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  1. Heart attack....best hospital..?

    Some of the old The Pub users may remember George who had had a heart attack and survived. Feeling ill one day he called a friend and was taken to RAM where it was found he was having, as he suspected, a second Heart Attack. john
  2. Having brunch this morning I sat down with 2 local businessmen. One had just returned from an out of country trip. As part of the conversation he says, he had done his visit to Immigration Promanada and registered his return. Your TM 30 says I. No, now you have to go down immigration and tell them your back in country within 24-48 hrs. Eh says I, new to me, for management my Condo do my TM 30 so I don't visit Immigration. B1,600 fine if you don't. Now I will go visit Assist Thai Visa come Monday, no problem for me but is the above correct or just another misguided tale. john
  3. Turkeys

    Rob at Sausage King tells me he has his Frozen birds for his do on Dec 23rd. Rimping birds and check over so complete and looking good. john
  4. Which are the best highschools in CM?

    I know 2 young folk who both went to Satit and then on too CM Uni. john
  5. I'll stick with Assist Thai Visa, B1,000 for 4 reports, 100% correct service. john Really hate Promanada, and was never over impressed by the old airport office.
  6. Ultrasonic Critter Repeller.....

    Thank you Buddy, order placed, very straightforward. john
  7. They used to have some good ale in Beer Republic, spent a few happy afternoons in there. john
  8. Ultrasonic Critter Repeller.....

    Could you tell me the Trade name for your electronic Zapper, approx cost and where I could buy. john
  9. Christmas Dinner

    SK tells me that Macro now has Turkey in and he has secured his Birds for the do on the 23rd. john
  10. Vision centre, have done me twice in last 10 years. Well Satisfied. john
  11. Where to replace MACBOOK air Keyboard?

    Stick with Magic, good people to deal with and the Boss knows his job. john
  12. Airport Air Force Base Road sticker pass

    Starts first week of November. I have a pass for my scooter. And it is February before frang stickers are issued. john
  13. Looking for a recommendation....

    IMHO Sausage King and Yummy Pizza do the best value for money English breakfasts in CM. Maybe one of the better hotels can beat them for quality with a Pro Chef, but for ordinary folks paying under B200 you will have to go far to beat SK or Yummy Pizza. Steak of the Day in Mae Rim used to be very good. john
  14. 4 ops for me, including removal of a kidney stone and circumcision which left me with the original problem. john
  15. Full English / Australian Breakfast

    Back in the days when Rod was at Kellys they did a decent breakfast, but I have no idea if he is still involved ih the place named for him. john SK does Black Pudding.