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  1. Hi i wish to change my method of having my pension paid to me here via pay pal..can it be done ?
  2. What was that song ?? Oh yeh ! Fly me to the moon
  3. Hope they scatter his ashes on a decent lake, from an ex Chub hunter . TD
  4. Now we get the world trying to save the poor darlings .... take em out and pop !
  5. One wonders what the 2 little boys toys where
  6. He couldnt get a word in due to all his coughing !
  7. Enjoyed that cheers, a link of one of my fave vids
  8. Scotts ego does take some getting used to..but what a writer ...his w.b.Yates Stolen child cover was magical .
  9. Mike scott is heavily influenced by his bobness ...but its there unique sound of celtic folk / rock that floats my boat ... seen em live many times .
  10. I almost what to delete my membership here..what a <deleted> hornets nest
  11. Those good old days of protest songs .... my fave band with one of there's
  12. Tweedle dee

    Price of rice

    That was a promo from Pryut to gain favour from the reds