently has the best rate and a good attitude thrown in for free. john
  13. jonwilly

    Grab in Chiang Mai

    I agree Grab prices seem slightly higher and their map is not as accurate as Uber was. Most of their drivers are ex Uber. I still prefer them to Red Songthaws let alone Tuk Tuks. john
  14. T'is said that you can't get out of Harlen alive. However if you do then I will suggest that Thailand and Chieng Mai in particular is a very good bet. john
  15. jonwilly

    Raining in Chiang Mai

    Thanks for the rain, now after yesterdays heavy shower and strong blow, I can see the hills of Doi Saket from my condo on Doi Suthep. john