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  1. >According to him, schools will submit the list of very poor students to Obec and EEF by early next month. >paying these students via their schools What can go wrong here...
  2. Strange, do they X-Ray all containers? Unlikely to the first...
  3. digitalnobhead

    FRA-BKK-CNX luggage 40kg

    Ah seems your right there is no business class on Chiang Mai route. That leave 20kg economy, plus the 10kg bonus for sigining up to flyerbonus, plus 900baht for 10kg extra - if they actually bother charging. http://www.bangkokair.com/baggage-allowance Will need to split across two suitcases if they enforce max 32kg per piece
  4. No. However I got away with it a few months ago. They have the new smaller premium passes stickered to the glass and were pointing and moaning about this - why you have old blah blah blah , just play dumb and they eventually process you.
  5. digitalnobhead

    Priority at immigration.

    Unfortunately the premium lanes immigration are staffed by mainly women now.., and yes the stereotype fits..., unpleasantly grilled and document producing as much as using the normal immigration lines. YMMV
  6. digitalnobhead

    FRA-BKK-CNX luggage 40kg

    Presuming you're not ticketed to CMX, just book business with Bangkok Airways from BKK to CNX. 40kg included. If you want to fly economy, it's 20kg, plus you get an extra 10kg for joining their frequent flyer program, that's 30kg. Then its 90baht a kilo domestic (very reasonable imo), so 900baht excess luggage. So weigh up the difference between economy and business.. Since QR is unlikely to check you through all the way to CNX with different tickets you'll need to allow time to clear immgiration, pickup luggage, check in again and head to gate.
  7. I would really love to know how many Smart visas have been issued to date?
  8. As much as I think Grab is a complete sh*tshow operation wise - terrible customer service, wildly varying time estimates, can you cancel sir please bullshit, buggy app. They do aid price discoverability in a big way, even if I dont use Grab in a new location I know roughly within plus or minus 25% what price I'd tolerate. The poor late night "disco disco sexy lady karoke" bars that you explicitly said no too, but Somchai still swings by, are hopefully suffering too.
  9. digitalnobhead

    Bangkok, You Can Now Send Mail From 7-Eleven

    They are already ahead of you here, with shopat24.com quite often same price as Lazada without the crappy last mile logistics, pick up at nearest 7/11, phones, laptops etc...
  10. digitalnobhead

    Grab Bike taxi punished for intimidating passenger

    70baht x 5 The amazing customer services of Grab after making a national headline. Uber...
  11. What times and days of week are quietest entering Padang Beasar thai-side immigration from malaysia? Is there a rush hour? Also when does the malaysian xmas holiday start, I was caught there on near xmas last year and it was not a pretty sight even if did eventually fast track to non-malay falangs, some of the malays looked like they had a several hour queue ahead of them judging by the pace it was clearing.
  12. digitalnobhead

    Denied entry to Thailand!

    Sounds like it, oh well, I guess in those circumstances it's difficult to get information you need. Good luck!
  13. digitalnobhead

    Denied entry to Thailand!

    Why did Vietnam immigration charge $140 for 15 days, I was under the impression as a brit if you return to Vietnam within 30 days of last visit then its $25 for 15 day visa in that you can only have one free visa every 30 days. Did you get a receipt for this or was this a bit of hush money incase they exercised their right to refuse you? Travelling by train will be safer, flight to kuala lumpur, then another flight to penang or alor setar and board the commuter train to padang beasar.