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  1. Only 20 years? They should get the death penalty, the slow death penalty! But he needs to have his trial and evidence put before a court before he can be called a rapist. Maybee he has been at it for a lung time as you say, but there must be a trial. It seems an issue in the UK that gangs of men from the ‘Pakistani community’ have been raping thousands of very young white girls so I hope not but it it could be a similar story here? https://www.theguardian.com/uk-news/2018/oct/29/rotherham-grooming-gang-seven-men-convicted-of-sexual-offences
  2. Very informative post Thankyou
  3. Possibly quiet likely that there will be some reprisal for the loss of face, but Saudi is being careful following the murdered journalist in their Turkish Embassy. They may not want further international incidents?
  4. Yes I agree with you, interesting. I wonder if there is something going on, they are not actually releasing? I would respectfully defer to your better knowledge of the rules and protocols though, rather me reading internet articles!
  5. It would seem good for the ecconomy to have a national large scheme like this? If negotiations are going no where there is little point in continuing as wastes time?
  6. Sounds like an ideal prison to me, so when they get released they do not want to go back. Drug dealers, peodohiles, murderrs rapists deserve the harshest possible treatment we can offer them. Looks like the Thais have it spot on in dealing with them. Great they detest people suggesting otherwise. I am not in Bangkok enough as might volunteer myself at that prison hopefully loosing the Keys. Might try Chaingmai instead? https://www.volunteerthailand.org/ Shame nothing on here about volunteering at any prison, perhaps you have a contact ?
  7. That’s sums it up succinctly. hope they enjoy Thai jail time.
  8. How are they bikers when in a car? Maybee just tattoos big guys? But it is not illegal to defend yourself so if attacked as they were well done for the self defence method used (bigger numbers)
  9. Yes in normal circumstance that is correct but they have identified several issues with the civilian vessel including it on autopilot and lack of supervision. https://foxtrotalpha.jalopnik.com/why-the-destroyer-crash-that-killed-seven-u-s-sailors-1796462864 This is an older post which sort of makes some sense.
  10. Everyone I know still wants to leave and we can quickly bring the country to a stop if we don’t . Certainally slowing traffic from Southern Ireland to the EU. ruining their dairy industry, Plus shutting London down is very easy and well discussed in internet groups. Brave Brexiteers recentkynshut most of the London river crossings, some were arrested unlike when environmentalist did the same thing. Unfair treatment? I think the police and political class are getting ready for trouble as are reviewing the right to demonstrate, interestingly they didn’t do this over the EU demonstration or environmental but are over Brexit !! When Moggs children were abused by the leftist the police stood and watched, but once the remainers winge they act. https://www.theguardian.com/law/2019/jan/10/cps-to-test-three-cases-of-alleged-harassment-after-soubry-abused-outside-parliament I also firmly believe there will be further polarisation no matter what they do.
  11. Hehe we will be leaving leave always meant a ‘Hard Brexit’ if Corbyn wins his no confidence vote and there is a general election then May will have the choice of dates. The executive (Cabinet) will be in charge, not parliament until Election Day which will need to be after the Brexit day due to time constraints or too many legal challenges. Labour are probably unlikely to win with Corbyn too much hate of his terrorist links to the IRA and Hamas. Only option open is leave on Brexit day despite the remain MPs with their own interests in mind. https://www.politico.eu/article/jeremy-corbyn-labour-local-elections-power-quest-off-course/ As to a second referendum, bring it on I know no one who voted leave that have changed their minds! We will win then you can ask for a third?
  12. Well remainers seem to have to resort to insults like tin hats, gammon etc, and Little England is better than no England wishing the EU. Stick to facts the discussion will be easier. Foreign billionaire such as Soros through his ‘open democracy’ charity just gave 500 million to the leave campaign, it should be illegal to accept such donations from foreign donors and Siri’s once brought the country to its knees so seems no friend of the English! https://www.theguardian.com/business/2018/may/29/george-soros-drastic-action-needed-for-eurozone-to-survive With Romania now holding the EU presidency it will be interesting to see forward momentum of the EU. I don’t mind staying in if it means wrecking it from the inside, forcing lower budgets bans on running up future debt and actual accounts that match up why not a second referendum can happen for me we will win again. What can remain offer no changes? Like Ford moving factories out of the UK on EU development grants? Jaguar building factories in Slovakia with state aid we are not allowed to give? The list is endless we are just a piggy bank for the EU to break into. https://www.telegraph.co.uk/politics/2019/01/10/eu-rules-left-slovakia-free-entice-jaguar-land-rover-uk-110m/ Isnt the EU our great friend taking our fishing and jobs yeas really great
  13. There is nothing new with the present emergency see news report. Perhaps they will electrify the steel parts. Would seem every option possible. In Israel the terrorists such as Hamas do build lots of tunnels. The Israelies simply blow them up with many terrorist dying inside. All options should be available to keep the US safe? But the libs wouldn’t like the Correct Israeli approach and might be sad if introduced. https://www.usatoday.com/story/news/politics/2014/10/22/president-obama-states-of-emergency/16851775/ I think in a state of emergency the President should be able to just instruct it with tunnel busting bombs and electrification in steel made parts?
  14. Yes looks like more anti Trump organised propaganda