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  1. A German friend had his daughter attend and she won a scholarship to a Japan university from there. Young lad living next door to me attended and is now on an internship with a computer company in CM. Satit school is highly regarded. john
  2. Try The good Doctor will probably give you a severe talking to for not using a Quality condom but both Dr. P and her husband Dr. V are genuine caring folk who have done more than anyone to help orphans of HIV in CM. john Gout, Alloric is what my DR recommends to reduce/rid uric acid.
  3. "Are you referring to the SE corner of where they extended the road?" I think so, Duck from there was good and cheap, never stopped now as the new position is bad from my point of view. john
  4. Dined in the Sangsuma, German restaurant today with a visiting mate. Could not resist their Duck breast, luvverly. Washed down with Dunkel beer,even better. john
  5. There used to be a very good roadside "Stall" doing excellent roast duck on Suthep Rd. Not sure if it's still there following the building of the road extension to Wing 41. john
  6. I had CAT Fiber Optic, good but over the 23 months I had it, it slowed so I changed to Sinet. 100 by 30. Even during installation we never made 100 download but high 90's was acceptable and strangely the upload has always been over the 30 promised. I was more than happy with these results, B1284. However Sinet has gone off line about 4 or 5 times. On a couple of these they sent warning by phone saying problem in Bangkok, on the others nothing. I had AIS fibre recommended by a mate who also had CAT and when his installation was removed, Their 'Engineer' told him AIS was best and he had had it installed. I tried AIS at the new place next to Eat on Earth and was told No can install above floor 3, I live on 8th floor. Still on Sinet and it's gone off memory says once more. Todays result below. john
  7. R.I.P. One of the good guys. john
  8. The French/Thai beef as sold by the outlet on the Immigration Canal is quality beef. And I am no fan of Buffalo sold as beef. john
  9. The Pharmacy next to Porn Ping has a good reputation. john
  10. As an old Brit I was brought up to Look Right, Look Left and Look right again before crossing road. Though I must admit a bit of noise is desirable. john
  11. I used to take a drink with a Brit who worked for Diagio. He said the the company imported Cod from UK and they found they had a better profit on UK Cod in the Orient then selling it in UK. Ray who owned the Offshore in Soi 23 used the UK cod. Tony Yummy Pizza still uses cod, when he can get it from Macro. john
  12. I know SK makes his Black Pud out of blood supplied by CP Foods. His Home made HP style sauce is top notch perhaps a little on the fruity side. john
  13. I know Sausage King often buys UK Food imports from a UK Food importer on eastern seaboard. He gets foods I like but cannot find in Thai Supermarkets or Kasem.
  14. The Thai lawyer whose services I have used is adamant that Frangs should always buy a Condo, for as she says The Thai Government says YOU own it. john
  15. I noticed the other day the PTT fuel station in CMU was closed off. Yesterday I observed more closely and all seems closed down, no more fuel. I remember the Shell Station on Huay Kaew was closed off but has now reopened and seems to be back as normal apart from the Vehicle wash facility is no longer in operation. Any one have better knowledge. john