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    ‘Big Joke’ to continue with crackdown

    I have a friend from Pattaya who just sent me this message: "The cops and immigration officials have blocked a part of the" second road "on both sides, a stretch of road, nobody comes in, and no one goes out, to control absolutely all the farangs and their visas, in day, even someone who wanted to break into a small self, may be an oversight of his passport, no luck, agents were waiting for them, some wanting to be very smart went into a restaurant or bar .... they you also controlled in the establishments .... we would have thought in an old film of the Gestapo! >> It seems to me that "Big Joke" does a lot all the same and wants to turn Thailand into a police state! Having worked voluntarily in the tourist police from 2011 to 2014 in Pattaya, I noticed everywhere that every new promoted in the provincial police command wants to attract the attention of all, that he is the man of change, but personally, I find that this new general of immigration goes a little beyond the limits. Of course, the Thais are masters at home and decide knowingly, but I still noted as a certain perfume of undeniable amateurism in these new practices what was already the case all the same when I worked with them! To control families with the kids, the buoy around the neck and around the arms, we understand willingly that they do not wander with their passports in the digs! So we'll have to wait for a big glitch bombshell for this brave "big joke" to calm down a bit and stop chasing old retired "farangs" or families on vacation! when we are unable to stop the deadly haemorrhage of local road behavior, there is certainly more urgency to overcome this delirium than to have fun playing the basic "nazillons" without even having the skills, that we say it!