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  1. Cleggers the EU gimp told us we were liars when he was asked, accused Farage of making things up. Sir Nigel was correct after all. Ironic Germany want it as they spend very little as a percentage of GDP, on defence. Will they be pooling their resources and spending more or tying to run it on a low budget. Will we be removing all our troops and will the US we should!
  2. You can’t have your cake and eat it! Ok neither can the EU We should have told them to do one two years ago and stopped paying the Muppets, their economy would be on the edge by now and in March we could have seen them crash and burn!
  3. And It is delusional to think the EU is planning or wanting a European army! Turkey is years off joining the EU Yea right
  4. They sort of did according to the video evidence available?
  5. Hilarious ! Not Mc Alpine that was a bit slaws! So funny even now. Interedting what we remember from years ago as was only a few seconds long, simple but clever humour.
  6. So cool and no health and safety Police to stop it
  7. No why would they ?
  8. Everyones stomach expands when air enters the lungs ? Maybed it was more than the kiss of life!
  9. Hehe only our age group will understand that!
  10. Facial stereotypes hilarious where did that come from. anything that I’d not left far left or accepted by the elite ruling millionaire class is considered populous don’t let you men democratic if it’s popular. The EU is neither democratic or popular!
  11. Politics seems more partisan then in recent timeless!
  12. Yes this thread had been great fun and intuitive to see the variety of bus travellers we have all been missing. Very interesting to see how much more we are aware of what people do on the bus in the future? As we say in the UK the ‘the wheels have come off the bus’. RIP Bharat bus thread we will miss you so much.