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  1. Thanks Sorry for the 2 threads. I will leave the other one for now because it's "case closed". Nothing I can really do if they refuse than going to Savannakhet. Was only a bit concerned because I read some threads from a few years back saying Savannakhet does not issue "O" visas for retirement, etc. I saw on this website: http://www.thaisavannakhet.com/vientiane/en/consular/consular_check/ under section "- Non–Immigrant "O" it doesn't say anything about a combination method. I don't know how official that page is, but probably nothing I should be worried about then? Looks like I will be heading there soon and will give a report back so it hopefully helps someone else too
  2. Ubon Ratchathani immigration 2 weeks ago. With a letter from the embassy confirming the monthly income in both my local currency and THB.
  3. Thanks a lot for your reply. Talked to pretty much everyone in the immigration and they were very friendly but still insisted that I need to go out and re-apply for a visa. I am hoping to get one in Savannakhet if they still issue them for retirement? I made a post here: https://www.thaivisa.com/forum/topic/1067284-possible-to-get-a-non-immigrant-o-for-retirement-in-savannakhet/
  4. I was advised by immigration that I need to have the funds (top up, because my pension is only 63,000) in the bank account for 3 months before renewing, but the visa expires in 2 weeks. The problem is now that I will probably need a new non-immigrant O visa. Can I get this in Savannakhet? And what paperwork do I need? I have confirmation of 63,000 pension per month. Can I show a combination of funds when applying? For example 63,000 pension and 100,000 in the bank account. If yes, does it have to be in the bank account for 3 months just to apply for the O visa at the consulate? What else do I need and what's the nearest place to apply if not Savannakhet?
  5. Tried to do the 1-year retirement visa at Ubon immigration last week with a pension letter for approximately 63,000 per month and around 80k in the bank (but only for 1 week). It was rejected saying that when combining it needs to be in the bank account for 3 months prior. Is that right? I read somewhere that when combining, the funds don't need to be seasoned. Especially when it's so close to the 65,000 per month requirement for no funds needed in the bank at all. Any document or paragraph I can show?