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  1. Any mention of putting Married Men on the same requirements as Married Women? I don't think so.
  2. Justin Side

    Retirement Visa

    So your friend has an illegal permision to stay in his passport?
  3. Yes the bigoted racists and chavs knew exactly what they voted for.
  4. Justin Side

    New TVMucho interface

    Awful. Was easy to use before. Now almost impossible.
  5. 3rd January 2020 is your enter before date. They worded it differently. Every entry up to that date will give 12 months stay.
  6. Quiet surroundings????? Has he ever visited rural Thailand? Cheap sex with beautiful women might also be a factor.
  7. Posting this in the correct forum might give you more help.
  8. Most of the reasonable UK citizens I would think.