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  1. Two big mouth farangs who can not speak Thai telling locals what they can and can't do. Who do they think they are demanding them to show their ID cards? They won't last long here with that attitude.
  2. Ling Kae

    Banking coming next month to every 7-eleven

    Bangkok Bank charges maximum 500 baht for international deposits, so yes, agreed for big amounts it would be better than cash. But 10K or under (USD) I would just bring cash.
  3. Ling Kae

    Banking coming next month to every 7-eleven

    You forgot the fees. The sending bank fees and the receiving banks fees. It adds up to a lot. These days a lot of people are just bringing CASH, no fees and better rates than the TT rates and no 220 baht foreign Card ATM charges.
  4. Ling Kae

    Banking coming next month to every 7-eleven

    You still got to load with money coming from home and that is not free and the rate is far lower than exchanging cash at a Exchange booth.
  5. Ling Kae

    Banking coming next month to every 7-eleven

    I think it's more that they are scared of technology and of making a mistake so would rather just queue. Bit silly really, wasting all that time.
  6. Ling Kae

    Banking coming next month to every 7-eleven

    7/11's are very busy now, they will only get more busy and we will have to wait longer. What is it with Thai people. They don't use internet banking or the phone apps as much as farangs do. I use the apps to buy and transfer money everywhere. No queuing, no waiting. Even phone top ups are instantaneous. They are on their phones all day but won't use it to do their transfers or top ups, why?
  7. 7,000 baht a night and no alcohol? Good luck with that. Best Supermarket is just across the road though. As for dining in any restaurant there, no thanks.
  8. How about they stand 2 Police Officers on duty at each set of pedestrian lights on beach road and stop and fine all drivers that go through the red lights. RED LIGHT means stop, not speed up and aim for the pedestrians, please police this first. If you can't do this simple job Pattaya will never be a family friendly first class resort.
  9. 2 Thai ladies and I drank the whole 2 liters at home whilst eating in one night. I probably had 1 liter and they had half each. None of us had any adverse effects from it and we all woke up without a hangover.
  10. I was in Friendship Supermarket yesterday and they were selling it for 475 baht. It is a nice smooth wine, I quite enjoy it.
  11. Ling Kae

    Fines for standing at the back of Baht Buses?

    I'm out and about all day and I can also confirm that the back step is always used, never seen anyone get told not to stand there nor have I seen any police harassing the drivers about it.
  12. I would like to give all readers a tip on a good wine I recently bought from Best Supermarket in Pattaya Klang. It was a 2 Liter bottle called Maldino Rosso. It is 14.5% alcohol content and tastes absolutely beautiful and it cost 479 baht. Since the price increases this is probably the best deal I can find right now. All the other 2 Liter bottles were at 630 baht, enjoy.
  13. I am a cheap charlie sometimes, then at other times i let loose. Love this place.?
  14. You must be kidding, accidental death accidental carrying a corpse in a back pack accidental throwing the body in the river and best of all an accidental trip to Thailand. Yeah right, scum alright.
  15. And then they go and have some relax time and drink alcohol. Drank with 4 Thais this afternoon and just walked home and observed several Thais drinking within their premises.