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  1. thank you for that clarification, I was mainly concerned that whilst we are a long term couple if we remain unmarried we will both have to achieve the bank/income requirements individually rather than as a couple.
  2. Many thanks for your quick response, so just for clarity if we were legally married we just need to meet the 800k/65k baht requirement but if we stay as we are we essentially need to achieve 1.6m/130k baht?
  3. My first post here so please be kind. My partner and I have been in a De Facto relationship for 8 years and we have now both now moved into the 6th decade of our lives. We have been frequent visitors to Thailand for many years now and we have made the decision to retire to Koh Samui from around April/May next year. I understand that there are a number of financial requirements to be met, I get that! What I do not understand is that do we need to meet those financial requirements independently of each other or as a couple do we only need to meet them at the amounts required, ie 800,000 bhat in a Thai Bank and evidence of the minimum monthly income required.