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  1. Noy's English is very good.She even understand British jokes, well some. Masters Decree from Mahidol Uni Bangkok. Noy is a People person, Acting Professor at CM Uni, she refuses to do a PHD as is happist working with people, not pushing paper. john
  2. May I recommend Khun Noy. https://sites.google.com/site/physiotherapywaterclass/ Noy has opened a new clinic on Chiang Moi Road, (Moat to Wararot Market). She accepts walk in Customers. Many myself included swear by Noy, she knows her job. john
  3. AIS 4g WiFi dongle

    My True 4G Dongle has worked from CM to Pratchap Kiri Kan and all points in between, also over on the Mekong at Mukdahan. john
  4. Earthquake CM

    At 01.28 my room shook as it has done in past Earthquakes. john
  5. visa re-entry stamp at the airport

    Agree, not worth the risk unless you have plenty of time and know exactly where to go. john
  6. Uber Problems Complain to Where ?

    "Problem when dealing via apps. No one responsible." I agree with the above. Last night I had an excellent trip back. Mature driver who picked me up exactly at spot indicated in Mobile map. I suggested a detour to avoid a know traffic area but he had a better solution. Good drivers do exist but problem drivers are more common. Going down town the driver told me that Uber have an office in Hang Dong, but could not be specific as too location. john
  7. I have an old mate visiting and we either take lunch together going in my car or I meet him of an evening and as we will be drinking I take a Uber. A couple of problems have arisen. I assume their 'Super Computer' is in the States and so not 100% on CM roads, access to places like CM uni, no go without a pass or must leave by gate entered. More than once I get Pick up in 5 mins then car try's to enter CM uni and gets refused. 5 mins then turns into 20 or more as a new route is found. Also once Uber gave colour of car as well as make but now name of driver and make of car. Second problem is I request return to my Condo, enter my restaurant location, stand outside, mobile in hand taking scowls from Songtow and Tuc Tuc drivers . I see car approaching on mobile, then stepping as far into road as I consider safe, the Uber goes past. I have had them go around the 'block' or get lost. Three times they go vanish then I get You Missed pickup, B35 to be paid on next trip. Definitely not my fault. Most driver owners are safe or as safe as anyone can be on CM roads. Occasionally I have all but pushed my foot through the floor for following close behind can be disturbing. Who in CM can I talk to about these problems. Not a computer. john
  8. It's the Bulge in the trousers that does it. john
  9. Fresh ocean fish in Chiang Mai -- revisited

    Just in from a Luvvly Cod and chips at Yummy, Tony really does one proud. john Frozen fish unfortunately, when he can get it.
  10. Fresh ocean fish in Chiang Mai -- revisited

    And nasty. john
  11. Fresh ocean fish in Chiang Mai -- revisited

    Sensitive arn't you. john
  12. Fresh ocean fish in Chiang Mai -- revisited

    A couple of years ago I asked if one of the moderators would change my board name from jonwilly to something like Willnomore. I became John Willy at Infants school and that followed me all my life even into my time in the Army. An Irish pal could not get home for Easter so I invited him to stay with my family. He met my old mates and John Willy followed me to my 20 odd years in the Brit Army. I went to wok in Mid east and met many old accountancies from my Army days so I was still John Willy, no problem for me. When I returned to UK I decided to get on the net and the expert I knew, about a month on the net himself, explained that because of the small hard drives we had back then measured in Megs not Gigs, I should change my log on name from JohnWilly to jonwilly, saving a letter each time. The many years later one guy out here explained that Jon was favoured by those who Bat for the other team, so jonwilly was asking for invites from the people who never stop looking for fellow travellers. If a moderator would oblige I will quite happily change my board name. john Bye.
  13. Missing Brit Ian Todd

    Gents an old army mate has contacted me about a fellow former British soldier who has gone missing in Thailand. I told him I would do all I can to help and requested more in depth information.I received the below. "Hi John.This seems to be getting serious, and there are considerable concerns for his safety.He was living in Pattaya, working as an English language teacher. He seems to have got involved with a woman. His apartment was entered by local Police on 30 Dec, and his laptop was found to have been last used on 11 Nov. Emails suggest that he had missed 29 of his classes.Passport, driving licence and bank cards were missing, but no clothing or toiletries.No trace at hospitals. Immigration say he hasn't left the country.The woman can't be found. There is evidence that he was paying her a lot of money. £6000 was withdrawn from a UK account on 27 Dec.The following is a quote from an email from a friend of the family who works in Thailand: Array: It sounds like the women is a member of team and she is the draw to pull in vulnerable hits. This sounds very organised not your typical Farang fall in love with Thai girl bar and gets ripped off. This whole operation looks very slick and organised that means connected people may be involved Police, Army, Officials etc so have to tread carefully. Not sure if there is anything your friend can achieve with this, but I thought I'd just keep you up to date. Any help would be appreciated. john
  14. Fresh ocean fish in Chiang Mai -- revisited

    How should I know where the Sakon Fish market is ? john
  15. I am with UOB. Very nice people to deal with, no problem opening an account. john