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  1. It should be noted, that at least on foreign cards they also receive a payment back from the payment network that the card uses so they get a kickback from Visa/Mastercard that should be sufficient to cover the cost of managing the ATM, it is sufficient for most Malaysia and Vietnam banks - although I note some are now adding a small surcharge - nothing like 220baht though. I cant find the docs atm but I think it was something like 0.65% - hence why some fintech european debit card only allow withdrawls upto 200eur a month before passing on 1%-1.5%, i guess the cardholder bank gets charged around 1%, Anyway, on thai banks, in addition now they try to trick you with DCC too.. For an extra 3-4%.. At least you get a free can of coca cola though - amazing thailand
  2. Indeed, many expats think Bangkok equals Sukhumvit confined between Onnut and Nana where the swipe locations will be expat bar, restaurant, mall, villa market...
  3. Thai banks are extremely uncompetitive - collectively possibly the worst in SE Asia, getting merchant rates under 4% is a real struggle so it doesn't surprise me that adoption of visa/mastercard hasn't take off with market vendors or small independents.. That said anything above 1% you're really just supporting reward/cashback schemes so there is still much room for change. Thai banks have tried to cut visa/mastercard out with their own payment schemes with scan this QR to move money, and use your mobile number as a sender/recipient address, but as is normal here - the tech talent is comical so the terrible buggy apps create as much frustration as a branch visit. Thailand 4.0, or 0.4 won't be coming anytime soon..
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    CRD destroys 140 tons of used fingerprint papers

    Have you been to a Thai bank recently?