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  1. My 1st SETV was issued in Vientiane, the 2nd in Kuala Lumpur. I already had 2 entries by land on exemption stamps and 1 entry by land on SETV. Will I be able to enter by land again on SETV?
  2. Hi friends, I have been in Thailand since Nov 2017 and so far I have 5 stamps and 2 SETVs. I plan to apply for a 3rd SETV in a row in Vientiane but worried that they will give me the red stamp or it will be denied. This is going to be the 2nd time I apply for SETV in Vientiane. I stay in Chiang Mai so this is the most cost friendly place to go to, plus they do not ask for a return ticket. Another worry is I am a young female and hold a Vietnamese passport. I do not know why but immigration officers are always suspicious of me after they see my passport I was always asked to show proof of 20,000baht; I showed them in cash equivalent or bank balance before. I feel it is somewhat unfair because my French boyfriend is never asked for anything and he always had to wait for me while I was questioned in a separate room at immigration Previously when entering via Nong Khai, I was told to skip the usual queue to enter a "High-risk room". In a way it was better because the officers stamped my passport right away without questions So has anyone obtained a new consecutive SETV in Vientiane recently and is it still as easy as before? Do you think I should go to Vientiane again? Appreciate your comments