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  1. Wouldn't matter anyway, he'll be well gone before she can vote.
  2. Wow. That's really, I mean REALLY courageous. I don't think I'd be... Oh wait, ALTERNATIVE to military rule and corruption..... Sorry, misread.
  3. Well, it makes him feel good about himself so it's not a complete loss. I imagine he feels all loyal and stuff and is often seized by the urge to get down on his belly and crawl on the ground for a bit. If he can remember where the dog sat and bury his face in the carpet right there, then so much the better. Thais just love to abase themselves. Personally I think it's a subconscious need to atone for being sad buggers for so long, but who really knows?
  4. I don't interpret what he said in that way. I interpret if to mean that his mind is (like so many Thai minds), like a bowl of spaghetti. He just can't think in a straight line. As Napoleon is reputed to have said 'Never attribute to malice that which is adequately explained by stupidity'. Mr Haircut is a clown, the only thing he's missing is the clown shoes and the big red nose....
  5. In the article headline: US English teacher faces rape charge, meets Big Joke who says he'll be prosecuted then thrown out of Thailand You'll note the absence of 'if guilty, he will...' it just says he'll be prosecuted and thrown out of Thailand. Big Joke would be fired for that in any civilised country, and good riddance.
  6. I too feel no qualms whatever about critising Thais. Of course they are people and deserve respect for that. They're also arrogant, xenophobic, lazy, ill-educated and extremely ill-mannered (despita all the Krabs and Ka's and wais and whatnot, all of which are designed to compensate for their having no manners. They deserve no respect at all for all those characteristics and I refuse to give respect until it is earned.. It seems to me like you missed a bit in your summary. The Khmer Rouge purged all the intellectuals some decades ago, yet Cambodia still compares favourably with Thailand and all Thailand went through was propaganda designed to make the rich even richer. Worth a mention...
  7. BJ is paid to be a policeman, not a judge. Defending him in the terms you use, would suggest an authoritarian, though I know you won't be one of those. Your post got pretty silly when you said 'If you have a problem with the law then leave or do something to change it' which shows a detachment from reality which ought to worry you but which probably doesn't. You could have found stronger arguments, the 'like it or leave' argument started off weakly and quickly became farcical. Thais would probably appreciate it but intelligent people can't quite get their heads around the silliness of it all. Or so I have found. 'Apportioning guilt to a person prior to trial is endemic' Not in any civilised country it isn't. 'To suggest that he is an idiot just because he does not speak English is facile' He's not an idiot because he can't speak English friend, unintelligent maybe, culture-bound and propagandised certainly. What makes him an idiot is what he does, not what languages he can or cannot speak. Bit of a swiss cheese ;post really, niot much of any substance or usefulness in it.
  8. Indeed. If he's guilty then put him in prison and throw him out when his prison time is done, but Mr Haircut's job is to put him through the courts, not declare his guilt or innocence,
  9. What? BOTH of them? Wow, this Big Joke feller means business. He's just so..... impressive. Nice haircut too...
  10. HalfLight

    Thai man arrested for possessing digital child porn

    Yep, I guess that'd do it for sure... I get pretty riled up when I see or hear of men getting their jollies with kids. It's not right, not natural.
  11. Well, at least I'm not the only bad guy on the block. Nice to make your acquaintance I'm sure. Life is good if you don't weaken.
  12. HalfLight

    Thai man arrested for possessing digital child porn

    I doubt it. He'll get a good hiding quite often and the only change it will make to his behaviour is he will resolve to be more careful when he gets out. I understand that paedophilia is not curable.
  13. HalfLight

    Poll shows Gen Prayut most suitable to be next PM

    So you're the one... Why?
  14. My wife and I enjoy rather less elevated places, but the attitude of Thais seems to be the same; often condescending, nearly always discourteous and (with a farang) always replete with a fake courtesy and a preparedness to completely ignore. I guess the national characteristic (which comes from the culture) is a high bar to jump over, wherever in Thailand you find yourself lobbing up in. Not that I really mind, I have learned not to. There are subtle ways of bringing one of our less intelligent brothers and sisters down a peg or two. I get better at it the more practice I get, but it's an option of last resort. The problem with burning down the house is that you often can't put it back together, even if that is the desrired outcome. Being a long-time student of behaviour helps. Good luck to you.