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  1. True ! it seems that even Khmer do not want to work for less than 400 thb a day ! Even in a car wash ! Crazy !
  2. Does it mean that they cannot pilot drunk or high ? So boring !!!
  3. l4ml4m

    Auto Re-Spray Mitsu Triton

    Can you ask where it was done and tell us ? thanks.
  4. They quit checking years ago and haven't done it yet.
  5. Koh kong is not a problem for visa exempt, and there is better weed there
  6. l4ml4m

    E-cigarettes set to be legal in Thailand

    What happens to them ? I have never seen idiots who try to improve as much as people in charge here are doing lately...
  7. yes SIM cards are expensive and difficult to get around the world when really needed...
  8. l4ml4m

    Mr Sakhda (car repairs) still in business?

    Where is he located ?
  9. l4ml4m

    Auto Re-Spray Mitsu Triton

    Wrap is easier and less chance that they do a monkey job unlike cheap painting. Few wrapping places around Pattaya.
  10. Nobody has ever been jailed 3 months for some weed, or maybe only if cannot pay the cheap fine. And I do not think that they deport foreigners for this also, or maybe only in the retarded south.
  11. l4ml4m

    Best breakfast in Pattaya?

    hello, is LEK still ok for the price ? unlimited croissants and salad is really great, even if it's a cheap place. Still 120 ? Thank you.
  12. l4ml4m

    DHL / Customs scam ?

    555 some people still dont know !!!
  13. l4ml4m

    tiny house on wheels

    Can you ask him how much he could sell it if I wanted the same ? In cas I also would like to build a tiny house, do you think that I should do it at the same time as you, or wait that you finish and maybe later do it with your help ? I am sure that I won't be able to do it alone, but can find handy Thai to help.
  14. 100% sure, the same kind as foreigners who cannot pay more than 5000 to rent a house...