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  1. A true angling and TV legend. RIP John.
  2. Justin Side

    Need Help

    I cannot see any problem.
  3. No need for them to attack this moron. We all know what what he is.
  4. Justin Side

    Internet TV for Dummies

    Pulse TV works ok but expensive.
  5. You have not got a Visa on arrival but the overstay fine is 500 baht a day. They might let you extend for 30 days after paying the fine.
  6. Justin Side

    Visa on Arrival by Cruise

    They do not qualify for a VOA. They will get a Visa Exempt Entry that will give them 30 days.
  7. She can get the same extension as him. No finance needed. Why have you posted this in the wrong forum?
  8. Oh dear. I cannot believe that you believe that. But then again....
  9. Justin Side

    DHL / Customs scam ?

    I don't think so.
  10. Not the same and you know it.
  11. There is some wrong information in that advice. 1. They are not Visas. 2. Money in the bank for two months for marriage extension. Not three as stated. Sent from my iPad using Thailand Forum - Thaivisa mobile app
  12. As said, you can get 12 monthly permissions to stay quite easily with no need to show any financial means. Start with a non Imm O Visa and extend in Thailand.
  13. Leave and destroy the British economy. Stay and prosper. Seems an easy choice to most people who do not have extreme ideology.