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  1. Hi, I am looking for a place to blood test for cholesterol without having to go through a doctor as I understand the results. I had a panel done at Majaraj and it took all day, I've heard Ram is pricey. Is there a lab or somewhere I can just walk into and get a basic simple blood test without extras and doctors? I'd sure appreciate it, this is something I would like to do a few times to monitor my progress.
  2. I see either pricey designer luggage at the malls, or stuff that looks like it will fall apart at the markets. Anyone have tips where I could find a solid stow-away size luggage for a decent price? It's a one-time use thing, I usually travel carry-on only But want to haul a load of clothes home. Thoughts that came to mind: abandoned luggage at hotels or airport, a store I'm not thinking of, online classifieds? Thanks!
  3. Have you ever sat on a stuffy plane grounded for 2 hours on the tarmac because people were arguing about seats? Dramatic indeed.
  4. Duke of Earl

    Changing 1000 baht notes

    7-11 folks are happy to change them in my experience, but I always approach them with kindness and friendliness and buy more than 100 baht worth of stuff. Massage places are ideal, and restaurants where I can count the change in a leisurely fashion.
  5. Duke of Earl

    CM Immigration Q&A (2018)

    A nice easy morning for a 30 day extension... I had noted that days before and after weekends and holidays tend to be busier, so I opted for Thursday morning. This is what I found: -I arrived solely with my passport (visa and departure card) -No need to get copies or pics in advance as photos right next door are 100 baht (they give you 4) and copies are 2 baht each. Took 10 minutes. -No lines out the door at 8 am. Line inside took 10 minutes. -Chairs inside about 4/5 full. -Given a ticket for the queue 7 numbers away, so I didn't bother with "happy queue" monitoring. -40 minutes later, it was ready. -No request for TM-30 but residence clarification was asked (room number of hotel). They seem to look closely at residence information. -No request for funds proof, though I was ready. All staff were polite and professional. There was a freindly smiling IO outside greeting arrivals. There was a security guard in the lot directing parking. I arrived at 7:45 am and was walking away before 9 am. ...on my way to Airport Plaza, definitely walkable but unfortunately not open till 11 am...
  6. Duke of Earl

    looking for a Naturopathic Doctor (ND).

    Rubbish. I worked with a ND for years who was fluent with "modern medical practices" (western medicine). She was also brilliant in Eastern medicine. In fact, she has a well-rounded approach to all the modalities. She encourages her patients to educate themselves thoroughly about all their options. She is a big fan of western medical testing but not a slave to the pharmaceutical industry. Any good naturopath will encourage the patient to engage all possible options.
  7. Down load Netflix to your smartphone/tablet and download a bunch of shows. Just like a long flight...
  8. Duke of Earl

    Denied entry to Thailand!

    My last apartment was cash only- first last and security. My money belt holds the equivalent of 60,000 baht easy, and looks and feels just like a regular belt, no metal either so I keep it on at the airport. Best exchange rates for cash too. This money thing is a non-issue for me. Never a problem in 30 years of travel.
  9. Duke of Earl

    Please advise for destinations for heart patients

    Thank you for the thoughtful reply. Any thoughts on Phuket / Krabi area? Just looking at its position regarding the ocean, for cleaner air... Plus they seem popular so was hoping maybe good medical facilities. Pattaya looks like it might have good positioning by the gulf too, and has a sizable population, although a reputation not interesting. Thanks for the tips
  10. I appreciate everything you've said- yet this one I don't understand. I thought it had to be one way or the other- purchase or cash advance. For my cc they are dealt with very differently, and very unfavorably for cash advances. I asked the bank and just got the standard info on cash advances. I want to pay it off later, and if a cash advance registers, it kicks in the monthly apr plus fees which I don't have to deal with if I stick to purchases for a year as I'm now in the introductory period.
  11. You are right- very disrespectful shirt for public display. I wonder if he is that stupid (sounds like it) or if they grabbed him sleeping in it and gave no option to change? He shouldn't even own the dumb shirt in the first place...
  12. This is excellent. Thank you. Precisely what I am looking for. My last question: will this just appear to my bank as a purchase? I suspect yes. That would be perfect. Thanks again.
  13. To answer your concerns: no-not near a SR, yes- I tried to look before I asked. I don't read Thai. I also called SR and they were unable to understand my question clearly, and understandably wouldn't know how the transaction would appear to my bank anyway. I wrote on Line and never got a response. I wrote my bank and got a boilerplate reply about cash advances.
  14. Some pharmacies don't carry aspirin (Aspent). Keep asking and you will find 81 mg. I've seen: 10 pack - 7 baht 60 pills - 39 baht