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  1. Star Visa did mine B4,500 and then came down to local Amphure where my will is registered and held. They provided a copy in Thai and English, very good service. john
  2. jonwilly

    Overseas Credit Cards

    Like you Nancy my card was locked but cleared it's self by following day. True again. Very embarrassing when your told 'No Can honour your card' even if it's by a nice young girl. I have taken to making a photo on my mobile to show my self I was not dreaming. john
  3. jonwilly

    Overseas Credit Cards

    Some months ago I reported a problem when trying to pay with a UK issued Master Card. Today same 'Dealer' and card refused. So I stamped my foot, 'Politely' and requested they find out why. You ask too much. This is absolute rubbish, I have far more credit then the B20,297 I was requesting. Later on I was able to contact the fraud services on the UK issuing bank. After some time they informed me that the problem was that the 'Dealer' was only able to accept a much lower figure, not really my problem apart from the fact that THEY have lock my card which MAY clear after 24 hrs. john
  4. jonwilly

    Si Net Down Again

    My internet connection went down about 1 hr ago. After calling Si-net on 1147 I was informed that they knew about this and that I could expect a Technician tomorrow morning to reset my condo's connection. john So how do I post ? Well my trusty True 4 G thunb drive still works.
  5. jonwilly

    Quiet and durable fan

    Try a Vertical Fan, very quite on it's slowest speed. I have a German Tefal and am pleased to recommend. john
  6. jonwilly

    Sunday lunch Chiangmai

    Yes Toni does a good spread at Yummy and he due back off his European adventure come this Sunday. john
  7. jonwilly

    My experiences with Thai Police

    As both a Scooter rider and car driver I have been stopped by police while on my bike more times then I could mention. Always polite and after a check on licence sent on my way with a smile. During the year following the passing on of the late Head of State I wore a badge the Thai 9, given by Thai friends, more that once when they saw this I was waved on without stopping and usually a polite nod of the head or even a salute on a couple of occasions. Never been stopped in my car apart from the time I went through a Red Light. B400 fine and good laugh down the Police station when reliving me of my Baht. john
  8. As a resident I have not followed this thread. However while having breakfast this morning with 2 local businessmen They say it's all from the Army who have had pressure placed on them by government and owners of big hotels. Thailand is now very low on tourists and They say the closing of guest houses is to chase visitors into more expensive established Hotels. john
  9. jonwilly

    Satellite TV

    I own my own Set Top Box for True TV. I bought it back in 2003 when I moved into my condo from a company not in biseness any longer. When True TV 'Box" was upgraded some years back say 8, I had to buy a new box. Niyom Panich was place I used. I understand that Electronic Plaza also stocks the new box. You will need an up to date 'Set Top Box' and a card not expensive, a few thousand baht. john
  10. jonwilly

    Satellite TV

    True is expensive and as folks say there can be problems on service when you need. Set top boxes are much cheaper but even if you have a good fast internet connection there can and will be times when it plays up. Six of one or half a dozen of the other. john
  11. jonwilly

    Mad Dog's Closed?

    "do you think a bloke could hang his hat on 1 of them ? " As we used to say, when I wuz a lad, You could stand a Pint Pot of Ale on them and not spill a drop. Horizontal or at least 89 degrees. john Can't remember the name of the Bar located in area of the Original Thermae, but owner moved the bar to Soi Cowboy, he passed away a couple of years ago, fell from a balcony if I remember correctly.
  12. jonwilly

    Mad Dog's Closed?

    So does anyone KNOW if Mad Dog has been issued a termination of Lease ? john Not been in MD for a couple of years and Spotlight for many years and I remember no 33 from a bar on Suckhumvit, the girl with the Horizontal "Chest".
  13. jonwilly

    Agency for Retirement Visa in Chiang Mai?

    B5,500 to assit and B1,900 for gov fee. john
  14. jonwilly

    Agency for Retirement Visa in Chiang Mai?

    Did my non immig visa on Wednesday. Left assit Thai visa at 13.30 with 3 others, back in my condo by 15.00 hrs. Many bad stories heard at immigration by folk who had been there long time. Worth the cost to me. john
  15. jonwilly

    Prachuap Khiri Khan

    "The Italian restaurant is La Vite, about 100 meters from the gates of the army camp" Yes thats the place I was using on my last visit. Good food and a friendly Boss Lady. Thanks. john