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  1. I am a cheap charlie sometimes, then at other times i let loose. Love this place.
  2. You must be kidding, accidental death accidental carrying a corpse in a back pack accidental throwing the body in the river and best of all an accidental trip to Thailand. Yeah right, scum alright.
  3. And then they go and have some relax time and drink alcohol. Drank with 4 Thais this afternoon and just walked home and observed several Thais drinking within their premises.
  4. The problem is that most Thai people think it is stupid too.
  5. My friend and I have stocked up for the next two days and we will be drinking with our Thai friends like we always do. No one likes these bans, especially the Thais that want to drink like normal and the business owners who want to continue like usual.
  6. I have been known to buy a draft beer for 65 baht and sit on it for an hour without buying any ladies drinks. During that time I see the whole lot of them dance, once done I move on to the next Go Go but eventually I weaken somewhere along the line.
  7. Ling Kae

    Very disappointing visit to Pattaya.

    They might end up doing what I have seen done in France. Customers get a pin code to punch at the rest room entry door. If you are not a customer you can't get the code. Gee some people are tight, won't pay a lousy 5 baht.
  8. Was in a beer bar last night, I bought the girls a "Beer Tamada" (Tamada) means normal customer price in Thai. It was either that or zero beers so they gladly accepted it. It's ok to do that in beer bars as there is no quotas however that won't happen in Go Go bars.
  9. These days they do not display the lady drinks prices (well in LK Metro they mostly don't), so to be sure of what it would cost you it's better to just ask.
  10. Ling Kae

    Very disappointing visit to Pattaya.

    Yes that is true, just don't under any circumstances make a local lose face though because then it will be game on and you will lose no matter whether you were right or wrong.
  11. So funny, the thing is they don't sit with you that long. What they do is approach you 5 minutes before they are due back on stage and no matter what happens when it is her turn to dance she must go on stage, no ifs no buts, not only is the mamasung watching the other girls are clapping for the turn around to happen, they can't get off until the new lot get on.
  12. No they don't but their money drops. There is a 10 day contract most of the Go Go Dancers do, they get 10K for that. Their drink target is 50 for the period. If the target is not met then the 10K starts going backwards. Sometimes they make it, sometimes they don't.
  13. Ling Kae

    Very disappointing visit to Pattaya.

    Pattaya is one of the best and cheapest places for a farang to live. It has a great beach walk that I use for my exercise everyday and unlimited entertainment facilities, no matter what sort of entertainment you like. It all comes in at prices you can afford. You want a cheap beer bar? You got it, you want an air con bar with nice ladies you got it. You want to eat off a cart for 40 baht? nice, save some money or you can fine dine at a 5 star place for 2,000 baht. It is as cheap or as expensive you want to make it. And best of all I never get bored here.
  14. There was always a kind of upper limit, a price you knew that was the highest and it wouldn't go over. Now it's all over the place and now you have to ask. What a pity they need to do this, the clubs in question are off my return visit list, then they wonder why nobody goes there.
  15. There is a new way of extracting money out of those that don't know about it. This is only for those Go Go Clubs in LK Metro as I do not go down to Walking Street so I can not verify what goes on down there. Some Go Go Clubs have introduced a new elevated tiered price system for lady drinks. Didn't use to happen before. Example, I bought a drink in one club and the lady drink price was 200 baht. This is the highest I have ever paid here in Pattaya so I questioned it. The response was "she do lady show", "coyote only 160". OK so I checked bin and went elsewhere. Then the other night my friend with me was hit up for a 300 baht lady drink for a supposed "lady show" lady drink. So from now on I will ask how much is a lady drink first before buying. Be warned the Go Go bars are empty, they are paying big money for the girls to dance there, very few customers around so they are inventing new ways to scam the unseasoned travellers. Ask first and you will not have any surprises, cheers.